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The Haunting Past of Christoph de Babalon, Vol. I cover art


Ten tracks from the vaults before the masters perish. This collection of classic works includes some of the very earliest material that Christoph de Babalon ever recorded. A few tracks date as far back as 1993 and take us straight into his teenage years of German angst, rolled down blinds and Amiga computers. This was years before his work on Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) and even before John Peel had heard of him and played Christoph’s truly isolationist music to a worldwide audience.

Some tracks and versions have never been released. Others are rare compilation tracks and sold out goods. If you are missing your favourite track from some particular 1990s demotape, please keep in mind that this is only the first release in the series.
‘The Haunting Past of Christoph de Babalon, Vol. I’ is now available on Bandcamp and will be on iTunes and Spotify starting September 22nd, 2014.

Get it here:


Meet Fate (1993)
Delinquent Dreams (1996)
Blue Hours (1996)
Realistic Riot Ritual Routine (1994)
Death By Hanging (1995)
I Will Go Through (1993)
Dark Forces (1995)
Trauerspiel (1997)
Sargzimmern (1996)
Endpoint (Reach Out) (1999)

Mastered by Rashad Becker
Cover design by Hans Löffler
Cover photo by Helen Groumas


Single Cover




available at:
Boomkat, Zero Inch, Bleep, iTunes, Juno Download, Amazon etc.

listen to the record at:




Christoph de Babalon – Traumspiel



Christoph de Babalon – Traumspiel

Longtime Tigerbeat6 brother Christoph de Babalon (he appeared on our first AND third release over a decade ago!!) graces us with this haunting single from his upcoming album on TB6, “A Bond with Sorrow”.

CDB is a peerless musician able to effortlessly combine the high art worlds of his sound installations, dance and film soundtracks, with the low end dark realms of his more sinister work on labels like Alec Empire’s Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR), Fat cat, Zhark, Lowres and his own [CFET]. It’s no question why he has been championed by tastemakers as diverse as John Peel, Thom Yorke, and Alec Empire.

The title track “Traumspiel” opens like a classic Dario Argento soundtrack with spine tingling strings and a romantic arpeggiating bass line. Things seem almost peaceful until the drop of the timeless shuffling Jungle breakbeats CDB has made a signature part of his sound. “Hell’s Harps” is a dark juxtaposition of chaotic live instrumentation and discordant drum programming like a soundclash between Sonic Youth and Aphex Twin at their scariest. “Black Moon Rising” is am ominous percussive meditation on tension and release which rewards the listener with a powerful sonic resolution.

The cover artwork just as on Christoph’s previous releases “Scylla & Charybdis” and “A World of My Own” is by British visual artist Ian Liddle.

1997 If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It LP/CD, Digital Hardcore Recordings
1999 The Peel Sessions Live, Royal Festival Hall, London
2000 Split EP with Kid606 12” Vinyl, Fat Cat
2001 Untitled with Hanayo for ‘Mutations’ group exhibition in Tokyo,
curated by Rem Kolhaas
2001 Opened for Radiohead on Southern european tour.
2005 Atomkrieg sound installation for group exhibition at Kunsthaus Dresden
2008 ‘Scylla & Charybdis’ LP, Cross Fade Enter Tainment [CFET]
2010 Film Score for ‘Sun in the Mist’ by Werner Schumann

-two older futurecore mixes by dj high society…
taken from the hamburg hardcore radio…

Futurecore Mix Part 1

Futurecore Mix Part 2


High Society – Future Core Mix Part 1

Somatic Responses – Sickwave
Society Of Unknowns – Dead By Dawn
Frozen – Out Of The Light
Rat of Doom – Untitled (Test 5)
Somatic Responses – Passage
Low Entropy – N-dustrial
Hall – Huge Mix
Low Entropy – Cyberspace
Low Entropy – Symphony of Creative Destruction
Low Entropy – Desire
Current 909 – Hospitalism
Frozen & Dr Macabre – Dimension Of The Doomed
Lunatic Asylum – Near the Core
Somatic Responses – Freezing Point
Low Entropy – Trashed
Frozen – The Forest
Lory D – Lochnar
Lory D – Effetto M

