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Laurent Hô: “Enjoy this old unreleased mix, recorded the 1st of november 1996. The second mix is the one released on Rage records “200 and more” recorded on the 24th of june 1997.”

listen here:  ingler

“The Sound of Progress” is a 40-minute documentary directed by Alexander Oey, which originally aired on Dutch television, as well as shown at the 1988 Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Featuring interviews with J.G. Thirlwell / Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel, interspersed with clips of live performances of “Anything”, “DI-1-9026” and “Boxhead.”

Thirlwell was filmed while touring Europe in support of the “HOLE” release.

Also featured in the film are Coil, Current 93 and Test Dept, but this version is edited down to just the Foetus bits by 9ine6ix

Here you can see what was one of the forms of breakcore before it was called breakcore..

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FFR058 Royce Icon: Kawasaki Death Machine (mp3) [43.4 MB]
[synth noise]
From Seattle, WA’s Royce Icon – another great release, this time taking the form of over 30 minutes of synthetic sounds ranging somewhere between ambient and abrassive noise.

FFR057 not even hope: Native Fuck (mp3) [17.5 MB]
[harsh noise]
Over 18 minutes of a harsh noise barrage from Indiana’s not even hope.
Enjoy this while driving with Granny after church and, so long as the volume knob on the stereo’s all the way up, she’ll knit you a sweater.

FFR056 Springtime Tragedy: Opening (mp3) [18.2 MB]
[dark ambient/noise]
20 minutes of dark ambient soundscapes filled with harsh winds and waves of dirt.
Great music for those lonely nights, when the moon is covered by clouds, the air is warm, but the wind dissettling the leaves pushes just hard enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stick up, and you’ve nothing to do but plot decadent things like necrophilia or macrame.

FFR055 Astral Vomit: Cold Waves (mp3) [17.3 MB]
[harsh noise]
Nearly 18 minutes of harsh noise spanning across 5 tracks.
Great static noise harsh core soundscape sentence fragment music.

FFR054 Astral Vomit: Beta Test Of My Life (mp3) [20.9 MB]
20+ minutes of noise from Italy.

FFR053 Snacks For Pterri: Tongue Lap (floppy)
[ambient noise]
6 minutes of ambience with accompanying images on a floppy disk.
Created especially for the International Noise Conference held at Future Pastures (Mpls, MN).
Hand-written label on floppy disk; mp3 format.
00/10 available.

FFR052 Endometrium Cuntplow: Exposure (mp3) [55.3 MB]
Half an hour of cold ambient waves and educational films in really high quality files.

FFR051 Ascamambranevercabisat: 180 Degrees Bending Penis (mp3) [electro grind]
Electro grindcore from Indonesia.

FFR050 Timmy the Tapeworm: Turbodome Transmission (mp3) [17.8 MB]
A live set of harsh noise with blips of breaks from the final Turbodome party.

FFR049 Endometrium Cuntplow: Fuzzy Reasonings (mp3) [10.1 MB]
10 minutes of industrial game noise.

FFR048 Royce Icon: Random Bursts of Joy (mp3) [21.6 MB]
[ambient/space noise]
20 minutes of a 50s sci-fi movie that was never made.

FFR047 Die Society Die: Yo! (mp3) [30.2 MB]
20 minutes of “faux noise” from Australia.

FFR046 RedSK: Desktopcore Misses You And You Miss It (mp3) [53.1 MB]
21 tracks of subtle to harsh noise over the course of an hour.

FFR045 RedSK: Alien Vibrations (mp3) [9.6 MB]
[alien noise]
Just under 10 minutes of sci-fi noise to mess with your head.

FFR044 vybbtuan: me agape vybbtuan (mp3) [53.2 MB]
Great mash-up breakcore from Greece.

FFR043 vcjicc: Basement Tapes Vol 1 (ogg) [36.6 MB]
[harsh noise]
Over an hour of noise and creepy tape manipulation that was a year in the making. Features a remix by Timmy the Tapeworm.

FFR042 Timmy the Tapeworm: Girls On Film (mp3) [24.4 MB]
Near 20 minute live set of mash-up breakcore.

FFR041 Timmy the Tapeworm: Bukkake Sex Slave (mp3) [20.3 MB]
[harsh noise]
15 minutes of harsh noise in 3 parts.

FFR040 v/a: Robotic Head COMPILATION (CD-R/mp3) [27.7 MB]
Harsh noise comp featuring artists from Minnesota, Michigan, & a vs trk from the UK.
Spray paint on everything & hand-written track list; comes in a slim line case. Numbered.
40/50 available. $3 USD

FFR039 Snacks For Pterri: Barbed Pene (c60)
[harsh noise]
Spray painted case & tape w/hand-written track list, collage. Numbered.
48/50 available. $5 USD

FFR038 Timmy the Tapeworm: Blue Shades (ogg) [2.9 MB][glitch/noise]
Harsh noise in three parts.

