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[Chase 055] SiJ : “Crystal Oscillator”

SiJ is a mainly Industrial / Ambient / Dark Ambient project created in 2011 by Vladislav Sikach from Ukraine. This “Crystal Oscillator” EP contains 7 tracks and showcases a multiple faces electronic beast, started from a downtempo, and almost relaxing, “industrialish“ piece with “Crystal” (feat. Particula) but then evolving to more hostile and harsh territories with “Crystal Oscillator” and its 4 remixes. Those 5 pieces explore a really versatile sound universe, flirt with noisy Hardcore for some of them and then come back to more experimental soundscapes, but always keeping this Industrial mood. Then the EP ends with a nice dark remix of “Attention”, another industrial smasher! Enjoy!

[Chase 055] SiJ : “Crystal Oscillator” [MP3 320 kbps – Incl. Artwork]
[Chase 055] SiJ : “Crystal Oscillator” [Flac – Incl. Artwork]

Mirror links :
Sonic Squirrel : … ator/17115
Bandcamp :
Mininova (Torrent) :
Release page :

SiJ (Ukraine) :

Chase Records is looking for new demos now! Send me your Hardcore, Breakcore, DNB, Industrial, Ambient, Dark Ambient, IDM, Acidcore, Speedcore, Crossbreed, Experimental, Flashcore, Whatever Hard Electronics demos at chaserecords[at] … 0516573180

[ChaseMix 12] – DJ Rioteer – Mix At Clash Of The Titans I, Berlin (20-12-2003)

For this 12th set on Chase Records, I’m happy to offer those 33 minutes of pure Breakcore / Digital Hardcore madness mixed by DJ Rioteer, from Tilburg, The Netherlands.

This DJ-Set was recorded back in 2003, at the Clash Of The Titans Party 1 in Berlin and gathers a great mixture of hard electronic and alternative stuff. No compromise here, expect raw Hardcore, noisy Breakcore, speedbreaks and other deconstructed hard beats in this highly energetic DJ-Mix.
01 – Slam : Untitled [L’Art De La Guerre]
02 – Low Entropy : Retaliation [Widerstand Records]
03 – Inushini : Credo [Ohm 52]
04 – Dead Kennedys : Saturday Night Holocaust [Alternative Tentacles]
05 – Brain Bombs : It’s A Burning Hell (Alec Empire Remix) [Load Records]
06 – DJ 6666 feat. The Illegals : Steel Cum (Cause I’m Rough) [Digital Hardcore Recordings]
07 – Ventriloquist Snakes : The Most Sadistic [Planet Mu]
08 – I:gor : Depresja [Russian Roulette Recordings]
09 – Rotator : Enemy… [Damage]
10 – FFF & Dionysos : Freedom Pimping (FFF Mix) [Hong Kong Violence]
11 – Al Corrupt : Theme [System Corrupt]
Download Links :
[ChaseMix 12] – DJ Rioteer – Mix At Clash Of The Titans I [incl. Tracklist +Party pics]

Mirror links :
Mininova ( Torrent) :
Listen on Mixcloud : … 20-12-2003

DJ Rioteer :

Chase Records … 0516573180


Chase 050 Compilation – Call for demos submission

In order to celebrate 7 years of dedication to free hard and dark electronic music and the 50th output of Chase Records Netlabel main catalogue I’m planning to release another compilation (such as Chase 020 and Chase 040).

Demo submission for this compilation is now open to everybody interested in and making hard / dark / experimental / non commercial electronic music. No matter if you are totally unknown or already well established in the scene, I’m only interested in music’s soul and quality. If I like what comes through my speakers I will offer your track a slot in this new compilation.

You can now send me your 320 kbps MP3 demo in the following styles or substyles (in no particular order, I like them all!) : Hardcore, Breakcore, Speedcore, Hard Drum’n’bass, Darkstep, Ambient, Dark Ambient, IDM, Flashcore, Industrial, Dark Dubstep, Techno, Hard Techno, Dark Jungle, Doomcore, Acidcore, Experimental, Drill’n’bass, Glitch, Abstract Hip-Hop, Drumfunk, Electronica.

Yes this is a long list! But I want this compilation to sound really versatile and open minded.

This compilation will be titled : “Lost in the Woods”. Maybe this will inspire you to create your track or choose the one you wanna submit. I guess I expect dark, intriguing, frightening and intense music but, hey, let’s see what you will send!

