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Various – Der Narrenturm: Pathologish-Anatomisches Bundesmusik – DVR 053

Release date: August 2010
Conceived by: Batuta

A celebration of deviationism, mutation and the beauty of genetic error.

Download it HERE


01. Nosens – Sophia
02. Shorai – mv53vm
03. Walk Don’t Walk – Only The Mutants Change
04. Jansky Noise – Y Your Calling Me X
05. Thee Crumb – The Curse Passed On
06. Ana Al Piano – Keigar Journey
07. Solypsis – My Third Uterus
08. Dr Chi – Made In Metal
09. Mental D-struction – Arkan
10. Alien Hand – A Step In The Wrong Direction
11. Kayaka – Blood And Cigarette
12. Terminal 11 – 8 Tailed Electric Rattlesnake
13. Desper – I Ethnicun’t
14. Horacio Pollard – Naked Friend
15. Akani – I Thought I Saw A Super Sexy Pussy Kat
16. Trash van Traxxx – Wüt
17. AZ-Rotator – Dynaeremtum
18. ANE – No Chroma, No Raster, No Track
19. Libythth – The Square Root Of Seven
20. 909 State – Get Downs Everybody
21. Surachai – Contaminate
22. Tomoroh Hidari – See What Happens When You Don’t Bring Your Abomination Detector

AZ-Rotator performing at Madrid's ARCO fair

Madrid’s AZ-Rotator can’t be separated from his machines: it’s been only a few weeks since Discontinu released his free “Spam” net release, and yet he is back twisting his knobs for a new release on Ad Noiseam. After his “Science Of Chance” debut and the “Freaky Vintage Disco Breaks” EP, this will be the return of the spanish wizkid to Ad Noiseam after three years spent releasing a collaboration on Japan’s Hypermodern, an album on Lovethechaos, a 3″ CD on and two free netreleases ‘(or giving interviews to Sennheiser or performing for Sonic Youth, or doing sound-design for web2.0 movie trailers).

There’s still a long time to go before we can put your hands on this new material by AZ-Rotator, but here’s a free track already, “Redycom Flow”, which should show you where the new recordings are headed. It seems like Uge Ortiz has the dancefloor clearly in mind with this insanely catchy, melodic and booty-shaking track.

Here’s the track which you can  download here. Listen to it loud, and dance the day (or night) away.

..Sorry for the SPAM…

But SPAM EP is here:

“Eleven tracks of unwanted sonic trash by AZ-Rotator”

Free Download from Discontinu Records

Or listen now here:

AZ-Rotator / SPAM EP by discontinu records

Artwork by Sarge Grafx

Concept by AZ-Rotator

Released by Discontinu Records