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Zombieflesheater -7″Samurai-flux

7″ vinyl only set – ruff as usual. It was originally planned to be played at a party wich seven samurai records as host of the evening had to cancel due problems with the main organisator of that event.


01.Dj Scud – Sick In The Head
02.Rotator – Help Me To Keep Up Destruction
03.Saoulaterre – Ntm Nique La Police
04.I-Sound – Dog Years
05.Minion – End
06.Scud & Nomex – Eurostar
07.Gai/Jin – M.O.D. Theme
08.Donna Summer – Awkward Song About Love
09.Fanny – Stealing & Sabotage
10.Bombardier – Betrayal
11.Perplex Barquettes – Raw Mars Wars
12.John Dark – Terreur Et Voisinage
13.Enzyme – Die Maus Mit Der Grashalmflöte (Suburban Trash Remix Pt.2)
14.aleXdee – Rush (Society Suckers Remix)
15.Statas – Syphilis Unbound
16.Kid606 – Mix
17.Pisstank – Kicking It Straight To You
18.Noize Punishment – Sick
19.Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth – Kill Or Be Killed
20.Snares Man! – Clearance Bin
21.Kovert – Hybrid Riddim (Murderation Mix)
22.Rich Kid – Badman Anthem (Soundbwoy Remember This!)
23.DJ Scud – One (Is The Lonliest Number) (The Rudeboy Remix)
24.Fast Forward – Sexless
25.Jah Vengeance – No Light (Version)
26.The Comformist – This Is War!
27.Istari Lasterfahrer – Bombaclat
28.Zombieflesheater – The Riddim



Hour 01 By The Relic:

01. Hypnoskull – Machine Is Coming Down (Malfunction Remix By Converter)
02. Ophidian As Raziel ft. William F. DeVault – The Violence Of Indifference
03. Mono No Aware – Strategisch Wertvoll
04. Converter – Witch Huner
05. Raum 107 – We Are The Lost
06. Bombardier – Delusions Of Persecution
07. The Outside Agency & One Ear Bass – Metal Slug
08. Ophidian As Raziel – Groundwalker
09. Low Entropy – Acid Storm
10. Hypnoskull – Antimono (L-R Antipole Rock)
11. Control Failure – Diacetylmorphine Shoot
12. Somatic Responses – Gabicont
13. Ophidian As Raziel – Dormant Impulse
14. Terrorfakt – Welcome To Hell
15. Meander – Ghosting
16. Cubic Nomad – Bunker Soldiers
17. Mono Amine – Beyond The Status Quo
18. The Firm – French Pussy Revenger

Hour 02 By The Relic:

01. Iszoloscope – Le Dénominateur Commun (Remixed By Imminent)
02. The Firm – The Attribute Of Ponderation
03. The Emperator & Chromatic – Cracid
04. Koney – Ono Sendai
05. Dep Affect – Ruins Follow
06. Psycho-Rex – Breath Of The Chaff
07. Moleculez & Audio Revolt – The Rush
08. Promo – Day Of Anger
09. The Outside Agency & Tapage – Choice Mission
10. Hypnoskull – Dirtfunk Slam
11. Omkara Techichi – Twisted Defiance
12. The Firm – Tria Mera
13. Life::::Runs::::Red – Theta Break
14. ostoja – Show It And Run
15. Freethinker – Needle in The Brain
16. Tapage & Miss Twilight – Flood
17. Xeno & Conspiracy Monday – This Is Stealth (Forsaken Is Dead Rmx)
18. Moleculez & The Relic – Mechanically Induced Dreams

Hour 03 By The Relic:

01. N-Vitral – Return Of The Lofi Death Crew
02. Void Settler – Frog Frog Dingbat
03. Somatic Responses – T1X
04. Hypnoskull – Trivial Bang
05. Mono Amine – Encoutering No Resistance
06. Switch Technique – Exo
07. DJ Hidden – Earth Cry
08. The DJ Producer & Deathmachine – 10 Years Of Influence
09. Submerged vs Silent Killer vs Enduser – No Real
10. Somatic Responses – Meta Material
11. The Outside Agency & Switch Technique – Senseless Society
12. Enduser – Jane Doe
13. Sarin Assault & Fiend – Devil On Earth (Lost Deadline Remix by Mental Wreckage)
14. The Outside Agency & Current Value – They Are Human
15. Xanopticon – Pscicite
16. Sarin Assault – Taste Of Hell
17. Nano.Strike – Destroyer Lightbarer

