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Mat Weasel @ Audio Active XXL 12-03-2010

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43 minutes
Quality Average bitrate: 333 kbps
Nominal bitrate: 320 kbps
102 MB

Background Info
Happy French tekno all the way from Czech Republic, from a city called Weasel Buster Tribe: Mat Weasel

Mat Weasel is worldwide acknowledge for his unique sound.
If you like the golden period of 90’s electronic music, you surely like Mat!

Audio Active XXL took place in the main area of ‘Paard van Troje’, one of Hollands topvenues.
Artist like U2 & Prince performed in ‘Het Paard’ The Hague.

More info about Audio Active XXL:
A new edition of Audio Active XXL is coming soon!!

More info about T-T-S can be found at the following websites: