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Five Dimensions cover art
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Out There 04:27


Five new tracks to aid in furthering dimensional crossovers, with a special bonus track. Co-released by Darkmatter Soundsystem as DMDIGI005 ~ ~ Further distributed by Praxis Records ~


Breakstorm is a free online breakcore compilation filled with 5 brain-bending breakcore tracks! Download/play this release now!

Various Artists - Breakstorm


Date 2015-11-01
Catalogue BM014
Format MP3


  1. M1dlet – Murdah Ah Man
  2. Breakforce One – Calling A Song Untitled Because You Can’t Come Up With Anything
  3. Nebulist – Nightbreed
  4. Rott In Pieces – Art & Science
  5. z999 – Own Style (Roy Witlox Remix)

Fierce Dynamite

by Apzolut


Go Heat 04:10
Happy Mass 04:34


released 04 April 2015

All tracks written & produced by Apzolut

Mastering by Stazma The Junglechrist

Cover illustration & design by Dyanko Van Breemen

Co- designed by Beorn Lebenstedt, Tommy de Roos

Logo design by Joshua Decker

Encounters Records

Omega Warfare Records:
Rotator / Ruby My Dear
7″ Split
Limited to 250 copies
Rotator : Nobody (Nuff ah dem remix)
Ruby My Dear : Ay Sormaq
Available from
“What a pairing. Omega Warfare’s latest split sees Rotator on top form, garbled syncopated vocal samples smashed over harsh amens with a masterful extended breakdown. Guaranteed to be a dancefloor smash in your favourite local dives. Ruby suits the company too, he can often seem a little too precise and intricate but this track has more of a party-centric feel to it, with ragga vocal snatches and an emphasis on a beat that you can move – rather than chinstroke to. His infamous only-downwards snare rolls even seem to have learnt to roll upwards, and the end of the track is a true thing of beauty. Great stuff, and a strongly DJ-friendly investment.” – Decompression Magazine

[DTRASH190] TUAREG GEEKS – Punk And Desert War


[DTRASH190] TUAREG GEEKS – Punk And Desert War
This release serves up 8 new songs of eerie kick bass-heavy beat experimentation, a plague of chaotic circuit-bent electronica!

Genres: Digital Hardcore, Gabber, IDM, Techno, Darkwave, Rhythmic Noise, Breakcore, Broken Beat
Release Date: 2014/10/01
Length: (18:03)
Track Info:
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The Haunting Past of Christoph de Babalon, Vol. I cover art


Ten tracks from the vaults before the masters perish. This collection of classic works includes some of the very earliest material that Christoph de Babalon ever recorded. A few tracks date as far back as 1993 and take us straight into his teenage years of German angst, rolled down blinds and Amiga computers. This was years before his work on Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) and even before John Peel had heard of him and played Christoph’s truly isolationist music to a worldwide audience.

Some tracks and versions have never been released. Others are rare compilation tracks and sold out goods. If you are missing your favourite track from some particular 1990s demotape, please keep in mind that this is only the first release in the series.
‘The Haunting Past of Christoph de Babalon, Vol. I’ is now available on Bandcamp and will be on iTunes and Spotify starting September 22nd, 2014.

Get it here:


Meet Fate (1993)
Delinquent Dreams (1996)
Blue Hours (1996)
Realistic Riot Ritual Routine (1994)
Death By Hanging (1995)
I Will Go Through (1993)
Dark Forces (1995)
Trauerspiel (1997)
Sargzimmern (1996)
Endpoint (Reach Out) (1999)

Mastered by Rashad Becker
Cover design by Hans Löffler
Cover photo by Helen Groumas


DJ set of Rioteer, recorded during The Art Of Breakcore 3, 10th of may 2014 in the Hall of Fame, Tilburg. 40 minutes of crackbeats style breakcore

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DJ Holmen is een obscure dj binnen het veld van noise, ambient, breakcore en flashcore. Zijn specialiteit is het neerzetten van zelden gehoorde sferen, met platen die bijna niemand ooit gehoord heeft. Underground feesten waar hij heeft gestaan zijn onder anderen Fields Of Breakcore, No Commercial Sounds, Dawn Of A Dark Era, Smackdown en Optimus Prime Noisefest. Voor The Art Of Breakcore 2 had hij op verzoek een speciale set voorbereid, opbouwend van mooie ambient naar de duisternis. Een reis van de vroege wereld van licht en harmonie naar de industriele revolutie en de toekomst van 1984 (Orwell).

Kathinka Rouage @ The Art Of Breakcore 1 (December 2012)

Kathinka Rouage has been active as a dj since the 90′s, under names as Sahid Rouage, Jimmi Rocket and Kathinka Rouage, developing from industrial music to noise and breakcore but also queerbeat, and as producer / live act Cocktail Lytique / Le Rouage Lytique with extreme breakcore sounds without compromise.

This DJ set as Kathinka Rouage was recorded during the first edition of The Art Of Breakcore, in december 2012 in the Hall of Fame, Tilburg (Netherlands).

[TOAR007] Illuminati Puppets (The Remixes)

by             MATHEUS presents

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Illuminati Puppets (Frietboer Remix)                                                 03:44                         
Illuminati Puppets (Breakforce One Remix)                                                 03:41                         
Illuminati Puppets (Amousement Remix)                                                 03:48                         
Illuminati Puppets (Parliamentalist Remix)                                                 04:43                         
Illuminati Puppets (SolidNormality Remix)                                                 03:14                         
Illuminati Puppets (Scratch Speedbreak Remix)                                                 05:35                         
Illuminati Puppets (Nebulist Remix)                                                 07:13                         
Illuminati Puppets (Thorpey Remix)                                                 04:25                         
Illuminati Puppets (The Industrialism Redux                                                 04:20                         
Illuminati Puppets (Music Video Teaser Instrumental)                                                 01:02                         


Following the release of his epic ‘Work The Math’ album on  ‘Core Collective Records’ & ‘Sociopath Recordings’ Matheus has summoned 9 of the most rabid underground producers from around the world to rework one of the most prominent tracks from his release. Each piece, its own whirlwind of splintered amens, rhythmic splendour and total rave overdose. With deep political undertones and interdimesional skitzo babble, the message is loud and clear. The few may control the many, but we control the volume knob!!  so crank it up, tear it out, dont be a puppet!!!!


                            released 17 March 2014                                         Original ‘Illuminati Puppets’ track written and produced by Matheus  taken from ‘Work The Math’ out on ‘Core Collective Records’ & ‘Sociopath Recordings’ 2013 All featured remixes by the respective artists…2013/14 and not forgetting…