Hour 04 By The Relic:

01. The Speedfreak – We Reload To Kill (Reloaded By Stormtrooper)
02. The Outside Agency – Waste Management
03. Negative A – Rock Hard (Sound Abuse Remix)
04. Jay Autopsy – Blunt Force Trauma
05. Lytton – Rip You Off
06. Freethinker – Hardcore Sucker
07. The Outside Agency – Destruction
08. Deceiver & Ophidian – Laptop Duel
09. The Peoples Republic Of Europe – Bionic Funk
10. Deathmachine – Inverse Serenity
11. Ronin – Today I Will Be Your Supervisor
12. Igneon System vs Homeboy – Respect The Strength
13. Spitting Vitriol – Speakerkiller
14. Enzyme X – Kegadoru
15. 8cylinder – Suffer Not The Unclean To Live
16. Ophidian – Strichnine
17. The Outside Agency – The Flux Capacitor
18. Low Entropy – Starting Up


Some news on the goings-on of Canadian based label Dross:tik Records.
Things have been a little quiet over the past year with the last release being the Cross Roads 12” in 2007 (V-Snares / Electromeca / Unitus / Cakebuilder / Belladonnakillz). Which is still available at most place – check it out!
But never fear!!! The plans are in and looking pretty good… least in my head it looks good. So check out the following info and keep on the lookout for these releases.

Upcoming Dross:tik Releases:

C64 – “Lowest Moments (DJ Mix CD) *Co-Release with Low Res Records

Release Date: Summer 2008
A 26 track continuous DJ mix showcasing 8 years of Detroit ground breaking label Low Res Records. Tracks from Abelcain/Davros, Venetian Snares, Igor, Kero, Adjust, Cdatakill, Ubergang, Bombadier and more span from 1998-2006.
Its an honour to put something like this together and to work with a true pioneering label such as Low Res. Detroit for life! Eminem has nothing on the white boy behind this label!

Belladonnakillz – “Sorry Try Again” (CD Album)

Release Date: Fall/Winter 2008
Perhaps you heard his debut album on Dross:tik in 2003? Or his follow up “As If” on Sublight? Either way, this will be a brand new cut with only the most original material as expected. Singing, dancing, guitar rocking, bass shaking and dance beats. The reviews in the past say it all. It’s either brilliant or a complete waste of musical work. You be the judge!

Epsilon – “Daemon Minx Thanatopsis” (CD Album)

Release Date: Fall/Winter 2008
Long time Australian producer is set to launch his first full length album since 2004. No doubt this will be highly anticipated! I met Mr. Epsilon on tour in Europe in 2007. He couldn’t stop talking about how great Australia is. Despite this, I still liked him (j/k Aussies) and Dross:tik is proud to see this release through.

John Kameel Farah – “Title TBA” (CD Album)

Release Date: Fall/Winter 2008
Canadian pianist wizard crafts a composition that is both worth stroking your chin too and busting a move on the dance floor. Melodies composed with his state of the art Rhodes Fender piano provide a deep warmth that wraps around the onslaught of beats and breaks. His live performances are nothing short of brilliant. We are very proud to capture this energy and bring it to you on one of those compact disc things that seem to be going out of style.

New Vinyl Release

Release Date: Fall 2008
It will certainly include Devnulls “Shards of Rhythm” and some other goodies yet to determined. Its been a while for that Devnull track. The original plan doesn’t look like its gonna happen, but a new super awesome, “Grooverider wished he had done it before he got pinched” plan will bring it to light!

Dross:tik Digital
Yes, we are adding a new face to the label through that cutting edge technology of DIGITAL. Digital only releases will start sometime soon….maybe.
Stupid Question #1: “But Mr. c64, does this mean you are abandoning vinyl????”
C64: “Shut up Timmy, it certainly does not!!”
But we’ve been getting lots of good demos over the years, more so than I can possibly release, so the digital portion will get those tracks out!

Other possibly interesting news:

C64 – New DJ mix for Peace Off Website
Yes! Working on a brand new studio DJ mix that should soon be available from Peace Off in their Free Download section.

C64 back on Tour in Europe October / November 2008
You think a broken arm and surgery can keep me down? No way. But that’s exactly what happened this past January. It’s good to be back in the game though!

For inquiries, demo submissions and general hate mail please contact:

c64 (at)
AIM: c64dj