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breakcore, art & activism

line up:

FFF (Orange Socks / Murder Channel Records)
RIOTEER (Crack Beats)
NANO.STRIKE (Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot)
BETONFRAKTION (Bad Injun / Blowpipe Records)
BART HARD (The Art Of Breakcore)

+ debates about gen tech
+ seed trade market
+ activism films
+ activist information

The Art Of Breakcore is a wake up call for the rawer, experimental side of ‘breakcore’ that is not just about dance music, but more focussed on experiment, breaking borders and reaching (political) consciousness.

There will be a debate about how politix, with this time a focus on gen technology and alternatives. There will also be a seed trade market for those who are interested in the d.i.y. ways for healty food.

From 22.00h the second part of the night will start when international artists, invited by Bart Hard, will show their vision on breakcore. There will also be visuals that will reach back to the themes of the debate and beyond.


In the early ’90’s breakcore developed out of the 80’s & 90’s industrial, punk, hardcore breakbeats and noise. Some called the phenomenon ‘digital hardcore’, others preferred the term ‘breakcore’, or named it ‘electronix’.
In all different developements influenced by things happening in the world as well as developements within the music itself, breakcore changed through the years into a broad spectrum of diversity. Some of the developements continued and others almost ceased to exist.
Within the breakcore there are many obscure subgenres that always found just small attention, but were actually revolutionary.
Labels like Widerstand Records, Trash Tapes and later also Phantomnoise, Seven Samuari Records and Formosan gave interesting views with combining industrial, political / society consciousness and riot sounds on their releases.
Event series like Utterly Wipe Out broke the barriers between noise, speedcore and breakcore, while other crews focussed more on jungle, rave and later dubstep.
Through the years the first catagory seems to became obscure, so we decided to bring back a bit of the ideals that lived back then.

During this night we have a special line up of artists that show their vision on the art of breakcore each in their unique way.

bad injun / blowpipe records

 Reduced: 74% of original size [ 975 x 180 ] – Click to view full image

BETONFRAKTION are Frank Crijns (guitar), Maartje ‘Marzj’ Simons (drums) and Störsender Swarth (voice ‘n’ noise). The Fraktion aims to research sound textures. Noises, voices, rhythms and the vibes of a distorted guitar are part of the experience. Rock with a clever twist. An inflammable cocktail of partly structured, partly improvised energy, preferably punky.

BETONFRAKTION is that breakcore enough? Yes, because this is what breakcore is all about. Check their latest release that just entered the hitparade of the unknown “Sure ‘Nuff ‘n Yes We Do” on

Redefine breakcore!

RIOTEER (Tilburg)
Crack Beats

Rioteer is the brainchild of Bas Welling and hails from Tilburg Crackcity. Rioteer created quite a storm in the international world of Free Electronics, Fragmented Media and styles like Breakcore, Noise, Industrial, 8bit lo-fi, and Deviant Hardcore.

For over a decade he is responsible for promoting the ruff uncompromising edge of sound in Holland and abroad and is one of the most booked artist in this area of sound. Rioteer takes inspiration from different blends of music and played in several bands like African percus-sion groups and experimental Noise Bands. Collaborations include stage
performances with The Haters, Otto Von Schirach & Doormouse.

In 2008 Rioteer was asked to be one of the artists working on one of the first 3d music projects called M.A.S.E. Otto Von Schirach, Doormouse and Rioteer were invited to write music for the 3d M.A.S.E system. The result of this project was performed on the 2008 edition of the ZXZW Festival as part of “The Shape of Breakcore to Cum”. A second private jam was held a few months later at Ruimte X in Tilburg with Otto Von Schirach, Jason Forrest, Duranduranduran, Nero’s day at Disneyland and Rioteer.

Rioteer organises the longest running and loudest breakcore/ Noise night in Holland called Crackbeats and runs the recordlabel which caries the same name. Rioteer toured world-wide and played all the big and legendary breakcore, hardcore & noise events including Breakcore gives me WOOD, Jason Forrests Wasted festival, Bloodnok Festival Tour Russia, Q-Base Hardcore Festival, Gogbot Festival, The ZXZW Festival, Mayhem Outdoors Hardcore Festival, Monsters of Cockrockdisco, Day Of The Droids Barcelona, Barcore NYC, Clash of The Titans Berlin, The Praxis Records Datacide Night, Attack of the Cenobytes Amsterdam, Wreck Havoc Rotterdam, NYMNYR Arnhem among others.

Rioteer’s music has been released on well known labels like: Ketacore Records, Killbot
Records, Provokation Records, Canadian Speedcore Resistance, Alphacut Records, Militia, Thorntree Records, Totschlag Records, ZXZW Records, Angelmaker, My First Sonny Weiss-muller Recordings, Crackbeats Records, TIBProd & Viral Comspiracy Records.

Furthermore Rioteer is involved in production work for Meldy Peaches and well known for his work as a remixer for various acts like: Ra-X, Maurizio Bianchi (MB), C64 Orchestra, Deathmaker, MAC of Mad, etc..

Other projects Rioteer runs are R10T33R for 8bit Chiptune. Neurobit for Experimental 8bit Electronics and Former Descent for IDM, Wave & Dub Influenced Electronics.

Listen to this mix her recorded at Crack Beats #15…-15-02-03-2007/

FFF (Rotterdam)
orange socks / murder channel records

FFF started “djing” on 2 turntables (without pitch control) early 90s. Mixing mainly rave, techno and the sparse UK breakbeat hardcore imports that arrived at his local record shops.
First steps into making music: combining sounds from vinyl mixed with tapeloops, sounds from his sisters keyboard and a lot of feedback. Things changed big time when his parents bought a PC and his friends turned him onto tracker software.

Mid 90s he started the cassette label “Orange Socks” on which he released his own material plus music from his friends and artists he met through tapetrading. He released his first track on vinyl in 2001 (on the French Necromaniacs Industry label) and from then on kept releasing on a wide range of labels. His first full length album “20.000 Hardcore Members Can’t Be Wrong” was released on the Japanese Murder Channel Label in 2011. And the follow up “Keep The Fire” in 2013.

In 2001 Bong-Ra & FFF organized the Breakcore a GoGo parties. These became one of the first regular Breakcore nights in Europe. When BCGG ended in 2004, FFF continued to promote breakcore & Jungle on the monthly Wreck havoc nights which never officially stopped and still pop up once in a while.

FFF is an obsessive vinyl collector. A trip to the record shop, flea market, thrift stores, record fair and the element of surprise that comes with crate digging are most of the times the basic inspiration for a new track

For The Art Of Breakcore he will do a very special set with records from the ’80’s and ’90’s Industrial and experimental genres that sound like breakcore, but were there way before. The origin of breakcore is here..

Listen to this mix FFF recorded in 1998 with overload on digital hardcore and noise

not your monkey not your robot

Nano.strike is the main project of Dirk Troost, which he started up in 2004. The primarily styles are Breakcore, Industrial and Tekno, but also stuff like Noise, Ambient, Fieldrecording, Acid, Gabber, Elektro and Synthesizer Music finds it’s way into the work.
What makes the Nano.strike performances special are the use of loads of hardware material instead of just a small laptop.
His raw, dark vision of music goes way beyond what is called ‘breakcore’ and touches the field of Industrial, dark ambient and raw hardcore.
Through the years he performed live at many partys amongst others: Lacerated Fragments (Berlin), Ketacore (Amsterdam), Q-Base (Weeze), Crack Beats (Tilburg), Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot (Arnhem) and Kabaal Digitaal (Wageningen). On 10th of may he will play a rough breakcore set beyond breakcore.

more info:

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