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Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot is terug!

Na een lange radiostilte is hét breakcore feestje van Arnhem terug! Op zaterdag 20 mei vindt er namelijk weer een editie van Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot plaats bij de Willemeen!


Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot is het bekende breakcore feest dat in 2005 in het leven werd geroepen door Jorrit (Goudvishal), Jeroen (DJ King Pin) en Bart (DJ Bart Hard). Voor wie zich afvraagt wat breakcore ook alweer was: een eclectische combinatie van hardcore breakbeats, ritmische industrial, sterke roots in de punk en onconventioneel gebruik van allerlei denkbare sounds. Van koude apocalyptische drones tot warme raggajungle en experimentele sounds die je op het verkeerde been zetten. Binnen het genre breakcore komen de meest uiteenlopende subculturen en muziekgenres bij elkaar en dat was ook altijd goed te zien op de feestjes van NYMNYR. Gabbers, skaters, krakers, hardrockers, punkers en gothics braken samen de tent af.

Dat is waar het Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot concept altijd om bekend bleef staan. Al snel begon het concept zich uit te breiden met uitstapjes naar locaties in o.a. Wageningen, waar het later samen met TK07 een podium kreeg op het Bevrijdingsdagfestival. Ook werden er busreizen naar België en Q-Base georganiseerd waardoor een grote groep muziekliefhebbers vanuit Arnhem mee konden reizen naar dergelijke feesten.

In 2015 gaf TK07 hun afscheidsfeest en veel mensen dachten dat dit ook het einde was van Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot, maar niets is minder waar! Jorrit, Jeroen en Bart zijn weliswaar oud, bejaard en lui geworden, maar ze gaan gewoon door met een nieuwe editie op de plek waar het ooit allemaal begon.

Op zaterdag 20 mei gaat het er dus weer als vanouds aan toe in de Willemeen met aantal oude bekenden in de line-up. Enduser (US), Shitmat (UK) en Bong-ra, ook wel bekend als de Monsters of Mashup, komen de boel op hun kop zetten. King Pin en Bart Hard zullen het geheel omlijsten.

Over volgende edities kan de organisatie nog niet veel loslaten, behalve dat ze dit najaar met een afschuwelijk dikke klapper op de proppen zullen komen!

Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot presents Monsters Of Mashup
Zaterdag 20 mei – Willemeen Arnhem
Zaal open: 22:00 uur
Voorverkoop: €8,- Tickets kopen
Entree deur: € 10,-

End.user (Ad Noiseam)
Shitmat (Wrong Music)
Bart Hard (NYMNYR)
King Pin (NYMNYR)

>> Facebook event
>> NYMNYR op Facebook

The Art Of Breakcore part 2 will be on january 18th, 2014 in the Hall of Fame, Tilburg.This edition there will be debates about positive changes people can make together to create a better world.

There will be a panel of speakers that will tell why they do what they do and how they think what will be a possible future of life as we know it. Is the book 1984 by George Orwell the definitive future? Will there be one gigacompany that will rule our food supply forever? Or is there a way to a different future?

The music & visual program will give a reflection on the themes of the debate and the deeper view that art can give (as concluded during the the panel discussion of The Art Of Breakcore 1).


line up:

Suburban Trash Industries

Noize Creator is one of the most inspiring breakcore producers by releasing a diversity of music with his own productions and running multiple labels with a cutting edge sound within the electronic underground. His first steps into music production were back in 1991 while he was mixing music with the use of tapedecks. Soon after, he got interested in techno, and started djing at illegal parties. In 1994 he started to make music within the hardcore underground circuit, with releases on Juncalor Records, Rage Records, Blood ‘n’ Guts, Killing Rate, Surgeon16 and his own hardcore label Brutal Chud. One of the most memorable highlights was under the alias Kingz of Noize, of which the record was released on the Drop Bass Network sublabel Six Sixty Six. In 1998 he started his new label Suburban Trash Industries, which held a great diversity of important electronic music releases.


Hypnoskull emerged as a project of Patrick Stevens in 1992, who combines the power of pure analog electronics with harsh rhythm structures to form an anarchic assault of noise and techno-industrial. After years of underground activism in the worldwide electronic underground network of industrial music, Hypnoskull reached a larger audience by putting out the album ‘Rythmusmaschine 1-2’ (1998), followed by ‘Ffwd>Burnout!'(1999) and ‘Electronic Music Means War To Us’ (2001). Before that, Stevens also made a name as one half of the duo Sonar, a hardcore Belgian rhythmical industrial project.

Little Brutal Rave Bastards / Blut

Jean Bach has been active since 1996, with releases on Fischkopf Hamburg, Dhyana Records and Stichting Mixer amongst others.
His style is variating from pop ambient to harsh tekkno and noise oriented breakbeat. Beside his music projects he is a creative person who makes magazines in non existing languages and in search of the unknown territories of art. He released under many different aliasses including Anti-Zen, Leprozid Pfarrhaus, Mortobello Steriland the new project of Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse. Out of the many different projects one is Leprozid Strick/Pfahl which he released a split release with Ad Absurdum on the Hamburg label Blut, as well as different tracks on the Little Brutal Rave Bastards series.
For The Art Of Breakcore he will prepare a raw set with his obscure sounds as Leprozid Strick/Pfahl.

RIOTEER (Tilburg)
Crack Beats

Rioteer is the brainchild of Bas Welling and hails from Tilburg Crackcity. Blending styles like Breakcore, Chiptune, 8 bit, Noise, Industrial, and Deviant Hardcore, he has been responsible for promoting the ruff uncompromising edge of sound in Holland and abroad and he is one of the most booked artist in this area of sound.
Rioteer played around the globe at festivals like Breakcore gives me WOOD, Jason Forrests Wasted festival, Q-Base 2010, Todays Art, Gogbot Festival, Bloodnok Festival Tour Russia, The ZXZW Festival, Mayhem Outdoors Hardcore Festival.

BART HARD (Tilburg)
Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot

Bart Hard is specialised in underground music.
With his dj sets he made a international reputation with bookings in Berlin, Dresden, Zürich, Kloten, Graz, Gent, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Nottingham and more.
His style is known as pushing the limites of a genre, with extreme electronix, but also playing different styles under the aliasses of Bart Acid, DJ Hartpumper and DJ Of The Second Moon to name a few alter egos.
After organising many different events in the range of breakcore, noise, speedcore, industrial and many more since 2001, he’s now focussed on the new event series The Art Of Breakcore, in the hope to make a positive change to the world, and look for what’s beyond art/music itself, when activism and underground culture meet to reach a higher level.

more info:

The Art Of Breakcore

video trailer:

breakcore event & debate about art/music & politix/activism

22 december 2012
Hall of Fame
NS plein 5
5014 DA Tilburg
open: 18.00h

entree: 4 euro

style: breakcore, digital hardcore, drum ‘n’ noise, phantomnoise, experimental

line up:

Worlds Ab-Art aka aleXdee (Trash Tapes / Phantomnoise, Leipzig)
Le Rouage Lytique (Freak Animals / Utterly Wipe Out, Berlin)
Nano.strike (Ketacore / Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot, Netherlands)
Kathinka Rouage (Freak Animals, Berlin)
Bart Hard (Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot, Netherlands)
Levi van Huygevoort (Garden Of Eyes, Netherlands)


The Art Of Breakcore is a wake up call for the rawer, experimental side of ‘breakcore’ that is not just about dance music, but more focussed on experiment, breaking borders and reaching (political) consciousness.

There will be a debate about how art & politix influence each other. Main theme of the debate will be about music/art and politix/activism, but will also be about themes connected to this. For the ones that are interested in more background information, there will be info stands of activist groups, but also record stands for those who want to know more about the music that’s represented during the night.

From 21.00h the second part of the night will start when international artists, invited by Bart Hard, will show their vision on breakcore. There will also be visuals that will reach back to the themes of the debate and beyond.


In the early ’90’s breakcore developed out of the 80’s & 90’s industrial, punk, hardcore breakbeats and noise. Some called the phenomenon ‘digital hardcore’, others preferred the term ‘breakcore’, or named it ‘electronix’.
In all different developements influenced by things happening in the world as well as developements within the music itself, breakcore changed through the years into a broad spectrum of diversity. Some of the developements continued and others almost ceased to exist.
Within the breakcore there are many obscure subgenres that always found just small attention, but were actually revolutionary.
Labels like Widerstand Records, Trash Tapes and later also Phantomnoise, Seven Samuari Records and Formosan gave interesting views with combining industrial, political / society consciousness and riot sounds on their releases.
Event series like Utterly Wipe Out broke the barriers between noise, speedcore and breakcore, while other crews focussed more on jungle, rave and later dubstep.
Through the years the first catagory seems to became obscure, so we decided to bring back a bit of the ideals that lived back then.

During this night we have a special line up of artists that show their vision on the art of breakcore each in their unique way.

Alexander Dreyhaupt aka Worlds Ab-Art, mainly known under his breakcore moniker aleXdee (but worked also as Hagbard Celine or Amiga Squawk Tones) is the founder of Trash Tapes & Phantomnoise Records. Besides he is Co-Founder of the “100% Fakecore Networt” and the “Strukturbruch Events” in Leipzig, Germany along with LXC of Alphacut Records.
He released his first tapes back in 1994, inspired by digital hardcore, gabba and punk music from that time.
Through the years he developed his sound and finally had chance to release his first vinyl “Wer Sich Wehrt Ist Lebendig” in 1998 on the Austrian label Widerstand Records. Right after that he founded his own vinyl label Phantomnoise Records, which was, the very last “Label of the Month” on John Peel Show in Oktober 2004, only two weeks before Peel died.
After that, Phantomnoise stopped releasing on a regular basis and Alexdee spend five years mostly with his radio show “The Fakecore Show” and various other projects.
On this event he will give a special dj performance. Don’t expect some catchy danceable set or a faked live act with some ready to play mp3 file on a sexy laptop, but a kind of real stinky vinyl set turntablism without any turntablism (he’s just too lazy and inapt for that). A small, condensed noisy history of phantomnoise and all related fakecore.
Bon appétit & Bon voyage!

Le Rouage Lytique, formerly known as Cocktail Lytique, is the mastermind behind the Geräuschinfusion, Utterly Wipe Out and Lacerated Fragments event series in Berlin.
As Orange he’s been active as a (web)designer, and photographer for a long time within the left wing Berlin scene, one of his main projects is
He’s been active as a dj since the 90’s, under names as Sahid Rouage, Jimmi Rocket and Kathinka Rouage, developing from industrial music to noise and breakcore but also queerbeat, and as producer / live act Cocktail Lytique / Le Rouage Lytique with extreme breakcore sounds without compromise.

Unfortunately dj Fobia had to cancel her booking, but we will definately book her in the future again.
As replacement for Fobia we have one of most forward thinking breakcore artists: Nano.strike (Ketacore / Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot, Netherlands).

Nano.strike is a project started up in 2004. The primarily styles are Breakcore, Industrial and Tekno, but also stuff like Noise, Ambient, Fieldrecording, Acid, Gabber, Elektro and Synthesizer Music finds it’s way into the work. Through the years he performed live at many partys amongst others: Lacerated Fragments (Berlin), Ketacore (Amsterdam), Q-Base (Weeze), Crack Beats (Tilburg), Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot (Arnhem) and Kabaal Digitaal (Wageningen). On 22 december he will play a rough breakcore set.

An other special announcement is the art performance of Levi van Huygevoort (Garden of Eyes).
Multi-talented artist Levi van Huygevoort invented his own “Live Art Performance”, a new one-man wave of crazy live art shows in which Levi creates a piece of live art within any amount of time. Often creatively intense but always an entertaining, mind-bending or eye-opening experience, this is a happening you should see. For this special occasion, Levi van Huygevoort will co-operate with dj Bart Hard, as they will synchronise each other’s performance/set in music and art.
As closing set of the night, this performance/dj set co-operation will symbolise a glimpse of a possible future society.