High Society – Future Core Mix Part 2

Supernal – Liberty And Justice For Us
E-de Cologne – Excalibur
Christoph De Babalon – Pleased With Being Alive
Christoph De Babalon – Residuum
Somatic Responses – Vaster
Christoph De Babalon – Nameless #2
Low Entropy – I Am God
Low Entropy – The Truth
Noface – Love Or Kill
Test Tube Kid – Private Eyes
Senical – Blized
Taciturne – Phenprocoumon
Cyberchrist – Information Revolution Part 2
Taciturne – Haematopan F
Demoiselle Douce Innocence – Untitled (Anticore 3)
Taciturne – Mourning
Eradicator – Used against Us
Mouse – Vlad
Eradicator – Worringen
Mouse – Shift
Low Entropy – Crystalline

-an old acidcore set by Low Entropy… link

some other old livesets by Low Entropy are also online now…
low entropy @
low entropy @ ms stubnitz
low entropy @ den haag part 1
low entropy @ den haag part 2
low entropy @ all-out demolition! III part 1
low entropy @ all-out demolition! III part 2
low entropy @ hamburg hardcore radio part 1
low entropy @ hamburg hardcore radio part 2

just found a download link to some old mixtape by Novokain (Troops Of Doom)

info from the old Troops of Doom website:

Simply put, if Satan was a DJ, this would be his mixtape. This tape is by far the best mixtape ever to have graced my ears. True speedkore and deathkore here. The mixing here is dead on, with tons of scratching, and great track selection. Last 15 minutes of side 2 are Bezerker tracks. Get this tape and see what the shoddy L.A. promoters are missing out on. New J-card design cause we feel like it. Do not be fooled by imposters!!!

Thanks to the original uploader & the original Necromancer recodings label! great stuff from the late ’90’s, if anyone can help me find the other tapes would be amazing! 


old interview as found on Troops of Doom:

Novokain – the best DJ that LA’s never heard of. Representing the GSM and Troops of Doom, Novokain is as hard as they get. Both on the decks and in producing his own tracks, Novokain’s style is a hard pounding bassline littered throughout with distorted guitars, death metal vocals, and just the right amount of evil samples. Oh, and fast as fuck, too!!! Anyone who has listened to any of Novokain’s tapes be it Gorefest Stench, Hardcore Militia, Shit-Fuck, or Lion’s Den 3 can’t argue that Novokain fucks it up on the decks.

“I first started spinning three and a half years ago at my friend DJ Ellament’s house, since he was the first person I knew who had tables.” said Novokain when asked when he first started spinning. Even when first starting out, Novokain would try and get his hands on anything that sounded extreme. Novokain elaborates more on the subject… “I started off spinning Rotterdam stuff, since that’s all the record shops would stock, but I would always try to find harder stuff. More noize, more terror… more ‘Umph’!!!”

Every DJ or producer has their share of influences, and Novokain is no exception. On the DJ influence, R.A.W., DJ Efex, Baseck, Mark N, and DJ Ellament all get high marks from Novokain. For producers, “Well, there’s a shitload. For startes, all the Fisters, especially Netas, Memetic, and Syndicate.”. He goes on to name other producers like Jack Lucifer, Eiterherd, Somatic Responses, “The man” Lasse Steen, Acid Enema, Christoph De Babalon, Newskin, and others that he can’t remember right off the top of his head.

When asked about how Novokain felt on the sudden Dutch and Rotterdam trend, Novokain stated “I don’t remember it getting the fuck out! Rotterdam WAS good ya know.”

What does Novokain see for the future of the Gabber/Speedkore Militia, the Troops of Doom, and the Southern California gabber producers that keep popping up more and more by the day? “I see a little scene within us… this is OUR scene. We the makers ‘make’ the scene, and it’ll keep getting bigger and better. More labels will pop up hopefully.”