Here are the rules :
– Compilation will be available for free download, as usual on Chase Records, in 320kbps MP3 and Flac.
– This will be released under Creative Commons license.
– Track duration : between 2 and 8 minutes long
– 100% homemade stuff only: No stolen samples from other underground artists, no illegal commercial remixes.
– Track must be new or unreleased.
– You can submit more than 1 track but please do not exceed 3 tracks.
– Demo submission is open NOW! Deadline for sending your demo is set to June 1st.
– Selected tracks and artists will be revealed after this deadline.
– Please do not send unfinished, un-mastered demos.
– If everything works well the compilation should be out before the end of June.

I’m also looking for visual artists / photographers to create a great artwork inspired by this “Lost in the woods” title. If you are interested or know someone who may be, please get in touch, we can talk about it.

Please send your demo at : chaserecords[at]

I really hope this project will catch your interest and I’m waiting for your demos! Thank you for reading.

Chase Records Netlabel … 0516573180
e-mail : chaserecords[at]

[Chase 047] Michael T. Roper : “Interpersonal Dilemma”

Michael T. Roper’s “Interpersonal Dilemma” consists in 9 pieces of deep electronic music where melancholic arrangements and calm melodies surround IDM constructions, Glitch, Breaks and deconstructed Beats and clicks.

Those sophisticated rhythmics and soulful atmospheres asked Michael hours and hours of hard work in front of his programming tools. The result is incredibly rich and definitely requests headphones listening to catch every variations and nuances of the tracks.

Due to technical reasons we are unable to provide high bitrate (320 kbps) tracks for this new release. We apologize for that. But the whole album is so enchanting that I thought it deserves to be released anyway. So I sincerely hope you won’t blame us for the low bitrate and enjoy this really well produced music. Thanks for your interest!

Tracklist :

01 – Sleep In 2.3 (3:04)
02 – Everything BelgraveJAM (3:44)
03 – 121208 (4:51)
04 – 1129 (2:16)
05 – 221108 (2:29)
06 – We2 (4:04)
07 – 261208 (4:41)
08 – 120Days (3:20)
09 – 848 (4:14)

Download link :
[Chase 047] Michael T. Roper : “Interpersonal Dilemma”
[MP3 128 kbps] …

Mirror links :
Sonic Squirrel : … +Int/14424
Mininova (Torrent) :

Links :
Michael T. Roper :

Chase Records … 0516573180

album name

Into Digital Oblivion

band name

by Nano.strike

Into Digital Oblivion Cover Art

Ironscape 05:00
This release contains a collection of tracks which Nano.strike contributed to (online) musiclabels. At each single track there’s information included about the release.
released 28 November 2011
Chase Records, Smack Rec, Ketacore,

[Chase HS06] The Industrialism : “Inconsequential Hallucinations”

Throughout these 23 tracks, the listener is invited to a deep introspection into
The Industrialism’s mind and feelings. Using various softwares and plugins blended with real instruments, The Industrialism
combines sharp breakcore constructions with soulful and melancholic melodies, inspired by sad events he had to suffer these last years
in his personnal life. This “Inconsequential Hallucinations” album may sound surprising compared to the previous Chase Records releases
but it was so incredibly beautiful and touching that I thought it deserves to be released and broadcasted to a largest audience.

If you like what comes through your speakers, please feel free to share this music around you!

Release under Creative Commons Licence.

Download links
Chase HS06 – The Industrialism : “Inconsequential Hallucinations” [MP3 320 kbps – Full Album Zipfile, incl. Artwork]

Chase HS06 – The Industrialism : “Inconsequential Hallucinations” [Flac – Full Album Zipfile, incl. Artwork]: … HS06FL.rar

Mirror links :
Sonic Squirrel : … ons/13880/
Mininova (Torrent) :

Links :
The Industrialism (Brazil) :

Chase Records … 0516573180

Still hot and available for free download :
Chase 045 by BreakTrailz – 7 Tracks : Dubstep, Breakbeat, Breaks, Ambient.
Chase HS05 by Data Shit – 6 Tracks : Hardcore, Breakcore, Terror.
Chase 044 by System Error – 2 Tracks : Drum’n’bass, Neurofunk, Techstep.
Chase Records Website
Chase Records Myspace

[Chase 044] System Error : “Blowfish – Cyberworld”

Hailing from Ukraine, System Error is a young and yet talented Drum’n’bass producer who started his career in 2008. For Chase 044, he delivers two serious heavy Drum’n’bass tunes, influenced by Neurofunk stuff and the Techstep / Techno DNB as well. This release results in two well produced head banging tracks, with round basses and sharp programming, available for free download in 320 kbps MP3 and Flac. Killer!

Tracklist :

01 – Blowfish (5 :29)
02 – Cyberworld (5 :18)

Release under Creative Commons Licence.

