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bt#34: animals within animals – macho EP

animals within animals - macho EP


bt#34: animals within animals – macho EP

release date: august 18, 2011

a musical tribute to a longtime unofficial bad taste mascot, as only AWIA can deliver! we remember macho man randy savage, from his wrestling career to his rap album to his classic catchphrase… and who could forget his slim jim commercials? concludes with a moving eulogy delivered by macho man himself!

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  1. i remember macho man
  2. i bet you any money that the macho man would dig this shit
  3. savage distortions
  4. beef + spice
  5. oh yeah
  6. eulogy

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bad taste #31: stAllio! – mash smarter not harder
cover art
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  1. introducing the new style
  2. mash smarter not harder
  3. on the shoulders of giants
  4. the future sound of retro
  5. the future sound of retro (the future sound of remixing by drbmd)

also, just added: Sir. Vixx!

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