(c) 1999 Troops Of Doom … eternal respect to you guys!

Christoph de Babalon – A World Of My Own.

Click = Original Click = Original

RestRoom 12015
to be released in 12/2010
Artwork Ian Liddle
Sleeve design Eva Kern
Frequencies lifted by
get it soon (hopefully mid of december)
on vinyl:
as mp3:
as mp3 and wav:
The digital release will take place when the records will be available.

CHRISTOPH DE BABALON ( is known for tripping beats, dark wide spaces and eternal melancholy.
He released his first record in 1994 on Hamburg’s cult-label Fischkopf. Right after his debut he began working with ALEC EMPIRE’s Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) where he, besides a couple of other records released his most important work: the legendary album ‘If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It’.
Also THOM YORKE of Radiohead is a big fan of Christoph de Babalon’s music and invited him on a tour through southern europe in 2001.
As co-founder of the music label Cross Fade Enter Tainment [CFET] he has been putting out records by influential electronic hardcore producers such as Somatic Responses, DJ Scud, Zbigniew Karkowski and Merzbow (to name but a few) since 1994.
In order to learn more effective production techniques and gather new experience, he began working on music for theatre productions, dance performances and film. In June 2008 he hooked up with Radiohead again to play the “Daydream” Festival in Barcelona and introduce ,,Scylla & Charybdis” (released in 2008 on CFET) to the public for the first time. It was a sunny day – but the sky turned dark during Christoph’s set. (Text adapted from Christophs Soundcloud profile.)

RestRoomRecords is a fan of Christoph’s music since 1996 and very proud to present his new work. Thank you for this!

For previews of all tracks you can listen to a 10 minutes promomix of this record which you find on the releases page ( on our new restroom site You are invited to leave a comment!
Furthermore you find this promomix at our Soundcloud profile ( and of course on Myspace (

01 – Golden Halo
02 – Calls Of The Drowned
03 – Overhead

01 – Massacure
02 – China Death
03 – The Long Goodbye

Please help us and spread the word. Thank you for supporting us!

Kind regards
stef from RRR

Elevate Festival 2010

From October 21st to 26th, Graz’s Elevate Festival once again stimulates new ways of thinking and listening through an extraordinary combination of electronic music, art and political discourse. Elevate highlights the role and importance of social movements as well as progressive initiatives in civil society and the importance of generating positive change in our society as a whole. At the same time, Elevate presents many live acts that offer fascinating odysseys into innovative worlds of sound far off the beaten path.

Elevate Civil Society – Discourse and Film Programme

Change! Mobilize! Communicate! These three catchwords highlight the practice-oriented approach of this year’s discourse programme. Together with international stars like Mike Bonanno of the YES MEN and representatives of some of the world’s largest grassroots environmental organisations, such as Nnimmo Bassey of Friends of the Earth International and Bill Mc Kibben of, Elevate aims to raise both awareness and motivation for personal and collective action. That means no more standing around and watching, but coming together to develop strategies for combating the climate crisis, social inequality and the economic crisis. Renowned experts and activists from Austria and abroad will discuss the importance and the possibilities of personal involvement, citizens’ initiatives and social movements from both global and local perspectives. The accompanying documentary film programme will further the discourse and includes the Austrian premiere of „Cultures of Resistance“ (USA/2010).

Music On The Edge

Presenting an eclectic array of styles, the performing artists at the festival have one thing in common: the courage to break away from conventions and expressing their creative work in their own voice, beyond the mainstream. That being said, Elevate offers a musical journey away from well-known Best-Of-Sets, challenging both artists and audiences alike. Newcomers like Mount Kimbie, Hudson Mohawke and Joy Orbison perform alongside established stars like Robert Hood, Terre Thaemlitz and Merzbow. In selecting the acts, the focus was set on innovation and the willingness to look beyond one’s own backyard. Artistic horizons can be explored, shared and expanded not only at live-shows but also at workshops on music production, online radio and visual art, as well as at the scheduled discussion on music journalism.