Bart Hard is active since 12 years within the underground circuit, as dj as well as organisator. He is co-founder of event series such as Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot, but also likes to work on various other projects. His current project is ‘The Art Of Breakcore’. For this event he decided to bring artists, individuals and local organizations together that inspired him through the years. Bart Hard will play the closing set of the night when breakcore reaches it’s climax until it breaks down into a field of experimental soundscapes and unheard melodies, together with the live art performance of Levi van Huygevoort.

Before the event itself, people have chance to debate about politix, noise, breakcore and the way these things work out together.

The theme of the debate will be about art/music & politix/activism, individualism vs group movements in political activism as well as music scenes, how movements move to the ‘middle’ and losing ideals (left wing politix turn middle politix to get more votes, underground scenes go popular to get more audience) ad the being against somethig while not showing what you do stand for

There will be info stands of activist groups Weldaad, AFA Nederland, Anarchistische Groep Nijmegen and info/bookstore Opstand.

From 21.00h and on there will be music played by the artists who will lead us through the different fields of electronic music, that together can be defined as ‘breakcore’. There will be visuals chosen by the artists and the vj’s and selected the conceptual idea behind the event.


18.00 introductional set of experimental electronic music, by Worlds Ab-art aka aleXdee
19.00 introduction to the night by Bart Hard
19.30 panel debate about art/music and politix/activism, with a discussion panel of individual people, some because of their artistic views and other because of their ideas and ideals about the world we live in. During the debate all visitors can participate and contribute.
In the meantime activist groups have a chance to present themselves and what they stand for, so people who are interested can find more information about these movements.
21.00 the music part of the night will start. There will be Vj’s that will bring their visuals in which the themes of the night will return and melt together with the music of:
– Worlds Ab-Art dj set (journey through his past with music of Phantomnoise & connected labels)
– Kathinka Rouage dj set (experimental breakcore)
– Nano.strike (raw breakcore)
– Le Rouage Lytique live (raw breakcore)
– Bart Hard dj set + Levi van Huygevoort live art performance (synchronisation of live art performance and music)

network links:

flyer (design by Le Rouage Lytique) :


Breakcore and noize for a better tomorrow!!!


Das Projekt “EDUTAINMENT for the Gully People” in Sierra LeoneWorum geht’s? Education through Entertainment, dh es sollen Menschen Bildungsinhalte vermittelt werden, die für ihre (Über) leben in einem Slum lebensrettend sind, und zwar spielerisch durch Musik, Theaterstücke, Kunst etc…Ein weiteres Ziel ist es, Kindern den Schulbesuch zu ermöglichen, deren Eltern dies aufgrund ihrer ökonomischen Situation nicht möglich ist.

Wer? 2010 hat Natalie Würbach gemeinsam mit (zumeist obdachlosen) Jugendlichen das Projekt in Freetown, der Hauptstadt Sierra Leones, gegründet:

Was bisher geschah: Um mit unseren Ideen starten zu können, sammelte ich in Deutschland von Freunden, Bekannten und Familie knapp 900 Euro. Hiermit konnten wir 21 Schulkinder mit neu geschneiderten Schuluniformen, sowie Heften und anderen Schreibmaterialen ausstatten.

Diese übergaben wir den Familien an einem “launching day” in Susans Bay Wharf, den wir zuvor mit selbst bemalten Plakaten und über das örtliche Fernsehen angekündigt hatten. Wir involvierten die Bewohner von Susans Bay in die Vorbereitungen, indem wir ihnen die Verantwortung für die Organisation von Stühlen, der Bühne und einer Musikanlage übertrugen. Zum Thema “Hygiene”, mit dem wir unsere Aufklärungskampagne starteten wollten, produzierte Lamin einen Song (“Wash your hands with soap and water”), den er an diesem Tag auf einer Bühne mitten im Slum von Susans Bay aufführte. Passend dazu führten wir außerdem ein kleines Theaterstück auf, bei dem wir den Leuten spielerisch näher bringen konnten, wie wichtig es ist, sich regelmäßig die Hände zu waschen, um Krankheiten vorzubeugen beziehungsweise deren Übertragung zu verhindern. Es war mir außerdem möglich, von “Coca Cola” zehn Kästen Softdrinks als Spende für diesen Tag zu akquirieren. (Dazu muss man wissen, dass Familien in Susans Bay schlichtweg kein Geld dafür haben, ihren Kinder Softdrinks zu kaufen).

