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Format: 7″ Vinyl
Copies: 300


A Deformer Syko
B Zombieflesheater In Hirn We Trust


We look forward hearing these two great artists on this well respected true underground label!




Below you can find the two releases on Mindtrick records!
Within four weeks they will be released on 12″ and Beatport.
But for all you people that can`t wait that long Adnoiseam is already selling the Digital release from their shop!

Sinister Souls – Borderline E.P.
Deformer – Diabolical E.P.

Enjoy! and stay tuned for the vinyl!!


Mindtrick records presents:
MTR002 Who broke my beats? tour e.p.

1a Deformer – Who broke my beats?
2a Atiq & Enk – Kaiskakunin
1b Benefit of the boomerang – Leviticus 26
2b Charly Linch – Neushoorn van noach
3b Pornologic – (-;

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