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DJ Hidden & Broken Note / Niveau Zero & Balkansky – Existence / Obey – adn155


ImageFour confirmed, veteran Ad Noiseam artists and a myriad of versions, edits and corrections ping-ponged between all of them. “Existence” and “Obey” are the carefully laid-out, detailled and fresh results of musicians having fun with each other’s material and proving how at ease they are with both dubstep and drum’n’bass. DJ Hidden’s sharpness, Broken Note’s epic proportions, Niveau Zero’s clever open-mindedness and Balkansky’s meticulousness: yes they managed to pack all of this in these two highly cohesive tracks. A must-have for anybody into any of these acts. Get this on 12″ / as digital files

Four artists, two tracks, and two pairings of some of the most insidious and powerful dubstep and drum’n’bass gathered on one record.

The meeting-up of two high profile but very distinct producers, “Existence” is, by any standard, a beats of a track. Combining the clinically sharp and melodic drum’n’bass of DJ Hidden with the organic basses and monstrously detailed sound assemblage of Broken Note was a tour-de-force for both parties. Here is a tune that went through countless versions, the artists ping-ponging with beats, drops and low frequencies. The result paid off, as “Existence” is almost a genre in itself, from its hypnotic intros to the staccato oscillations of its bassline. Played out by both DJ Hidden and Broken Note at recent concerts, the fruit of this long alchemical process has proven to be an exhilarating, deadly one.

On the flip side, Balkansky & Niveau Zero’s collaboration is another carefully planned effort of two producers with different techniques. Started as an experiment right before an Ad Noiseam night in Paris during which both acts were playing, “Obey” is, just like “Existence”, the result of a Niveau Zero’s epic dubstep colliding with Balkansky’s gritty one (and Cooh’s infectious drum’n’bass). Both carried by a rich melody and broken by sudden drops and edits, this track is heaven for head-bangers and thrashers with its abysmal bass and constant changes.

Much has been written about the combination of hard dubstep and dark drum’n’bass, and many tracks have been written to try to reconciliate both genres. With this record, though, it is the collaboration of confirmed, veteran artists which gave birth to the most cohesive and efficient hybrid of these styles to date.




DJ Hidden
Broken Note
Niveau Zero


Existence / Obey





Release date:

January 23rd, 2012

Tracklisting: A. DJ Hidden & Broken Note: “Existence”
B. Niveau Zero & Balkansky “Obey”

In the store:Buy this on 12″
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Mastered at 4Be.

Information: DJ Hidden –
Broken Note –
Niveau Zero –
Balkansky –


Come and celebrate a decade of Ad Noiseam sounds

DJ Hidden
Broken Note
Niveau Zero
Nicolas Chevreux

Minus One
Opgeëistenlaan 455
9000 Gent, Belgium

12 Euro at the door
10 Euro presale through Hertz’s Facebook page:

Presented by Ad Noiseam & Hertz.

This release is out for a couple of weeks already, but we missed it, but it’s worth to announce still:

Hecate – Brew Hideous Remixes – adn143


Truth through diversity: Hecate breaks a long period of silence with an EP on which four of her closest collaborators get to remix and mash up material from her “Brew Hideous” album. From the fast paced breakcore of the Amboss and Vile Enginez remixes to the solemnity of the White Darkness (a.k.a. Bong-Ra) and Slutmachine ones, Hecate’s music gets revealed and amplified under each of its aspect. Let is be heard that the reigning queen of breakcore is back, not alone, and with a vengeance. (get this on 12″ / as digital files)

Hecate breaks the longest silence in her career with this eagerly awaited companion EP to her latest album, in which four of her closest collaborators get to remix, mash up and re-compose material from the “Brew Hideous” full length.Pitch dark, gritty, mysterious, the touch of this essential and veteran figure of breakcore is easily recognized here, but treated in four very distinct ways. Berlin’s Amboss comes with a shattered (and shattering) breakcore tune in which rapid fire drum’n’bass beats collide on top of Hecate’s trademark dark noise. The later is at the core of Slutmachine (a regular Hecate partner in crime) remix, more solemn, mid-tempo and providing more space for Hecate’s incantation-like vocals in an oppressive, creeping manner.

On the flip side, Zhark’s Vile Enginez gives way to Hecate’s extravaganza with a speedcore-leaning broken tune, something in which the darkness of the original material is set aside to the profit of sheer madness Bong-Ra, who has often shared stages, records and remixes with Hecate, is of course present with a closing track on this new EP, this time under his White Darkness moniker, with which he signs a suffocating, heavy and particularly dense piece; almost beat-less, but somber and massive.