Dieser Tag wurde für alle Beteiligten zu einem unvergesslichen Event. Er sollte den Anfang unserer Arbeit bedeuten. Durch unsere stetige Präsenz in der Community und die Zusammenarbeit mit den betroffenen Menschen haben wir Vertrauen aufgebaut, was das Projekt letztlich so erfolgreich werden ließ. Wir wollen auch in Zukunft kontinuierlich an unseren Ideen arbeiten und unsere Ziele verfolgen; dafür sorgen, dass sich die Lebensverhältnisse in Susans Bay durch die veränderte Einstellung der Bewohner verbessern.
Die Arbeit unserer Teammitglieder soll auf lange Sicht eine Einkommensquelle für sie darstellen. Mädchen im Prostitutionsgewerbe sollen die Chance bekommen, als Schneiderinnen ausgebildet zu werden, und langfristig ihren Lebensunterhalt damit zu verdienen. Und die 21 begünstigten Kinder sollen auch in den nächsten Jahren in die Schule gehen können.

Es handelt sich also nicht um eine große Maßnahme mit besonders hohem finanziellem Aufwand, sondern um eine Idee, die mit und bei den Betroffenen entstand und ihre eigene Dynamik entwickelt hat.
Es wurde deutlich, dass es wichtig ist, den betroffenen Menschen zuzuhören, ihren Alltag zu erleben, genau hinzusehen, gemeinsam zu erarbeiten, was die Probleme sind und herauszufinden, wie jeder Einzelne etwas tun kann, um die gesamte Situation zu verbessern. „Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe“ ist unser Ansatz und die Motivation unserer Mitglieder und Offenheit der Bewohner in Susans Bay ist unsere Triebfeder.


P.S. 30 Euro kostet es, um einem Kind ein Jahr lang in den Schulbesuch zu ermöglichen..just to keep in mind! ;-=


Christoph Fringeli (praxis rec/datacide)
Fobia (Seven Samurai)
190Bpm( Rubbabreakz)
Fallout Boy (audiomassive)
Tekamin (a_sound)
Evil Trust (neuromantic-violations)

check the link for videos about the project

flyers and updated line-up follow soon

at Kili Club
Wiesenweg 5-9

Various Artists – Classicore

Alright! are looking for submissions again, for a new, forthcoming, and themed, online release called “Classicore”.

As you can see, it’s all in the name. For this release we want to challenge every breakcore artist to combine classical music with breakcore. Combing the best of both worlds. You don’t have to stay strict to this requirements, but the influences have to be clear.

One sidenote: write your own melodies in stead of ripping off Beethoven (for example) by sampling some kind of classical album. Be original!

What we need
– Your track in .wav format (32 bit), when mastered: volume at -12db RMS
– Your artistname
– Title of the track
– Your website(s)
– Your country

Where to send
You can send your track through our contactform at Breakcore.NL.
Please add a link to a webspace like rapidshare, megaupload or sendspace.

The deadline for this release is the 1st of September 2011.


WSicko & Tex-nd

Breakcore.NL Music


-low entropy – unreleased tracks part 2
style: experimental, breakcore… download

Time for a new Core News Session. With Core News Sessions #7 I have the honor of presenting you a wicked mix by DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records.


