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If you have something interesting for this blog, please send an email to barthard47 [@] with the text, pix & videos completely as you would like to see it on my blog here, + the info :breakcoreworld: so I will overlook it.


  1. [img][/img]

    Kansas City’s Rave revitalist Murderbot continues his European Tour, touching down for his debut Notingham performance. Renowned for his dancefloor, heavy drum patterned Ragga Jungle and forward thinking Dubstep. Murderbot also produces neo-rave sleazepop, ghettotech and Speedgarage for his record label Sleazetone.

    Joining us once again is Wrong Music’s heavy bassline fanatic Ebola. Best known for intense, immaculately produced Breakcore and brutal, rhymic Dubstep. A Lobotomy veteran that never fails to please.

    Dj Floorclearer
    Well known for his viciously mashed up Amens and a moody, unique style of Breakcore, Floorclearer has recently taken a break from the norm and is currently formulating a different style focusing on Jungle and slower paced original beats. Something to look forward to!

    Lobotomy returns for the Autumn Season ready to pick up from where it left off, bringing you a fun-loving, free-party atmosphere alongside hard, cutting edge dance music.
    This month we ask that you come prepared for a Robin Hood Medieval Rave, which means Wenches, Woodsman and Friars galore (Please no replica Swords). 2 Tickets for our October 18th All nighter at the Garvey will be given to the person with the most imaginative costume.

    Bring what you expect to find and don’t forget to bring a towel!

    Blueprint Club, 509-511 Alfreton Road, Bobbersmill, Nottingham, NG7 5NH

  2. [img][/img]

    The Daddy of the Amen break and Jungle veteran dating back to the early nineties. Remarc is still going strong with releases on Planet Mu as well as recently launching his new label Definition Recordings. He continues to tour regularly with a DJ set renowned for ripping up dancefloors with rinsing jungle and dirty dubplate specials. Truly a pioneer of the scene we love!

    Bong Ra
    Bong Ra is renowned for his unique style of music fusing anything from Gabba, Metal and Jungle to Jazz, Reggae and Rave. He returns to Nottingham to bring you a notoriously adrenaline fuelled liveset that really cannot be missed.

    Shitmat is the founder of UK record label Wrong Music and is widely regarded as the UK Mashup King. Known for creating anything from Rinsing Amentastic Ragga Jungle to Thomas the Tank Engine Hardcore! His plunderphonic Audio mayhem will have you laughing, crying but above all raving like a bastard!

    DJ Producer
    Djing since 1989 and recording since 1993, Dj Producer as had an illustrious career in the world of Hard Electronic Dance Music. With early releases on Hardcore/Techno label RebelScum as well as countless EPs on legendary Gabba label Deathchant, Producer has consistently produced the best that Hard Dance music has to offer and showcases it frequently all over the world. Look out for more recent releases on Planet Mu, Killing Sheep and The Third Movement. Strap yourselves in and get ready for a full on audio assault!

    We are pleased to welcome American Gonzo Junglist badboy Jahba for what will be his first Nottingham performance! Jahba is the man behind the now classic Black Sabbath remix “Warpigz VIP” and North American ragga Jungle label Mos-Hi. In 2006 Jahba came to Europe where he hooked up with the talented Life4land collective and toured for two years. Combining a full on assault of disturbed breakbeats, subsonic frequency genius and live instrumentation, Jahba’s liveset is guaranteed to be one hell of a show!

    Neo Tokyo Def Squad
    The Lobotomy Resident ninja squad team up to bring you the most diverse hour of Fukstep your sorry ears are ever gonna hear! Expect Dubstep, Electro, Jungle, Breaks, Metal, Dnb,Tekno, Gabba and Breakcore in true Neo Tokyo style! Featuring B Storm, Nicky Fishmarket, Mugwump, I.R.Goon, Mossop, Mark C and DJ Kuss

    Lobotomy strives to bring you a fun-loving, free-party atmosphere alongside hard, cutting edge dance music, good sound and visual effects.