A gloomy, noisy and aggressive EP, “Brew Hideous Remixes” is a way for Hecate to come back to the front of the stage and bring a new light to what was arguably one of her most under-rated release. A rare treat for fans of utterly shattered beats and rhythms, it finally brings her again to the vinyl format with four solid collaborations that enable her material to be presented in as many ways as possible. From her more solemn side to the hardest of her breakcore nature, “Brew Hideous Remixes” is Hecate’s music displayed at its truest, most varied and possibly hardest.
Hecate - Brew Hideous Remixes - Ad Noiseam adn143

Hecate - Brew Hideous Remixes - Ad Noiseam adn143




Brew Hideous Remixes




12″ / digital

Release date:
June 24th, 2011Tracklisting:

A1. Tooth Of Inquisition (Amboss remix)
A2. Kiss Of Death (Slutmachine remix)
B1. Secret Ingredient (Vile Enginez remix)
B2. Dysfunction (White Darkness remix)In the store: -Buy this on 12″
-Buy this as digital files

Ad Noiseam is proud to announce today the release of a new EP by
Balkansky (a.k.a. COOH) and Loop Stepwalker:
Ad Noiseam adn140
12" / digital - Feb 22nd
The renowned detailled and personal production of Balkansky (a.k.a.
COOH) meet the rage and insolence of the young Loop Stepwalker,
resulting in a powerful record which puts rawness back into dubstep.
"Fraktals", the first collaborative release between these two artists,
is an energy-packed and original record which will fit perfectly
alongside Broken Note or Niveau Zero both on the dancefloor and on
turntables. Dirty but subtle, hard but balanced: the first step of an
exciting path.
For more information, audio excerpt and pre-ordering, point your
browsers to:
Clips from all the tracks of this EP can be listened to here:
And Youtube fans can also check this full "video":

In december the people of the kraakpiep forum gathered their forces to make a definitive top 10 of greatest releases in 2009. This top represents the kraakpiep forum in all diversity. Take a look and make sure you listen to all the releases you missed last year!

1 Kettel – Myam James Part 2 (Sending Orbs) … se/1760097
2 The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Here Be Dragons (Ad Noiseam) … ter/188433
3 Imminent – Cask Strength (Ant-Zen) … ter/187863
4 Tim Exile – Listening Tree (Warp Records) … ster/25078
5 Industrieel Erfgoed (Ketacore) … se/1668100
6 Stendeck – Sonnambula (Tympanik Audio) … se/1642235
7 The Outside Agency – Reality Collapse / Hell’s Basement (Independenza Records) … ter/111330
8 Ochre – Like Dust Of The Balance (Benbecula) … se/1855717
9 Yagya – Rigning (Sending Orbs)
10 Raoul Sinier – Tremens Industry (Ad Noiseam) … se/1964127

Very big news from Ad Noiseam: we've got no less than 6 new releases out
now, and the new website is up. Yes, learning about the label,
purchasing releases (from Ad Noiseam and other labels) and checking out
shows is a lot easier. And yes, you can now buy almost the whole Ad
Noiseam catalog straight from the label.

Head on to for the new site (and for the mailorder), or read on:

1. Out now: new releases by Funckarma, Broken Note, Larvae, The
Teknoist, Abelcain / Cdatakill and Sickboy

Out now and all available straight from Ad Noiseam are:

FUNCKARMA "Dubstoned Vol. 2" - adn 99 - 12"
More than just dubstep: Funckarma make this genre theirs and re-write
its foundation anew with this barrier-breaking record. Heavy but sharp,
clear but dub-influenced, mid-tempo but infectious, the second volume of
Funckarma's take on the dubstep genre is a new take at one of today's
dominant genre by unequalled producers.
Get the 12":
Get the digital version:

LARVAE "Loss Leader" - adn101 CD
A work in two acts, Larvae's third full length album is a perfect
snapshot of this band's tastes and talents. With a touching and poetic
first part made of epic guitar melodies and drony atmospheres and a
second act going back to Larvae's beatier and heavier "Monster Music"
past, "Loss Leader" is at times poignant, at times playful. Another well
thought step forward for the band (in two directions at once), and
another impressive work for Larvae.
Get the CD:
Get the digital version:

BROKEN NOTE "Crux / Zealot" - adn102 12"
Broken Note puts the grist back in dubstep for their first record on Ad
Noiseam, and demonstrate how heavy, dark and efficient this genre can
be. Shattered, colossal and bridging dubstep and breakcore, the two
tracks on this 12” are guaranteed to pack dancefloors and ruin a few
Get the 12":
Get the digital version:

THE TEKNOIST "... Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies" - adn103 CD / 2x12"
Hard, relentless, creative, monstrous, and still friendly: The
Teknoist's first full length album is a storm of shattered pounding
beats, anthemic riffs, and aggressive breaks. And still, it is also a
humane and deep work that knows when to take the time to seduce its
listener. Between the most insane moshpit and inventive melodies, here
comes hurricane of yet uncharted magnitude.
Get the CD:
Pre-order the 2x12":
Get the digital version:

ABELCAIN & CDATAKILL "Passage" - adn104 CD
All good things are three: Abelcain and Cdatakill, two of the most
essential breakcore act to have ever graced this scene, pair up once
again on "Passage", a full length CD presenting for the first time their
tracks from the "Six Stigmata" and "Playing with Knives" record,
enriched by four new collaborations. Hard-hitting, highly varied and
presenting anew some cornerstone material of the breakcore sound,
"Passage" is a mandatory release not only for fans of these two
veterans, but for anybody who intends on understanding what breakcore is
Get the CD:
Get the digital version:

SICKBOY "Time To Play" - adn106 CD
Sickboy's exhilarating, enthusiastic and insane-as-ever fifth full
length album features this musician's most infectious, catchiest and
most efficient material. While the noise might be gone for good,
Sickboy's new clothes are of the colourful party kind. Mixing old school
rave, new school electro, breaks and madness, Sickboy hits the nail on
its head and invites everybody to play, rave and party non-stop. Refreshing!
Get the CD:
Get the digital version:

2. New label and Scorn t-shirts.

Label t-shirts are back in black. With the Ad Noiseam logo sitting
proudly on your chest and the "The Devil Lies Below 100Hz" slogan near
the belt, they not only show your appreciation to the label and to bass
in general, but also that you've been checking out the latest records on
the label (by Cakebuilder, Funckarma and Broken Note). And yes, they're
black, for all of you colors haters out there.
Get these shirts:

Hooked on Scorn's "Stealth"? The new Scorn t-shirt displays the
bassmaster's name and a fish hook. Or you can think it's a meat hook,
but anybody familiar with Scorn will know exactly what it is.
Get these shirts:

3. Forthcoming releases.

No rest for the wicked: on the trail of the 6 releases that just came
out , three more are being pressed right now for all your listening
enjoyment and marvel, namely:

Following the release of their doom-ish jamm under the "Mt Fuji Doomjazz
Corporation" moniker , The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (as usual
featuring and led by Mr Bong-Ra) come back with both a sequel to their
debut album on Planet Mu and their forthcoming second one to come in
2009 on Ad Noiseam with an extended, 8 track EP showcasing the huge step
forward taken bay this full fledged band and their delicate, melancholic
and deep blend of post-rocky, post-jazzy, post-doom material. The
"Mutation EP" will be released at the very end of 2008.

SICKBOY "Time To Play vol. 1 & 2" - adn107 & adn108 - 12"
Sickboy and Ad Noiseam are not forgetting the wax fanatics out there.
Adn107 and adn108 are the vinyl pendants to Sickboy's latest album,
"Time To Play", released on CD under the adn106 catalog number. More
beat madness, mash-up goodness and breakcore sickness coming up your
way, this time on big black 12" vinyl. The first volume will be released
at the end of 2008, the second in early 2009.

Also coming next are Math Head's "Stab City" 12" as well as the new
2x12" by Cardopusher, "Unity Means Power".

4. Brand new website.

It was in the making for a very, very long time. Some people heard about
it, some people sneaked their way to the draft versions, and everybody
keeped asking when it would finally be ready. After many delays, the
time has finally come to shelve the previous, 7 year old site and
replace it with something  a lot better. Ad Noiseam is happy to present
its new website, available for browsing right now at

Besides the design changes, the easier navigation and the creation of <A
HREF="">a discussion forum</A>, the biggest
improvement has happenned to the mailorder section (where you can find
hundreds of releases from Ad Noiseam and plenty of other labels), which
is located at Totally reprogrammed, this
online store now allows everybody to:

-manage and track their orders in real time, without having to wait for
"real" person to send invoices.

-get a lot more information about releases classified by artists (and
side-projects), labels, genres and formats.

-and most of all, buy directly and easily full and legal digital
versions of most of the Ad Noiseam catalog. By buying your mp3s from Ad
Noiseam, you are making sure to support the artists and the labels more
than on any other platform. Ad Noiseam is also donating a part of all
its digital sales to Amnesty Internatioanl.