Here is what Parasite got to say about this mix:
“This DJ Mix goes out to all the followers of the Core who keep the scene alive & kicking. It’s about straight-up love of fresh & innovative music and the passion to share these sounds with you. Some of the artists featured in this mix are well known, but some you’ve may have never heard of. They span the globe, and are all making music for the love of it! So if you like what you hear, please support these artists, buy their music, go to their gigs and tell your friends…it’s the only way the scene will evolve.
– DJ Parasite (”


Core News Sessions #7 - DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records
01. Candlestickmaker – Don’t Worry About Me
02. The DSC – Herbalist (Deathsucker/Life4Land)
03. Fujiko Meijin – NONONONO [Rattan Child Remix] (Node)
04. Fujiko Meijin – The Narita Mountain (Node)
05. Fujiko Meijin – Person of Midsummer Destruction (Node)
06. Herv – At the Moment of Commitment, the Universe Conspires to Assit You (Cock Rock Disco)
07. Shitmat – Dread Meat (Wrong Music)
08. FFF – Sensation (Murder Channel)
09. Axewound – What’s Wrong Dub ft. YT (Amental)
10. FFF – The Power (Murder Channel)
11. Carl Brown – Jungle Lord (Amental)
12. Dr…um – Get The Fuck Up (Amental)
13. Candlestickmaker – 107049
14. FFF – Own [Newk remix] (Murder Channel)
15. Ruby My Dear – Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
16. Herv – A Hare’s Rush (Cock Rock Disco)
17. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
18. Gizmode – 6000000 Waye to Dye Corduroy (Marionette)
19. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
20. Graz – Huffing Gasoline ft. The H8rs (Fukdup / Reactionary)
21. Venetian Snares – Ultraviolent Junglist (Timesig)
22. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
23. Dev/Null – Zombie Sunset (Cock Rock Disco)
24. Ruby My Dear – So What (Peace Off)
25. Ruby My Dear – Fire Bumbaka (Peace Off)
26. Carl Brown – tesco Value Gabba II

If you are interested in doing a Core News Session or know someone who might want some extra exposure please use the contact form to get in touch. Follow Core News on Facebook and Twitter.

Core News Sessions #7 – DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records [Hotfile download]

ImageKeTa07 : The Neverending Party

TK07 and Ketacore Records present a lineup of artists that also played at “The Neverending Party” bunker at Q-base in Germany last summer:

♥ – FFF – [planet mu]
♥ – RIOTEER – [crack beats]
♥ – CAPSLOCK – [ketacore]
♥ – BART HARD – [n.y.m.n.y.r.]
♥ – CHAOSMAKER – [chaosmaker]
♥ – BARON STAALHARD – [ketacore]
♥ – ERNHEMS MANNENCORE – [a.k.a. joyo & mendeaz – tk07]

♫ breakcore ♫ tekno ♫ rave ♫ industrial ♫ noise ♫ etc ♫

Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam
Damage : 5 Euro
Times : 22.00-04.00

In recent years intollerant elements have infiltrated the terror scene in Holland. It recently has come to a point where some foreign speedcore acts have even decided not to play in Holland anymore because of the current status of the scene. We are tired of intollerant behaviour, agression and blatant stupidity taking over the scene in Holland. We’re here to change that. Reclaim the floor send Helga to Rehab!


line-up for november 6th at 013 Batcave, Tilburg:

Nihil Fist (Less Than Zero, Praxis)
Sacred Forces (Sacred Underground Productions)
Mental Destruction (Ultra.BrainDance)
Rioteer (Crack Beats)
Bart Hard (Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot)
Vague_Entity (Braindestruction Recordz)
Plagiaat VJ’s

start: 22.00h end: 04.00h

damage: 5 eurodollars

as found on :

