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20 Years of Praxis

by Diskore, Fiend, Baseck

  • Digital Album

    Immediate download of 1-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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  • limited edition cassette

    The first 2 12″s came out at the end of November and the begining of December 1992. Diskore, Fiend and Baseck of Darkmatter Soundsystem created an intense live DJ mix of over 40 Praxis records to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the label. The mix is released as a limited edition cassette tape, and as a digital download, under catalog number Praxis 20. The mix is also released as Signal Flow podcast #51.

    Includes immediate download of 1-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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    shipping out on or around 01 June 2013


The first 2 12″s came out at the end of November and the begining of December 1992. Diskore, Fiend and Baseck of Darkmatter Soundsystem created an intense live DJ mix of over 40 Praxis records to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the label. The mix is released as a limited edition cassette tape, and as a digital download, under catalog number Praxis 20. The mix is also released as Signal Flow podcast #51.
Note: Darkmatter only ships cassette tapes within the USA, for European purchases see


released 15 May 2013
PRAXIS 20: 20 YEARS of PRAXIS: MIX by DISKORE, FIEND, and BASECK (Darkmatter Soundsystem).
DISKORE _ 00:00 to 23:59

Side A

praxis 48 – cortex – usu
praxis dub – dj scud with christoph fringeli – prolos will rise again!
praxis 47 – crisis theory – working vengeance
praxis 10 – the mover – track 2
praxis 2 – bourbonese qualk – take control
praxis 28 – the wirebug – how to speak junkyard slang in two easy steps
praxis 1 – scaremonger – soon we all will have special names
praxis 13 – lorenz attractor – complexity crisis
praxis 1X – scaremonger – soon we all will have special names (dj nodoz remix)
praxis 6 – noface – love or kill
praxis 19 – cunning meets bambule – lockstep part 1
praxis 23 – somatic responses – incubation
praxis 16 – cyberchrist – information : revolution part 2
praxis 10/15 – noface – (you don’t have to do anything now but) hallucinate
praxis 23 – richie anderson & brandon spivey – aftermath
praxis 9 – dj jackal – drumtrax part 4
praxis 8 – metatron – the moment of seduction
praxis 18 – somatic responses – warp spasm
praxis 5 – bourbonese qualk – logic bomb
praxis 41 – adcsomatic – sincromath
praxis 25 – potere occulto – liancaiach fawr
FIEND_ 24:00 to 57:07

praxis 3 – bourbonese qualk – qual
praxis 9 – dj jackal – drumtrax part 1 (special edited cut)
praxis 4 – metatron – the art of disappearance (special edited cut)
praxis 21 – slaughter politics – forest fire
praxis 8 – metatron – the moment of seduction (special edited cut)
praxis 22 – test tube kid – promars
praxis 11 – heist – corridors
praxis 18 – somatic responses – spacegrinder
praxis 34 – kovert – response activator

Side B

praxis 37 – crisis theory – vertigo (special edited cut)
praxis 14 – deadly buda – rhythm of death (special edited cut)
praxis 15 – kovert – track 8
praxis 12 – dj yubba – burgermeister
praxis 17 – disciples Of belial – torment of the bastard nazarene
praxis 36 – low entropy – mental cleansing
praxis 50 – electric kettle – down evil
BASECK_ 57:08 to end.

praxis 33 – nomex – nett of sound fire is the centre
praxis 26 – pure – king kong pt 2
praxis 34 – kovert – v-effect
praxis 24 – society of unknowns – vector
praxis 35 – hecate – famished
praxis 16 – cyberchrist – information : revolution part 3
praxis 30 – eiterherd – taktik
praxis 31 – 16-17 – pyrexia
praxis 27 – base force one – welcome to violence
praxis 18 – somatic responses – warp spasm
praxis 32 – hecate – last is first
praxis 41 – adcsomatic – sincromath
praxis 29 – bambule – tripped wire (photon emissions remix)
praxis 39 – base force one – paracong
praxis 23 – aphasic – aphasia



Fantastic mega-mix of over 50 tracks from the first 20 years of the label’s history!
This will be released as a limited edition tape and download on May 11, 2013 at the Praxis party at Subversiv in Berlin, with the catalog number Praxis 20!

Praxis News for May 2012Out now!
Released TODAY – April 30:

PRAXIS 50 – Electric Kettle: News From Berlin
12” EP with full color sleeve designed by the artist & download code!
The new four-tracker by Electric Kettle is his first record in 5 years.
Showing him at the peak of creativity these are superbly crafted tracks
full of detail and depth.
get it here (12″ with download code): … ts_id/4613
or here (either 12″ with download, or only download): … -praxis-50

DM12004 – V/A: Accretion EP (12″ & digital)
Featuring tearing tracks by Minion, Fiend, Poxxe and Ressurector, plus
scratch samples by Baseck, this is the first compilation with the core
producers of L.A.’s Darkmatter Soundsystem.
Out mid-may, exclusively distributed by Praxis.

PRAXIS 49 – Bulkrate: In the Temple of the Serpent (12″ & digital)
After three digital only releases on Dark Winter and Zhark International
this is Bulkrate’s first vinyl offering. Five tracks of strong atmospheric
occult breakcore that will please the fans of Abelcain and Slutmachine
with a personal take on dark atmospherics and caustic beats.


NoiseAngriff is a night for new experimental music, noise and breakcore
taking place at Lauschangriff, Rigaerstrasse 103 in Berlin-Friedrichshain
every first and third wednesday of the month.
The first is usually dedicated more to noise and soundscapes, the third
more to different shades of “breakcore”. We also do the praxis record
stall there at each of the events. This month:


May 2:Knifeloop
Yvan Volochine (
Audiovisual Performance: Kasper Toeplitz (Noise) and Peggy Sylopp (Visuals)
Dj Dada
Manecante Dj set
Dj Indigen
Crash 0.1
Stay until late and dance yr asses off!
Visuals: Aikia (, Vippsgrädde
Videoistallations by Aikia and Crash 0.1


May 16:
Bart Hard
LFO Demon
& more to be announced closer to the date here:


We will take part in two events of 2012 is the season for treason –
Critical reflections on BB7
taking place at okk/raum29: Prinzenallee 29, 13359 Berlin
May 5: Polaris Internationa: Art As Social Glue + Party with Praxis DJ’s
May 12: -Kavecs Projects: Third Position in Europe
-Datacide: From Subculture to Hegemony, Transversal
Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk
and Martial Industrial
More infos here:


June 9: Praxis presents a fundraiser for Datacide Twelve and a celebration
of the new record releases by Electric Kettle and Bulkrate in the space of
Subversiv e.V., Brunnenstrasse 7, Berlin-Mitte (U8 Rosenthaler Platz)
We return to Subversiv for an all night party with a massive line-up:
Electric Kettle
Noize Creator
and more!
closer to the date!

After the complete revamp of the praxis web site ( the online shop ( will be next… watch out for a completely new shop in the next week – more details soon!

Music — New Free Mix!
STIRRED UP – Mixed by Baseck

run time: 33mins 12 secs
Baseck – Intro
Current Value – Heavy Weight
All Leather – Well Fed Fuck
Le Jad – Beat 133.333 Pour Bank
Duran Duran Duran – Furious George
Monster X – Get Up to Kill
Otto Von Schirach – Night Terror
The Teknoist & Scheme Boy – Versus Unleashed (Gancher Remix)
The Outside Agency – Industrial Cooking Spray (feat. Tapage)
Receptor & Engage – Wi-Fi Waves
I:gor – Lost Control
Cooh – Down Boy (feat. Dean Rodell)
Halves – Autumn
Broken Note – Meltdown
Xanopticon – Tempcw_5
WMX – Possibilities (acid rework)
notes: this mix was originally made for rob booth’s electronic explorations show last year but it never seen the light of day. now hear it here first… BASECK EXCLUSIVE!
Direct Link:

NEW MIX! THIS IS NOT A RAVE – Mixed by Baseck

rune time: 35min 01sec

Broken Note – Channel Zero
Donny – Symptomless Coma (Current Value Remix)
Phace & Noisia – Stagger
Lucio De Rimanez – Crash Bang Wallop
DJ Hidden – Scintillate
Bombdogs – St. Valentine’s Massacre
Current Value – G2 Hunt (Dean Rodell Rework)
Broken Note – Pyrotek
The Deep Element – Stay With Me (Clint Mansell)
Noize Creator – Ocean Of Darkness
Le Jad – Painful Epic
Richard Devine- Sigstop
Surachai – Eighteen
[Unknown Artist] – Drone Records
Optic – P.L.U.R. This!!!!
Broken Note – Zound

Direct Link:

This mix was supposed to be used to promote the party “THIS IS NOT A RAVE” by So Simple last September. It was going to feature: Broken Note, Richard Devine, Surachai, WMX, Ted Nava, Derek Michael, Baseck and Strangeloop. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the party never happened and this mix just sat on a hard drive. Now you can blast it at home with your friends and dream of what it could of been… PARTY ON REBEL WARRIOR!



Here is the… Mix


Some More Dope Shit (Promo) – Mixed by Baseck

Bedlam of Cacophony – 100v / G-13
Broken Note – Aporia
Electromeca – Weightlessness
B.I.N.T – Get The Gat (Duran Duran Duran Remix)
Dj Troubl’ – Check This Out
Ted Nava – Al Dente
Limewax – S.R.C.S
Dub Elements & Erre – Popim
Current Value – The Good
WMX – Droid
Xanopticon – Ungrokd

Run Time: 28mins 21sec

BildSo Simple and Darkmatter Soundsystem present:

Baseck and Marci Pizza are peacing out from Berlin and moving back to Los Angeles. “We will miss all our homies! It has been amazing”

Join us as we smash sounds with some of Berlins finest!

Thursday May 26th @ Subland (Weisenweg 5, Berlin 10365)









5 euros
doors @ 10pm
Subland (Weisenweg 5, Berlin 10365)

Facebook Event:

Please enjoy this free 22min Promo Mix by Baseck featuring tracks from all the Take Off artists! …


Silverman – My Neck, My Back (Silvermangle)
Duran Duran Duran – Face Blast (Live Mix)
Baseck & Marci Pizza – If you can’t beat’em, KILL YOURSELF
Christoph Fringeli – Untitled (Newskin)
Amboss – Bocki zum Frühstück
Electric Kettle – Shoot the Moon
Duran Duran Duran – 2020
Baseck – Crusin’
Additiv – Bolus


Strawberry Muck, The Remixes, E.P. – Baseck, Red Shift, and Strangeloop
This free E.P. is a collection of all the various forms that Baseck’s track, Muck, has gone through since it’s initial creation.  It includes the original track from the album Creatures out on Subconscious Communications, a remix by Red Shift, a remix by Strangeloop and an alternate version of the Strangeloop edit featuring scratching/turntablism by Baseck, bringing it all full circle.
Baseck’s original song is a grimey lofi punk banger made with only the bootleg gameboy sequencer LSDJ and a small noise toy. Red Shift takes the central melody and embellishes it with ethereal synths and a sharp clicky hip hop beat transforming it into a whimsical yet robust dancey jam he renames Strawberry.  Brainfeeder artist, Strangeloop, propels this seemingly endless melodic riff even further adding glitchy other worldly samples and spacious thrashy beats that undulate creating an entrancing cosmic noise.
For your Listening Pleasure…
Direct ZIP FILE Link: Strawberry Muck, The Remixes, E.P. – Baseck/Red Shift/Strangeloop
In addition to all the change ups this track has seen… it has now taken on a new life as the dreamy music set to an amazing kaleidoscopic video by Fragonard Berscht.  Appropriately it is the Strangeloop edit that has transcended into this new form.
For your viewing pleasure…

For more work by Fragonard Berscht (aka Laskfar Vortok, Naboa, and V1de0 D1ab3t3s)
check out Fragonard Berscht on… Vimeo Or NaboaMusic
More from Strangeloop visit: StrangeloopTV
More from Baseck visit: Baseck.Net
To get the original full length album Creatures please visit: Subconscious Communications

Cagliostro and Datacide Present
Datacide #11 Magazine Release Party

Friday 04.02. 2011

Kovert (Critical Noise, Sub/Version, Praxis)
Baseck – special DJ Set (Darkmatter)
DJ Balli (Sonic Belligeranza)
Cannibal Brothers (Brainstorm)
Nemeton (Darkmatter)
Christoph Fringeli (Praxis)
LT (Cagliostro)

in den Räumen des Subversiv e.V.
Brunnenstrasse 7
U8 Rosenthaler Platz

Thursday, February 3
Datacide #11: TALKS & DISCUSSION
Cagliostro, Lenbachstr. 10, (Ostkreuz), from 17h
in English and Free

“333 bpm” a sonic-fiction by Riccardo Balli
iconographic references by: Caina
Every style in electronic music inspires a certain social behaviour, and what’s more, it actually structures the listener’s brainframe. Do you want to know how? And, above all, do you want to smash this #social# brainframe down by hyper-mixing genres? Some tips on how to do this can maybe come from this fiction, a sonic one, of course!

“Dance before the police come” a talk by Neil Transpontine
What’s going on when police raid parties? Neil Transpontine explores the different ways laws on sex, drugs, noise, property and subversion are used to constrain dancing in the UK and across the world.

for more information including the table of contents for datacide #11:


just found a download link to some old mixtape by Novokain (Troops Of Doom)

info from the old Troops of Doom website:

Simply put, if Satan was a DJ, this would be his mixtape. This tape is by far the best mixtape ever to have graced my ears. True speedkore and deathkore here. The mixing here is dead on, with tons of scratching, and great track selection. Last 15 minutes of side 2 are Bezerker tracks. Get this tape and see what the shoddy L.A. promoters are missing out on. New J-card design cause we feel like it. Do not be fooled by imposters!!!

Thanks to the original uploader & the original Necromancer recodings label! great stuff from the late ’90’s, if anyone can help me find the other tapes would be amazing! 


old interview as found on Troops of Doom:

Novokain – the best DJ that LA’s never heard of. Representing the GSM and Troops of Doom, Novokain is as hard as they get. Both on the decks and in producing his own tracks, Novokain’s style is a hard pounding bassline littered throughout with distorted guitars, death metal vocals, and just the right amount of evil samples. Oh, and fast as fuck, too!!! Anyone who has listened to any of Novokain’s tapes be it Gorefest Stench, Hardcore Militia, Shit-Fuck, or Lion’s Den 3 can’t argue that Novokain fucks it up on the decks.

“I first started spinning three and a half years ago at my friend DJ Ellament’s house, since he was the first person I knew who had tables.” said Novokain when asked when he first started spinning. Even when first starting out, Novokain would try and get his hands on anything that sounded extreme. Novokain elaborates more on the subject… “I started off spinning Rotterdam stuff, since that’s all the record shops would stock, but I would always try to find harder stuff. More noize, more terror… more ‘Umph’!!!”

Every DJ or producer has their share of influences, and Novokain is no exception. On the DJ influence, R.A.W., DJ Efex, Baseck, Mark N, and DJ Ellament all get high marks from Novokain. For producers, “Well, there’s a shitload. For startes, all the Fisters, especially Netas, Memetic, and Syndicate.”. He goes on to name other producers like Jack Lucifer, Eiterherd, Somatic Responses, “The man” Lasse Steen, Acid Enema, Christoph De Babalon, Newskin, and others that he can’t remember right off the top of his head.

When asked about how Novokain felt on the sudden Dutch and Rotterdam trend, Novokain stated “I don’t remember it getting the fuck out! Rotterdam WAS good ya know.”

What does Novokain see for the future of the Gabber/Speedkore Militia, the Troops of Doom, and the Southern California gabber producers that keep popping up more and more by the day? “I see a little scene within us… this is OUR scene. We the makers ‘make’ the scene, and it’ll keep getting bigger and better. More labels will pop up hopefully.”

(c) 1999 Troops Of Doom … eternal respect to you guys!