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24.09.2011 // 00:00 – 01:00 Uhr 5 €, from 01:00 Uhr 8 €
M.I.K.Z., Revalerstr. 99, Berlin-Friedrichshain

1. Floor: Drum and bass // Breakcore // Jungle
AMBOSS (clash of the titans)
BAD MATTER (audiomassive)
FALLOUT BOY (audiomassive)
H-KON (clash of the titans)
HETZER (clash of the titans)
HNS (audiomassive)
MO (audiomassive)
PASTEE (clash of the titans)

visuals by SANSCULOTTE (clash of the titans)

2. Floor: Dubstep // Experimental
TOMMY LEXXUS (bassism, forecast.san francisco)
NEUROSIS ORCHESTRA (live.sprengstoff)
DR. KAYA (in beat we trust, impulse, dubspin)
SLEEPWAKER vs. WASTEMAN (standards, dead styles)

Here’s a collection of some nice flyers from the very past

Sorry for the partyflock logos, but there’s where the original ones are hosted (and you can see them on the website without logo)

All Out Demolition · III

Doomfire · Doomsday Records vs. Brainfire


Hakke meets Tekkno 3

Death to our Enemies

Fakecore Tour 2003

Fuckparade Soli – Warm Up!

Utterly Wipe Out!

Restroom party

Return of the living dead

Hakke On Thursday

All-Out Demolition · 4

Death to our Enemies · 2

Clash of the titans

Death to our enemies · 3

Chemical War II · Jesse Da Killa 30th B-Day Bash

Lo Mechanik · No One release party

Noizes From The Underground · 4th Edition

Death to our enemies · 4

Op volle snoeren

Rebirth pt. III

Utterly Wipe Out!

Ambush Records Night

Crack Beats #1

Terrornoize Industry

Clash of the titans · II

Fuckparade Party

SCB Sommerfest · Restroom Party

Terrorizer III

Sick & Twisted

Death to our Enemies

Black Scorpion · Casa’s B-day Party

Clash Of The Titans · III


Wreck Havoc

Crack Beats #4

Wreck Havoc


Live Evil London X

Clash Of The Titans

Chant Of Hardcore · 2nd Strike

5 Jahre Saxony Speedcore Force

Fields of Breakcore · A heavier day in the hall

Underground Hardcore

Sick & Twisted

Resist To Prevent

Death to our Enemies

Epic 4 · 2 Day Breakcorefeast

Wreck havoc

Breakcore at Select

thanks to the original uploaders!

Neurocore (FR) Underground Perversions, Hangars Liquides
Tripped B2K, Out of Control
D-AQ:SED Music Parano Mentale, Puke Records, mTm, Noisy Bastards
Despoilah Abused Rec, Dramacore, mTm

Atomhead – he replaces ANNWN

Xtorre – added as extra artist!

Rioteer (NL) Crackbeats, WOOD III, Clash of the Titans
Sawyer (UK) Midlandshardcore, 2 Pints of Tekno, Mutilated Distortion
Koen Rave 2 Hell, Retro Arena (Special oldschool set from 87 till 96!!!)

August 16, 2008
The Steeple
Holstraat 67

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