Innovations at the Elevate Festival 2010

The new Elevate Mediachannel, a five-day media experiment, will broadcast content online 24 hours a day, airing numerous live discussions, lectures and performances as well as music videos and documentary films. As in previous years, the Vienna-based will feature selected events live on Austrian cable television.

Another innovation in the festival’s artistic programme is a collaboration with the Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, which will provide a three days special music & literature presentation. Artists from both genres will perform together creating a space for exciting experiments.

Speakers and Panelists:

Mike Bonanno of the Yes Men (US), Nnimmo Bassey (NG), Iara Lee (BR), Bill McKibben (US), Anjali Kamat (IN), Rob Hopkins (UK), Wenonah Hauter (US) Béatrice Achaleke (AT), Kathrin Hartmann (DE), Hans Zeger (AT), Tadzio Müller (DE), Frederick Baker (UK), Robert Foltin (AT), Klaus Schönberger (DE), Ove Sutter (AT), Irmi Salzer (AT), Franziskus Forster (AT), Clemens Apprich (AT), Gerald Bäck (AT), Wolfang Rehm (AT), Rahel Sophia Süß (AT), & many more

Documentary Films:

Cultures of Resistance (US) In Transition (UK) Widerstand in Haiderland (AT) Die vierte Revolution – Energy Autonomy (DE) Big Brother Awards (AT)

Music Programme:

Actress (UK), Altered Natives (UK), Baconhead (UK), Chris Corsano (UK), Christoph De Babalon (DE), Claro Intelecto (UK), DeadFader (UK), DJ Spinn (US), Elektro Guzzi (AT), Emeralds (US), Fritz Ostermayer (AT) w/ Felix Kubin (DE), Giles Smith (UK), Girl Unit (UK), Hudson Mohawke (UK), Jamie xx (UK), Joy Orbison (UK), Merzbow/Pandi (JP/HU), Mount Kimbie (UK), Chrissy Murderbot (US), Oneohtrix Point Never (US), Over at the Stars (AT), Piece of Shh (RS), Project MOE (HR), Pursuit Grooves (US), Robert Hood (US), Rotator (FR), Sandwell District (UK), Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles (US), Tweakers (AT), Walls (UK), WoO (RS), Yoko Tawada (JP) w/ Nik Bärtsch (CH), + many more

Click = Original

Datacide and Cagliostro Present:
Datacide Soliparty

*Christoph de Babalon (CFET)

*Amboss (Sub/Version)

*LFO Demonoid Ulthar (Sprengstoff)

*El Gusano Rojo (Hijos de Puta)

*Anna Bolena (Idroscalo Digitale)

*Manecante (Noise in Wonderland)

*Christoph Fringeli (Praxis, Datacide)

*LT (Calgiostro)

* Sansculotte (Visuals, Clash of the Titans)

Breakcore – Noize – Hard DnB – Experimental

@ Knochenbox
Boxhagenerstr. 99 10245 Berlin F’hain
Start: 23h / 4 euros

canibal caniche /
Cannibal Caniche is a collective promoting any kind of free music ! Come and discover through this festival artists from many geographical and musical horizons.

Thursday, Apr.29 @ Raum18

// Room 1 \\
John Makay / math rock
Grand Predateur / post metal war machine
Warsawwarsaw / noise trash manifesto
A.N.T.I. / arbre nuageux terrestre industriel / harsh
Manécante / krashtest / hijos de puta
Lain / ambient-speedcore
LT / cagliostro
Ucture / ambivalence
RYBN / audiovisual noise
Anna Bolena // idroscalo digitale – video installation

// Room 2 \\
Yann Hekate / experimental hiphop – downtempo
Company Fuck / Noise Karaoke
Christoph Fringeli / exp break djset
Monsieur Connard / electronica/exp hiphop
Dasha Rush / downtempo/electronica
Letal Ataraxia / exp downtemp
Kirdec / experimental breaks – field recordings
Bombyx / ambientpostindustrialspeedcore with guitar
Hecate / Yann keller / Ratbag / freaky industrial-break
Akinetik / visuals
KLABO / visuals

