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dinsdag 16 september 2008
22:00 – 01:00
Cul de Sac [WWW]

free entrance!



We just thought that we had enough of gameboy music. Most of the times it’s just the same tunes. Suddenly Akira from Buenos Aires contacts us that he’s around. His audio visual performances already rocked acclaimed festivals like Creamfields and Onedotzero. They are visual astonishing. And it’s just nice music.

Computadora is Herr Galatran and Dr.Drama with their intelligent happy computer. The sounds and visuals come from old Commodore and Atari computers and the passion comes from extensive performing as part of various punk/hardcore/IDM/electro-constellations through the years. At the moment the computer likes to mashup old 8-bit songs with the humans’ flavour for groovy glitches and electro squarewave party

With his roots in catchy aswell as extreme music, a Goto80 performance is like an 8-bit uppercut of data death, with toys on top. Who said that pop, grindcore, acid and polka couldn’t be mixed together using bleeps and vocals? With 100 released songs and 50 gigs only in 2007 he has almost become some kind of retarded ambassadeur of lo-tech data error – or “one of the most prolific chipmusic people”, according to the magazine Computer Music. In 2007 he also introduced chipmusic to Israel, was one of three nominees for best C64-composer ever and celebrated 10 years in the C64-demoscene.

Stu has earned his name “Don Atari electro” by years of crunchy beats for dance floors and low-tech music lovers worldwide. He became well known due to his ways of tweaking the very limited soundchip of the Atari ST to a completely different level. Nobody can do what Stu does, using only a squarewave and a noise generator on three channels. His complex sound programmings shuffled into groovy rhythms, can arrange soundscapes that are more digitally harsh than any other electro available


ZXZW en Art Meets presenteren een programma met audiovisuele hoogstandjes uit de gameboy en micromusic hoek. Met 8GB uit Argentinië is een van de betere liveperformers, die niet alleen echt vette muziek met een voet in jungle en dubstep maakt, maar ook prachtige visuals uit zijn gameboy weet te toveren. GOTO80 is een van de grootste namen in de micromusic en heeft met zijn beperkte electronische middelen al menig zaaltje in menig land aan de 8bit gekregen. COMPUTADORA zoekt het meer in mashups en toffe samples uit de pophoek en STU maakt er juist weer een abstractere, minimale versie van.