So, are you looking for the digital version of old sold out items (such
as Tarmvred's "Subfusc" or Enduser, Bong-Ra and Shitmat's "Monsters of
Mashup"), do you want to get right now the new releases, or check out if
we have your size for the t-shirts you like? Head on to

5. Live shows

For an list of forthcoming Ad Noiseam concerts and parties, please check
the "Live Shows" section of the new size, at

Enjoy the new releases, have fun with the new site, and, of course,
feedback (or bug report) is more welcome than ever.

Best regards,

Ad Noiseam

Machine Girl 12″ – adn97

Re-mastered, re-cut and given a whole record on their own, the four tracks written by Enduser and Line 47 back in 2007 get a second life on Ad Noiseam. Ranging from the most aggressive and noisy breakcore to melodic, syncopated material, the material on this record shows both producers at the top of their form and still is, 5 years after their original release on Sonicterror, a pearl of the breakcore scene.

A1. .xm
A2. it
B1. I Never Knew
B2. Enduser: Port 666 (remix by Line 47)

Originally released in 2003 as part of a split between Machine Girl and Enduser on the late Sonicterror label, the four Machine Girl tracks on this record are the fruit of a collaboration between Enduser and Line 47 (who were also running Sonicterror). Meeting a frantic success upon its release, reaching meaningless price on eBay and badly in need of a better, louder mastering, these tracks get a second life on a record on their own on Ad Noiseam. Yes, DJ are finally going to be able to DJ these tracks without having to crank the mixer all the way up.

Recorded at the same time as some of the most well known Enduser material, the Machine Girl material combine Lynn Standafer’s noisy breakcore fury (obvious on “.xm”) with the intricate and slightly more melodic side of Scott Weber’s Line 47. Ranging from the relatively straight distorted beats of “.XM” to the chopped up, very Enduser-esque violent dancehall of “It” to the subtle, complex and catchy bass lines of “I Never Knew”, and ending with Line 47‘s remix of Enduser‘s “Port 666”, syncopated, shattered and still humane, Machine Girl still impress 5 years after the original release of these tracks by their variation and drive. May it be in their most aggressive moments or in the softer ones, they manage to send an audience packing a dancefloor, and still interest and keep the attention level high.

Green static hasn’t never sound so good, paradoxically so clear and so hard at the same time. More than a plunge in the past of two of the most recognized American producers, but a clean-up and a new presentation of unmissable material, and a new occasion for Machine Girl to impress.

Line 47:

Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux
Mastering by C-Drik.

from the Cock Rock Disco clan we have the new newsfacts:

It’s Mastered FAT!
Sounds Good!
and will help to get you girls (It’s a proven fact!)

A2- Peepers
B1- Wonder Years
B2- Party People

Dj Rainbow Ejaculation is GETTING PRESSED NOW! (about fucking time, eh?) It’ll be released with our partners @ Death$ucker and should be out by mid-late June! Whoop!

And next up?

We welcome OTTO VON SCHIRACH to CRD!!! This Special edition club friendly Ep shoudl be out and bout really damn soon. 3 Tracks, remixes by Otto, Duran Duran Duran and Dj Donna Summer…

Pillaged & Plundered EP
Eustachian / The Teknoist
AD94 / 12″ / Ad Noiseam
March 2008!

Coming just in time for their tour throughout Europe, “Pillaged & Plundered” is a clear statement of what the crowds should expect. On the one side, The Teknoist throws in two new tracks of the excellent and tasty breed of breakcore, gabber and metal which has made of him one of Europe’s most sought after producer of the genre. On their side, Eustachian opens wide the gates of Hell, mashing up grindcore, breakcore and noise with a brutality and ingenuity rarely seen so far. Watch out, these guys are after you sanity.

A1. The Teknoist: Have You Seen
A2. The Teknoist: No Such Luck
B1. Eustachian: Axbxrxbx
B2. Eustachian: Z
B3. Eustachian: The Sphagnum Bog
B4. Napalm Death: Smear Campain (Eustachian’s Trifecta Fecal Factor mix)

Artwork by Fighting
Mastering by C-Drik.


Drunk, Drunken, Drunkard EP
Eustachian / The Teknoist
DSR28 / 12″ / Death$ucker
March 3, 2008

Eustachian is coming back to Europe and this time with UK Dance Floor Smasher “The Teknoist.” The Teknoist and Eustachian have a split 12″ coming out on Parasite’s Legendary Label “Death$ucker Records.” They both have tons of new releases coming up in 2008, on Peace Off, Ad Noiseam, Planet-Mu and Bong-ra’s up coming label “Kriss Records” to name a few.

A. Eustachian – Strongface
AA. The Teknoist – Richie’s Breakcore Love Song

Artwork by Nikibi