Friday, Apr.30 @ Rauchhaus

// Spukkomune \\
Rinus van Alebeek vs Tzii / tapes manipulation
Anton Mobin vs Dincise / free improvisation
Kro de la Bestiole / bugged TV performance
Th-Th / nerdy noises

// Keller \\
Christoph de Babalon / atmospheric dark breakcore
isAAAc / amiga destruction
GVK /industrial break/hiphop
Gouffre d’un pôle à l’autre / dirty harsh noase
Charlie Sensation / coldwave/electronica
Syd / exp djset
Marshall Reptilos / prophetic absynth primitive music
Unas / 8bit grindcore micropunkerotic show
Line Destruction / exp-ambient-noise
Vidio Atak / visuals
mysh3l / visuals
Luca Carrubba aka Husk / visuals

Saturday, May.01 @ Raum18
// Room 1 \\
Paroxysm of Anxiety / ritual darkambient
Niedowierzanie / drone improvisation with doublebass
Planetaldol / Psychotic Dark Ambient
Dawamesk / darkambient
Lifeloop / “Reel Tape Lie Detector”

// Room 2 \\
Electric Kettle / breakcore
Nomex / ritual-noise-break
Psyko-Pal / chiptunes dancefloor
Homologation Korea Nord / industrial
Massicot / noise rock
Mental D-struction / ambient atmospheric speedcore
Sim on Korfunkle / holygabber
Le Matin / oldskool electro
El Gusano Rojo / exp-noise
Julien Millot / i burn my hairs performance
D-Phaz / visuals
Brilliant Beast / visuals

Sunday, May.02 @ Loophole (After Party)

Dasha Rush / downtempo/electronica
Cancelled / Vapours Lo-Fi
Brian / experimental/electronica/surf
h. / glinglitch
GB aka Gateaux Blaster / ritual Lo-Fi
Anita / merrygoroundandround
onefuckone / apocryphowl
BadTripInc. / gentlemen’s disagreement
t.i.A [://mnmldiskotek]


Speech about free music by christoph fringeli and tzii

Presentation of Qeve (open source video software designed in pure data) by Luca Carrubba aka Husk estereotips collective @ Rauchhaus (17h > 19h)

D.I.Y. Analog synth creation workshop
(2 days : on Friday and Saturday, 4 hours each day)
Limbus Europae, corner Kienitzer Strasse / Weisestrasse (Neuköln) please contact j.millot AT stupiddesign DOT fr for inscriptions by Julien Millot( )

Decoration and Exhibition by:

Myshel // Djemija // Kuny
Ian Liddle
La Plèvre // Nostyle Fuckers

S/M “The Unkindness of Ravens” 12″

Out Soon/NRFTR 12.07/

“S/M pulls the power of the unicorn into the horn of the beast. He wields it upon unworthy traveler as he sprays them down with his behemoth. This is his land and is marked by the passing of nothing. The air hangs still as he plays with the winds and scours all who enter his realm. Is it the absence of life or the pretense of happiness that keep the path strewn with the hopes of the helpless?”

In Broken Key “The Hollows of My Infinite Darkness”


Out Soon/NRFTR 12.08/

“A world weakened by the despair of impending gloom. A view of mankind from the belly of their own shallowness. Razing to the ground everything in sight is this groundbreaking release by In Broken Key. It is chaos controlled, orchestrated downfall of mankind, pure violence of your inner self and the last stand of man’s innocence.”

Christoph de Babalon “Feed the Machine” 12″

Out Soon/FTM02

“Father of darkness, destroyer of light, the bringer of the dead, can only make the abandonment of the sun so appealing. He spreads his hands and welcomes us with delightful sm…iles of the solitude through bleakness we know and want. For years we have trusted, for years we want his guidance and for years he will guide us with his stern hand into the abyss of ambiance.”