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Instant Satisfunction ~ OUT NOW!


Instant Satisfunction ~ soon OUT!


4 way split in old fashion with new nasty trash tunes by  Rioteer Urbanfailure Gotharman and Axiomid will bring you instant satisfunction. available NOW on limited hand printed cd or tape in metal box or via download. Core Рbeats Рnoises released by [/] as release no. 26

following tapes brands/types are available:

Basf CR-M II – 4 pcs.

Maxell UR – 6 pcs.

Basf LH – 1 pc.

Maxell XL II – 1 pc.

Sony HF – 1 pc.

Basf Ferro Extra I – 1 pc.

Fuji DR – 3 pcs.

Philips Super Ferro – 1 pc.

Philips FSX – 1 pc.

TDK SA – 1 pc.

Raks ED-SX 1 pc.

instant satisfunction tapes

price for cd or tape in metal box is 10eur + included


Instant Satisfunction ~ soon OUT!