    This month’s Garvey Raveathon will be hosted by our very own Plucking Skanker aka ‘The Posh Mc’. There will also be performances from 2 of Nottingham’s finest Burlesque dances ‘Harlequin’ and ‘Minty Darkstar’ who have a few surprises up their sleeves..mashup style! We also ask that you come dressed as one of your favourite film or TV characters with a limited addition Lobotomy ghostbuster T-Shirt for the best costume! Full lighting rig and crazy visuals from optical nutter Daytime Televisuals.

    Bring what you expect to find and don’t forget to bring a towel!


    £8 advtickets/£10otd/£12after12am

    Birmingham: Old Skool Daze 01214720777
    Leeds: Jumbo 01132455570
    Leicester: 2 Funky 01162990700
    Manchester: Eastern Bloc 01612286432
    Sheffield: Reflex 01142759035
    Derby: Salamanders 01332296436
    Bristol: DMT sounds 01179425900
    Nottingham: Digital Storm, West End Arcade Wed-Sat or The Alley Café 01159551013




  3. [img][/img]

    Main Room hosted by URBAN DEKAY SOUNDSYSTEM

    Krumble (Peace Off) -Jazzy French Jungle Breakcore
    Machinochrist (noizetek)- Industrial Breakcore
    Uncool Sam (Centrifuge) – Completely mental Furbytastic Liveset
    Gekko (Sociopath) – Upcoming Breakcore Gabba Star
    Nicky Fishmarkett (Lobotomy/UDS) – Eclectic Audio mayhem from the birthday boy
    Mark C (Lobotomy/UDS) Jungle/Breakcore
    Nick (BWPT) Live OldSkool Gabba

    Back Room hosted by AMEN-TAL SOUNDSYSTEM

    Stir Fryzy – Orginal Dark Dubstep (Brighton)
    Renergade Matt – 10 Ton Truck Heavy Raggae Dubplates
    Meatball – Rinsing Jungle (London)
    Nu_matik – Jungleisium (Brighton)
    Hank – Old School Jungle
    Tru Vibes – Conqueror jungle dubplate session
    Sams Myth – Jungle Tearout
    Billy Fury – Ragga Jungle Classic’s
    Carl Brown – Gabba/IDM known for his infamous ‘Gabba ep’
    Dr…um – Orrible Breakcore (Live)
    Bad Man Moriarty – Orginal Jungle Breakcore (live)


    Plucking Skanker (Lobotomy/UDS) -Live Comedy Breakcore
    Mossop (Lobotomy/UDS) -Live Gabba
    Mugwump (Lobotomy/UDS/RubberDub) -Deathchant classics
    Dj Kuss (Lobotomy/UDS) -Jungle/Darkside Dnb
    I.R.Goon (Lobotomy/UDS) Jungle and silliness
    Dilk & Axeman (Lobotomy/RigorMortis) Hard Gabba
    Sadistician (Centrifuge) (Hard Audio Mayhem)

    £7 OTD 10pm-6am

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    I make also a blog about extreme break of all kind (dark dnb, techno dnb and breakcore of course) we could perhaps exchange link ?
    Check my blog at
    KEEP IT DARK !!!

  4. Can you add this info for this massive underground crossover party to your blog?

    Na een paar zeer geslaagde edities in Nighttown waren we in verband met het verdwijnen van de locatie genoodzaakt om te stoppen met het concept. Nu Nighttown is heropent in de vorm van Watt konden we dan ook niet wachten om dit concept weer zo snel mogelijk op te pakken!

    Dit keer hebben Duracell, Darkforce, Cenobytes en Twisted Trance Society de handen ineen geslagen om weer als vanouds drie zalen te vullen met een onvergetelijke underground ervaring!