Influences and Development Breakcore as a genre developed from elements of many different styles of music beginning around the mid 1990s. Simultaneously, it began to evolve out of a boredom with stagnant forms of more traditional techno and rave music as well as an evolution within noise and sound art. A need for faster BPM’s as well as a more anti-authoritarian sound also pushed the various sub-genres to more extreme states. At this point pre-breakcore came from London, Berlin and Newcastle, Australia (home of Bloody Fist Records). Early influential artists include Alec Empire, DJ Scud, Panacea, Christoph Fringeli, Nasenbluten, and more. According to Simon Reynolds in the New York Times [1] breakcore is “Purveyed by artists like DJ/Rupture and Teamshadetek, the music combines rumbling basslines, fidgety beats and grainy ragga vocals to create a home-listening surrogate for the bashment vibe of a Jamaican sound system party. Others within the breakcore genre, like Knifehandchop, Kid 606 and Soundmurderer, hark back to rave’s own early days, their music evoking the rowdy fervor of a time when huge crowds flailed their limbs to a barrage of abstract noise and convulsive rhythm. It’s a poignant aural mirage of a time when techno music was made for the popular vanguard rather than a connoisseurial elite, as it is today.” [edit] Ambush Records At the same time London’s DJ Scud co-founded Ambush Records with fellow producer Aphasic which focused on more extreme noise-oriented hardcore Drum and bass. Some artist to have released on Ambush have been Christoph Fringeli, Slepcy, Panacea, and Noize Creator all of which are still productive and active in the scene today. [edit] Bloody Fist Records At the same time, the now defunct label, Bloody Fist Records based in Newcastle, Australia released many records of hardcore/gabber, industrial, and noise. Artists signed to Bloody Fist in its lifetime include Syndicate, Xylocaine, Epsilon, and Nasenbluten. [edit] Breakcore Becomes A Genre As the early days of “hardcore techno” or just “hardcore” began to settle in Europe, Breakcore as a genre began to take more concrete forms in other parts of the world. Inspired by the seminal labels above (among others) new labels such as Addict Records from Milwaukee, USA, Peace Off Record from Rennes, France and Planet Mu from London began to take a new shape, adding in more elements of mashup and IDM to the hardcore sounds. Each of these labels began to draw in aspects of their own social and aesthetic scenes into their music thus allowing for an even broader definition of what was possible in the music while at the same time also confirming certain elements of style to unite the music. Matt Earp describes his impressions of early breakcore as “a high-bpm mash-up of hyperkinetic, post-jungle breaks, feedback, noise, and Jamaican elements paired with a devil-may-care attitude towards sampling that pulls from the broadest musical spectrum of styles (hip-hop, rock, industrial, pop, and beyond).” [2] One of the most controversial issues in Breakcore is that of the mere existence of the genre. Because it pulls liberally from other musical genres, there isn’t a consensus on what is and what isn’t Breakcore, or even over the usefulness of the term itself. Because of the fragmentation, the Breakcore scene isn’t centered in any one geographical location, but is rather scattered into disparate groups. Perhaps the one place where Breakcore’s “voice” can be heard is virtually, through the internet and various online forums, such as those at C8. [edit] The Amen Break While Breakcore is definitely not only organized around the cutting and distortion of the Amen Break, it is a key to defining the genre. The amen break in Breakcore is primarily used at high-speeds and edited to produce jarring effects when distorted and layered in combination with almost any sound. This particular drum-break sound characterizes many breakcore songs and is still used as a key factor to define the sound. This is in line with breakcore’s tendency to create a post-modern parody of Drum and Bass clichés – many of the sounds heard in breakcore are very “classic” jungle samples. [edit] Distribution Among the many types of music now being spread online, perhaps Breakcore is the most fascinating to observe in regard to its online diffusion. Since the genre as a whole still is developing and growing rapidly, the music itself is largely downloaded via peer-to-peer networks, and discussed on internet forums. Its many producers now find the samples they create the music from online, as well as use illegally downloaded software to create the music[citation needed]. Whereas the early days of Breakcore were based in select urban cities, the genre now has no geographical center. The music itself tends to reflect this multiplicity of media diffusion itself (as already mentioned) by incorporating so many different forms of music all hacked together to form breakcore. It remains a relatively small genre, but compared to its size prior to the 1990s web boom, it continues to grow substantially. [edit] Developments In the Genre Breakcore has recently been changing and branching. Many newer breakcore artists focus on melodic progressions and complex drum programming while other ‘classic’ breakcore artists still focus on distorted hardcore breakbeats and dark-edged musical influences (such as heavy metal, and industrial). A third group of artists work has developed closer to Drum and Bass, and focuses more on hardcore drum and bass sounds. A fourth group takes yet another direction towards mash-up, happy hardcore and rave to make a lighter, more humorous sound.