FFR037 Snacks For Pterri: Kibou Is Sleeping (mp3) [50.8 MB]
Recorded during a state of insomnia; inspired by a cat.

FFR036 RedSK: Disco Dance Super Time (mp3) [9 MB]
[harsh noise]
More harsh noise from Michigan’s RedSK!

FFR035 TIMMYtheTAPEWORM: All of Us Can Be Rich Weirdos (mp3) [4.9 MB]
[noisy plunderphonics]
Glitched plunderphonics/tape manip of a RHPS segment.
This 7 minute, 7 track release was released on 07.07.07

FFR034 CNTLplusZ: Decaying Flesh (mp3/ogg) [14.9 MB]
[noise/sound collage]
Sound collage noise.

FFR033 Snacks For Pterri: Clubbing Seals 2 (mp3/ogg)
[harsh noise/tekno]
A continuation of Clubbing Seals – this time with more noise. Also comes with a txt story.

FFR032 Snacks For Pterri: Until It’s Cardboard (mp3/ogg)
[harsh noise]
Harsh fucking noise.

FFR031 Snacks For Pterri: Clubbing Seals (mp3) [19.3 MB]
[harsh noise/tekno]
Harsh noisy tekno with a txt story about a club in the snow.

FFR030 RedSK: Isolating the Infected (mp3) [26.4 MB]
[harsh noise]
Harsh noise from NQA & Trashfuck runner.

FFR029 Autevcrtcre II: Malleable Drawing (mp3) [15 MB]
Destroyed Reggaetron and synthetic sounds.

FFR028 Autevcrtcre II: Image Trap (mp3) [4.5 MB]
[avant garde/synth/noise]
Designer synths with noise.

FFR027 Autevcrtcre II: Zytar Wars (mp3) [16.2 MB]
An EP that sounds like a sci-fi movie soundtrack.

FFR026 v/a: Future Lobby Music COMPILATION (CD-R/mp3) [42 MB]
[ambient noise/accousmatic]
Nine tracks from five Minneapolis-based projects with sounds ranging from drone to accousmatic soundscapes.

FFR025 Snacks For Pterri: nvcieow (mp3) [ambient/avant garde noise]
Nearly 40 minutes of ambient noise soundscapes. Listen with headphones for full effect.

FFR024 Timmy the Tapeworm: Inner Ear (ogg) [2.1 MB]
[harsh noise/glitch]
An EP of harsh digital noise.

FFR023 Snacks For Pterri: Cunt Wax (mp3) [99.8 MB]
70+ minutes ranging from dark ambient to harsh noise.

FFR022 Autevcrtcre II Does The Abortionist (mp3) [29.2 MB]
[LIVE noise/glitch]
Autevcrtcre II playing/glitching tracks from the Abortionist live. Recorded on a tape recorder with bad wiring.

FFR021 Overthruster: Fasion Proof (ogg) [14.6 MB]
[LIVE speedcore/breakcore/noise]
A live set from Overthruster.

FFR020 Timmy the Tapeworm: Talkboy Tapes (ogg) [5.4 MB]
[spoken word/tape manip]
Taken from the first tape manipulation done by James Allen with an original Talkboy Deluxe tape recorder. Very little alteration done to the recording digitally.

FFR019 Abortionist: abfash (ogg) [1.5 MB]
[nasty tekno/noise]
Trashy dance noise music chipped up ears.

FFR018 Overthruster: Nov 18 (ogg) [7.2 MB]
Noisy breakcore from NAHC’s runner. Nothing else needs to be said.

FFR017 Autevcrtcre II: 241 (mp3) [13.2 MB]
Two EPs for one download. Spoken word, remixed hiphop, overt synth.

FFR016 Timmy the Tapeworm: Fuck Generator (c10)
Glitched vocal samples and bits of harsh noise processed into somewhat dancable chip-music. Second side is same process, but with a more noisy outcome.
Spray-painted tapes & cases w/hand-applied art.
00/10 available.

FFR015 CNTLplusZ: Root Canal (ogg) [2.6 MB]
Sound collaged bits recorded during a root canal procedure, creating an odd soundscape of noise.

FFR014 Snacks For Pterri: Future’s Ear (mp3)
A full length ranging from subtle ambient tones to feed-back noise and harsh noise with some industrial-esque beats.

