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The Shape Of Breakcore 2 Cum

On the 19th of september Breakcore shows a new direction in sounds. Otto von Schirach, Doormouse and Rioteer will give a new direction to the breakcore by the use of the MASE system, a surround system that give artists the opportunity to bring sounds through the room, using an 8 speaker system. The artists decide what sound goes in each direction.

Otto von Schirach

Otto von Schirach is known for his complicated ways of producing. He builds his own software and samples a diversity in music. During his performances he usually wears the weirdest outfits. check also his website


Doormouse is the totally weird breakcore frontman and the main activist of the U.S. breakcore scene. In 1994 he started making distorted hardcore and beside other things he created the historic label Addict Records, what started in 1998. more about Doormouse can be found here:


Rioteer is working hard for the dutch breakcore scene. For over three years he organises his Crack Beats parties and the recordlabel carying the same name. Rioteer just finished a tour through Russia and the Baltic states and is currently working a new releases. Inspired by african percussion, Punk and 80’s industrial noise, Rioteer makes refreshing breakcore that bounces the room apart. For this surround project Rioteer has decided to make a breakcore minded soundcape of sounds to bring all the possibilities of the surround system to it’s best!

The MASE System

The world’s first ever surround sound breakcore set by Otto von Schirach, Doormouse & Rioteer, using the M.A.S.E. interface with eight independent audio inputs and a library of sound movements. The artists have sample options for assigning a trajectory to an incoming audio signal and to start, stop or localise this. The artists can input the dimensions and shape of a room and the number of speakers which are to be controlled.
The room has a PA system opn 8 stacks in a circle diametre 11 metres, controlled by the artists.
Otto von Schirach, Doormouse and Rioteer are going to experience for a week long with this new system, and they will present a special breakcore set in this surround form on september 19th. The PA system has 8 stacks in a circle diametre 11 metres

Surround sounds history

In the 1950’s the first ever surround project was created: “Le Corbusier was commissioned by Philips to present a pavilion at the 1958 World Fair and insisted (against the sponsors’ resistance) on working with Varèse, who developed his Poème électronique for the venue, where it was heard by an estimated two million people. Using 400 speakers separated throughout a series of rooms, Varèse created a sound and space installation geared towards experiencing sound as you move through space. Received with mixed reviews, this piece challenged audience expectations and traditional means of composing, breathing life into electronic synthesis and presentation.”

For september 19th we return to the idea of Edgard Varèse when Otto von Schirach, Doormouse and Rioteer will make a new experience in breakcore in the Hall Of Fame. In the week of 14 till 21 september the artists are gonna work with the MASE system in the Hall Of Fame, to make sure the friday night gig will be a great performance creating a highway to the breakcore future.

What do the artists expect from working with the system:

Otto von Schirach says: Cant wait to milk this. And run some madness in surround. I feel confidante that we have some days to prepare for the show.

Doormouse says: Speaking for myself, I expect to be able to use the system each day to ensure a fluid and quality performance.

Rioteer says: I thought about what to do with the M.a.S.E system as I pictured it in my head and the possibilities that surround sound has to offer. I’m thinking that the most interesting result can be acchieved when the M.A.S.E system is by taking it beyond the idea of a Dj tool and dance music in general. I’m aiming for a composition that doesn’t rely on beats and is more a audio voyage that an instruction to dance. Therefore I thought of a theme to work this out. Since this project is a part of ZXZW’s ‘a the shape of breakcore to come’ and aims for future inspiration within the Genre I thought of taking the earth Evolution and change as a theme. So this my personal story line. And I intended to work with sound that have a natural rather than an electronic origin.

hereunder we have some pics of the MASE system workshops, that were held during the classes of the Rock Academy:

Visual aspects:

Lo-fi led pixel installation by Co2RO

more visual aspects can be found here:

furthermore the Hall Of Fame has performances this night by Nano.Strike, And Full Stop, Binray and Fractional, and the dj’s Sah selecter and King Pin!

Inside the city center V39 and 013 have their parts of The Shape Of Breakcore 2 Cum with:


22:00 – 22:45 Assassin
22:45 – 23:30 Kid Kishore
23:30 – 00:00 FFF
00:00 – 00:30 Babyshaker
00:30 – 01:00 Pisstank

013 Kleine Zaal

23:00 – 23:45 Ebola
23:45 – 00:30 Electric Kettle
00:30 – 01:00 DJ Floorclearer
01:00 – 01:30 Ladyscraper
01:30 – 02:00 LFO Demon
02:00 – 02:30 Judith Priest
02:30 – 03:15 The Deathmaker
03:15 – 04:00 Speedranch

013 Batcave

23:00 – 23:30 DjDjipe
23:30 – 00:00 Raxyor
00:00 – 00:45 Harry Poppins
00:45 – 01:30 Tep
01:30 – 02:00 Tapage
02:00 – 02:30 Ars Dada
02:30 – 03:00 Hard Off
03:00 – 03:30 Freeka Peeka
03:30 – 04:00 Company Fuck

Between the venues Hall Of Fame and the V39 + 013 the public will be lead by some noise existence to be announced, what will make the walk more comfortable for all you freaks

For people looking for breakcore and other electronic music vinyl, please check the record shop in the Hall Of Fame, what is opened specially for this night! In the city centre there’s the day before and the day after also the Antenne recordshop open, and for other styles of muziek we have also the record shop Sounds and an other new specialized in metal shop in the city centre!

for more info see also: … ect_id=120