    Main – Duracell + Darkforce

    Dolphin (UK) (Ninja Columbo/Pacemaker)
    Mr Gasmask aka Emetic (BE) (Binary Bassline)
    Stoornis (BE) (Narcosis)
    Mono-Amine vs Joost G (Darkforce/Vendetta)
    Double XX DJ Team (D-Struct/ZMK)
    Stefan vs Deepfrost (ZMK/Duracell)
    Dissolvement vs Strytox (Duracell)

    Visuals by Dirty Brown Visuals

    Act by Hipsick

    Basement – Cenobytes

    Iszoloscope (CA) (Ant Zen)
    Cenotype (USA) (Hive Rec)
    Intoner (USA)
    Keef Baker (UK) (Ad Noiseam/Hymen)
    Asche (DE) (Ant-Zen)
    ESA (UK) Tympanik)
    Dissolvement (Duracell)
    The Cenobytes (Cenobytes)
    Mullah Mingie (K9)
    DJ Intoner

    Theatre – Twisted Trance Society

    Ephedrix (BE) (Dacru Rec)
    Fluofreax (TTS)
    Yucka (Cosmic Combination)
    E.T. Mindfood (TTS)

    Visuals by Camp-Atack

    Decoration by Deco-Droom

    Naast vette muziek, visuals, decoratie en acts is er ook een hele markt waar onder anderen Hands, Ant-Zen en Teknosucks aanwezig zullen zijn!

    Lokatie:Watt Rotterdam
    Deur: 23.00 – 06.00
    Entree: 9 euro’s

  5. anyone knows someone from norway/sweden/finland?
    cos im coming on tour with our band in the beginning of september and ill have my laptop with me, i could borrow the bass of our bassist and play a few gigs, , i play a live set with a bass guitar and its around an hour (might be more if ill get my hardware synth on time)
    i’d send someone a pm or an email but this is a blog, i guess someone will read it sometime ;]
    contact me through email or on myspace
    goto sound cloud for newer tracks

  6. New Zealand is Breakcore Island,
    it’s true. Now you know.

    Breakcore Island has been the greatest and most enduring secret the genre has.
    All this talk of Analogue gear is a smokescreen. when ATR performed on
    Breakcore Island a decade or so ago it was only after much closed door discussion.
    Would they (read: you) find out ?

    Europe and North America continued debating and rationalising the same never ending tirade.
    What is breakcore etc etc etc ?

    Breakcore is an island, indeed it is the secret play ground of the stars.

    New Zealand can hence forth be accurately referred to as Breakcore Island. The true name of this land “Aoteabreakcore” means Land of the Long White Noise”.
    And we want to share it with you.

    * Hakaider
    * K5K & MCslypussy aka Anti-Kati
    * Peter Varg
    * Audioslut
    * End of Man
    * The Incredible Hexadecibels
    * Creassault

    engineers every single one them.
    keeping the secret, producing the music, living the dream.

    We are opening our borders to all and sundry. Breakcore Promoters, Producers and Enthusiasts.

    Come and see the wonderful hills, mountains, lakes, whales, birds, natives stay for breakcore. It’s an indian summer here all year ’round.


  7. I recorded Techdiff live in Vienna last month and he has been kind enough to make the complete recording available for download through his Soundcloud page.

  8. Thanks for backlink guys! Already add link to your blog in my Friends column. Big up’s!

  9. Hello
    We are an independent breakcore collective in Los Angeles CA and we represent some great artists that you might like to feature in your blog or add to your artist list. Today I have Baseck to share with you.


    Baseck is a unique hyperactive live performer who combines precision turntablism, demonic vocals and vicious dance floor gameboy beats. His style seamlessly incorporates elements from drum & bass, gangster rap, harsh noise, death metal, and the dirtiest of dance music all with a battle style attitude cultivated in his home town of Los Angeles California. His innovative style caught the attention of industrial pioneer Cevin Key of Skinny Puppy who released his album “Creatures” on Subconscious Communications. No new comer to the experimental music scene, Baseck has been inspiring audiences all over Mexico, The United States, Europe, and Japan since the mid 90’s. He has toured with Otto Von Schirach, Doormouse, Xanopticon, Christoph Fringeli and Cevin Key. As well as being booked with Venetian Snares, Autechre, The Scientist, Bong-Ra, Technical Itch, Bogdan Raczynski, Daedelus, Dj Scud, Chris Clark, Current Value, Mark N, Kurtis Blow and Skinny Puppy. This is Gameboy Thrashin’ Turntable Bangin’ at it’s finest.

  10. maybe interesting for the few who are able to speak german shit.

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