FFR013 Bankie Phones vs Snacks For Pterri: 02.10.06 (mp3) [64 MB]
[LIVE tekno/noise]
Live set of improvised noisy tekno. Recorded from the mixing board.

FFR012 Snacks For Pterri: hbporke (mp3) [13.2 MB]
Harsh noise recorded live (sequencer/TV/sampler).

FFR011 Snacks For Pterri: Sucking Grandmother Tubes (mp3) [5.7 MB]
A harsh noise collage dedicated to the Grantmother.

FFR010 Timmy the Tapeworm: Obverse Swinge (ogg) [26.1 MB]
Early experiments with digital noise manipulation from TtT.

FFR009 Timmy the Tapeworm: Divergent Speech (floppy)
A very short EP of tape-manipulated sermons
Hand-written label on floppy disk.
00/09 available.

FFR008 Timmy the Tapeworm: Conversation (CD-R)
Cryptic conversations between a sleeping madman & himself tape-manipulated to create a 20 min. story built on dark plunderphonics and ambient noise.
Hand-painted disc w/slim case.
16/20 available. $5 USD

FFR007 Timmy the Tapeworm: Untitled [EP] (CD-R/ogg) [4.3 MB]
[glitch/over percussion]
An EP of tracks from an abandoned full-length.
Hand-painted disc w/printed envelope.
00/25 available.

FFR006 NDT: The Squirrel [remixed] (mp3) [16.3 MB]
A classic NDT session featuring Albert Elmore doing back-up noise.

FFR005 Snacks For Tapeworms (CD-R/mp3) [16.5 MB]
Hand-painted disc w/printed envelope.
00/25 available.

FFR004 Snacks For Tapeworms: 37133 (c60)
[harsh noise]
Recorded live then tape manipulated heavily. This is what happens when two projects collide.
Hand-painted case w/lino print. No two copies alike.
00/15 available.

FFR003 Snacks For Pterri/NDT: Split (mp3)
[avant garde/noise]
Some of the earliest SFP work with some of the last NDT work – here – together in all its lo-fi glory.

FFR002 Timmy the Tapeworm: Withdrawal Symptoms (CD-R/mp3)
[glitch/noise/over percussion]
Break beats glitching out with distorted orgasms and Patty Hearst. The first TtT release – recorded live over the course of 2 days.
CD-R has a bonus track.
Hand-written labels on discs w/printed sleeve in case.
00/60 available.

FFR001 Snacks For Pterri: Battle of the Homesick Abortions (CD-R)
A bad trip of psilocybin left an impression of the sounds created here. This is the first SFP release.
Hand-written labels on discs w/printed sleeve in case.
00/50 available.

more info from this label:

Card031 – The First Seed – Watching

The first release on the new Here’s My Card sub-label showcasing Toronto artists, dysTOpia. The First Seed slams out the gate with a hard hitting mega-blast of metal breakcore. Fuck the dumbing down trend in breakcore, this release demonstrates that resistance is definitely fucking fertile! Bring it hardcore!

01 The First Seed – Watching
02 The First Seed – Can’t Stop

listen and/or buy it at:
NTT050 – v/a – Vortex
click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

01 – Hecq – Continuum
02 – Zoogoo, Chlorophyll Fluxbunny, Otets Dekan – Neural Ensemble
03 – Circuit Paralelle – Owak Erg
04 – Barbarix – Masicular
05 – Sytrjv – Exacud
06 – Subskan – Aezphia Vortex
07 – La Peste – Being Palmer Eldritch
08 – Atomhead – Vortex
09 – Atomhead – Robotomy
10 – Sedarka – Ishimori
11 – Binray – Beta Block
12 – Xanopticon – Ortext
13 – Inshizzo – Head of Atoms
14 – Bogdan Dullsky – Rift Fractal
15 – Atomhead – Rift

Cover Art
download artwork 1 (right click-save)
download artwork 2 (right click-save)
download artwork 3 (right click-save)

Wallpaper sized covers (widescreen only)
download wallpaper 1 (right click-save)
download wallpaper 2 (right click-save)
download wallpaper 3 (right click-save)

entire release (.zip)


Breakcore is a loosely defined electronic music style that brings together elements of jungle, hardcore techno and rhythmic noise, into a breakbeat-oriented sound that encourages speed, complexity, and maximum sonic density.

The style began to emerge at the peak of rave in years of 1993–1994. In Berlin and Cologne, the Bass Terror Crew provided a harder version of breakbeat by playing records on 45rpm instead of the intended 33rpm. At the same time, former hardcore techno DJ Tanith started a series of parties with ‘breakcore’ in bold fat letters on the flyer.