As usual, this EP can be downloaded for free by following the download links below

Chase 044 – System Error : “Blowfish – Cyberworld” [MP3 320 kbps – Full Album Zipfile, incl. Artwork] …

Chase 044 – System Error : “Blowfish – Cyberworld” [Flac – Full Album Zipfile, incl. Artwork]: …

Mirror links :
Sonic Squirrel :
Mininova (Torrent) :

This release is also available :
Last FM

Links :
System Error (Ukraine) :

Chase 044 release page :
Chase 044 on :
Chase 044 on Discogs :

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Chase Records Website
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Still hot and available for free download :
Chase 043 by Kol9remesez vs. Monkey Fuck Sweet Pussy – 6 Tracks : Ambient, Abstract, IDM, Experimental, Jazz.
Chase 042 by GroNaZz – 11 Tracks : Experimental, Ambient, Drone, Noise, Tribal.
Chase 041 by Lgor – 8 Tracks : Dubstep, Breakcore, IDM, Industrial, Techno, Ambient.
Chase 040 – V/A – Desolation – Electronic Compilation – 30 tracks : Ambient, Dark Ambient, IDM, Industrial, Dubstep, Drum’n’bass, Breakcore, Hardcore, Techno, Experimental, …
Chase Mix 10 by AK47_BudBurnerZ – 69 minutes of Industrial Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Breakcore and Terror (hosted on MediaFire).
Chase 039 by Etiket Zero – 4 Tracks : Hip-Hop, Breaks, Industrial, Ambient.
Chase HS04 by Mental D-Struction – 7 Tracks : Dark Speedcore, Breakcore, Terror.


Various Artists – Desolation [Electronic Compilation]

For this very special 40th release on Chase Records, celebrating 6 years of dedication to free hard electronic music, several producers have been asked to create / send a track based on the theme of “Desolation”.

No styles restriction were given and each artist in the following tracklist could send everything between deep Ambient and Speedcore that defines, in sound terms, the feeling of desolation.

The result of this conceptual release consists in 30 incredible beautiful tracks, gathered in 3 free downloadable virtual CD’s, covering a wide range of emotions and feelings attached to desolation. That compilation was then divided into 6 parts that could represent the steps of a desolating situation

This compilation means a lot for me and for Chase Records net label and I sincerely hope people will enjoy it as much as I did when I collect those incredible tracks representing every kind of dark or hard electronic music.

Please download and share this compilation everywhere! Plug your headphones, close your eyes and enjoy the trip through desolation!

Download Chase 040 (incl. 320kbps MP3 and Flac files) : 320 Kbps MP3Flac


CD1 :
PART 1 : Calm Before The Storm [Ambient – Dark Ambient – IDM – Dubstep – Industrial]
01 – Larsp : Ritournelle
02 – Bunk Data : Granite Shelves
03 – Somtek : Desolation
04 – Babylon Disco : Manwise
05 – Nano.strike : Humanity At Random

PART 2 : Early Warning Signs [Drumfunk – Dubstep – Industrial – Slow Breaks – Techno]
06 – Nic TVG : Some Persons Change
07 – CrepusculaR : Sterile Certainty
08 – Syndrôm : De La Stychnine Pour Taire Sa Désolation
09 – Capslock : Omnicide
10 – Seahorse Drivers : Die Letzte Linie Fiel Im Morgengrauen

CD2 :
PART 3 : The Tempest [Darkstep – Drum’n’bass – Hardcore – Breakcore]
01 – Arkon : Devouring Of The Insects
02 – Hyena : Papa Damballah
03 – The Acolyte : Apartment 49
04 – Arrhythmia : We Have Forgotten
05 – Dead By Silence : This Place Is Evil

PART 4 : Destruction [Industrial – Hardcore – Breakcore – Terror]
06 – Edgeist : Wreck
07 – Mental D-struction : Disturbed, Distressed, Distorted
08 – CEP2plet : The Sanctuary Of Memories
09 – letoprocess : Dead Bastard
10 – Tale twist : Fighting To Get Out

CD3 :
PART 5 : Wastelands [Ambient – Dark Ambient – Drone – IDM]
01 – Syndemic : Windchild
02 – Synaptic Necropolis : Glacial Asylum
03 – Druid Moss : Frozen Tears
04 – Tzii – To Infinity AnD Beyond
05 – Paradeigma : Exerpts Destroyed Nights

PART 6 : A New World [Ambient – IDM – Industrial – Glitch – Abstract Hip-Hop]
06 – Buben : Sounds Of Night Garden
07 – FluiD : Angels
08 – Hypnozyl : Entrophin
09 – Nick R 61 : Emigrant
10 – WSicko : Somewhere Else


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