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Fri Oct 17: Drumcorps + AmenRa (v.a. 21.00 uur) Met optredens van:
Drumcorps (USA) (breakcore )
AmenRa (BE) (breakcore )
Sickboy (BE) (breakcore )
Anaphylactic Shock (doomrock)
Drumcorps, the one-man breakcore band by Aaron Spectre, an American living in Berlin. Its a electronic / hardcore / jungle hybrid, “like Dillinger Escape Plan with Venetian Snares on drums… fucking amazing” – Aquarius Records. Influenced by Converge, Cave In, Botch, Neurosis, Isis, Soundmurderer, Enduser; Amen blast beats, guitar soundwalls, screaming, cohesive structure, subsonic bass, electronic tension and release. “modern grindcore / metal filtered through electronic music… a hugely entertaining and intense record that fuses the two genres” – Rock a Rolla Magazine UK. Despite his considerable studio skills, Drumcorps is made to be performed – the intensity of his live sets is notorious, the 2008 tour plans include return trips to Japan, North America, Europe, and a Taiwanese debut.

Hypertension Records is now taking pre-orders for Mass IIII, the sophomore album by Belgiums AMENRA. The new album benefits from the bands primordial quality for towering, spellbinding anthems, bashed repetitive chords fused with primitive and escalating power. Counting 7 new tracks, including “Razoreater” which has already become a staple in their live shows. Anonymous haunting riffs, grave and unconventional rhythm changes, surrounded by a mysterious and semi-religious vocal delivery that is ultimately threatening, AMENRA create a foreboding feeling of tremor through distressed trances of careful repetition. Mass IIII is more focused than ever, heavier than ever, slower than ever.

Sickboy, Villa Delfia, Belgium. Breakcore, combining perversity and playfulness into a true soundclash. Sickboy is never suggesting melodies or functional rhythms but stays juggling without remorse on the dividing line between acceptability and grimy flavoured cynism. Imagine a dedicated Manowar maniac with the wimps & posers leave the hall principle, incarnated in a sparkling aural torturous display of mashed-up breakbeat galore.

Tilburgs own Anaphylactic Shock got themselves a recorddeal and recently delivered their first full-length The Morning Star Has Caught Up With Us, on Hypertension Records. Its doomy, crusty, dark, compelling;  black metal vocals mixed with raging guitar riffs and pounding drums, “Slow is the new heaviness”, like Entombed or Cursed. Despite its brief time of existence, ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK already shared the stage with High On Fire, Lair Of The Minotaur, Capricons, Wolves In The Throne Room, Cursed and label mates Amenra.

Entree: € 8

Café Little Devil
Stationsstraat 27
5038 EA Tilburg