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Here’s a collection of some nice flyers from the very past

Sorry for the partyflock logos, but there’s where the original ones are hosted (and you can see them on the website without logo)

Nordcore · Brauchst du hart? Nein? Kriegst du trotzdem!

The tour through nowhere


Hardcore Revolution II


Hellbound · Summer Hardcore Swimmingpool Madness

Hellraver III · M*A*S*H Tour ’95

Nordcore · Welcome To Planet Hartcore!





Hellraiser · Intensive care

Inferno · Back In Town

Dance to Venus · The ultimate f.t. dance-party

Ruff Carnage · Part 1

Hellbound · Hard as Hell

Rebirth VI · The Devils Dream



Hellbound · Hard as Hell

Devils Dream · part 1

Trashdance · The Brutal Chud Label Party

Hellraver · The Final

Hellbound · Hard as Hell

Digital Overdose

Club Massive

Music For A Slaughtering Tribe

Hellraiser · Bloodline

Rave the City




Digital Overdose

Gabba Nation · Hakk In Peace

Bunker One · cd release party

Terrorhall · Hakk In Peace!



Bloody Fist · tour ’96

Nordcore · Merry Tekkno + Santa Hartcore

Digital Overdose

Harder than God · 20.000.000 BPM in your fucking face

Terrordrome IX · Releaseparty

Gun Control For The Masses

Ultra Core · II

Nordcore · This Is Old Skool

Strictly Underground

Operation Nordcore

Powerstation Kotzaak · The Ultimate Hardcore Event

BangBang3! · Slick But Not Streamlined

Psycho War

Tides Of Darkness


Hellsound · The paradise of pain

Terror Frequencies

Wenn wir hart bleiben, kommen wir durch · Save the vinyl, save the underground, save yourself!

Tides Of Darkness II

Lady Die-Remember Party

Synthetic War

Destroy Deutschland

Klangkrieg · The Raw Cut

Hardcore Heroes

Thunderdome · Global Hardcore Nation

The Labyrinth “Versus”

The Future Crusade · Activate Your Hardcore

Nosebleed · The Hardest In Techno

Hardcore Guardians

Fortress Of Fear

Hardest Underground

Operation Nordcore II · Merry Tekkno & Santa Hartcore

Megarave 98

thanks to the original uploaders!

DJ Tron wass found dead in his studio thursday night..

For those who dont know, Dj Tron was one of the pioneers of the US Hardcore scene.
Besides his productions he has made some groundbreaking mixes where old dark industrial, acidtechno, hardcore gabba, noise and speedcore got mixed together into new styles.

DJ Tron was also known as Cannibal DJ

DJ Tron had releases on labels like Blood ‘n’ Guts, Brutal Chud, Digitalhut Sounds, Head Fuck, Pure Acid Mixtapes, Strike Records, Symbotic Love Recordings and  UHF. See also

RIP Jeff Belser

From Tron’s Roommate Sean:

“DJ Tron was my best friend, mentor, brother and room mate. At 1:30 a.m. July 4th, 2008 Jeff was found in my studio completely unresponsive. At that time peramedics were called and I attempted to perform CPR but was unsuccessful. At 2:15 a.m. the hospital prenounced his death. I’ve been in close contatact several times a day with his mother “Momma Tron” and she stated that after the police performed a thorough investigation of the living premisis, and DuPage county coroners office performed a preliminary medical examination, his sudden death has been determined accidental. As with all accidential deaths the coroners final report will be avalible in 8 to 10 weeks. They do not anticipate any other findings. These rumors of overdose are hurtful to his family and friends closest to him and should be stopped immediately per Momma Tron.”

R.I.P. DJ Tron.