As hardcore techno artists were feeling a staleness in the Roland TR-909 and Roland TB-303 drum machine-based sounds, the commercial “childish” elements in Dutch gabber and the overall assaults of speedcore began to be adapted. Others felt an urge to take the ideas of early 1990s jungle and acid one step further. Artists began to incorporate more breakbeats (especially the Amen break), taking the conceptual extremity of hardcore and harsh industrial music and applying it to the drum and bass template. Straining out much of the “rave” influence on hardcore and adding a degree of complexity, breakcore was a more palletable genre for music fans who were turned off by the rave scene, and so there is something of a crossover audience for fans of extreme music of all types, including grindcore, harsh industrial music, noise music and “IDM”. This advance in “complexity” was made possible primarily by the proliferation of cheap computers and it is worth noting that the majority of breakcore was produced on cheap computers using free software, especially trackers.

There is no one clear point of generation, but some key locations include Berlin, South London, Newcastle, New South Wales, Rennes, France, Ghent, Belgium and the Midwestern US and Canada (including Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Winnipeg, Manitoba, greater New Brunswick, New Jersey, and Minneapolis, Minnesota). The first widely-known efforts did probably come from Force Inc./Riot Beats and Digital Hardcore Recordings. Breakcore as it is currently known has many of its origins on the internet, specifically around mailing lists like c8 and can be traced back to early efforts by the Bloody Fist camp in Australia; Ambush, Praxis, DHR, Breakcore Gives Me Wood and others in Europe; and Addict, Drop Bass, History of the Future and Low Res in the Midwestern US.

va - Amalgam (Seven Samurai records)
“Seven Samurai continues with its mission of melding the most intense sound elements of different genres together in the compilation EP “Amalgam”.
The record starts off with slamming beats and dark synth signatures in the track “Fuck You” produced in 1999 by Disruptor of the Mortal Bass Crew in London.
Noize Punishment pushes the intensity further in his remix of Schizoid in “Nihilusion” – an immediate crescendo of hard hitting beats, distorted vocals, and punk rhythms.
On the flipside is ashtar-DXD – a dynamic remix of the track “Black Minded Girl” originally performed by the Dresden band Todi.
“Desolation Coax” by label-founder Fobia finishes off the record through a harsh experiment of breaks and melodies – a musical indictment against alienation and the rampant abuse of power that restricts creativity and curtails the fulfillment of basic human needs. The “Amalgam EP” expands musical boundaries through a compilation of four extreme dance-floor tracks.”

a1 Disruptor – fuck you !
a2 Noize Punishment – Nihiluzion
b1 ashtar-DXD – Blackminded girl
b2 Fobia – Desolation COAX


Label: Vatican Analog
Catalog: VA101
Format: CD, Album
Country: Netherlands
Release date: 05 Jun 2008

1. Terezin [7:36]
2. Dzido [11:20]
3. Exhibition [10:56]
4. Geigercounting [3:10]
5. Boryspol [16:38]

Total: 49:40 min

more info:

Wouter Jaspers / Franz Fjödor

Two new Bedroom Research releases
are now online and ready to be freely downloaded on


DINO FELIPE – Personality Crisis (BR021)

Personality Crisis…this illustrates pretty well what’s going on here. The litlle big microsound master Dino Felipe, one of the problem child of the famous Schematic label, is making his first release on Bedroom Research with some tracks that are a bit like browsing Am radio in search of some underground rock, newwave or experimental folk stations. 8 rounds of square poppy beats fighting against interferences on a surrealist battlefield, with entracts assured by some beautifull and immersive abstract melodies. In one word : FREESTYLE.
For us it’s one of Dino’s best work but anyway you’ll say we are not objective.So, go get it and make an idea by yourself !

Artwork by Nada

Mastering by Deework


ProOt Records and Bedroom Research are proud to present together the summer release:

THIAZ ITCH – Binjoum (PRT005-BR022)

Who said there’s no such things as a free lunch ?
Bedroom Research, Proot and Thiaz Itch give you the complete course for free and don’t forget the apperitive. This new Thiaz Itch LP is a delightful bittersweet cocktail that comes on point for summer times. An avalanche of unexpected associations of sounds arranged with a great sense of humour and tones. Bursts of mandoline, maladjusted vocals, calypso, space age pop, dada collage, coconuts and bikinis are in the Menu.
shake it, serve and VOILA !

Artwork by Virginie Will (misma)

All tracks and mastering by Thiaz Itch

…soon available on CD and vinyl…

DETEST – Madball
DETEST – Crapball
All Tracks Written and Produced By The Gorgeous Detest