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Various – 8 Track Remind (DVR064 8-track)


Release date: 27th August 2010
Pressing: twenty-three 8-track cartridges
Artwork by Jennifer Baxter
Compiled by Lee Ashcroft for Digital Vomit and Dead Air Recordings (DA01)
Manufactured in the USA by KTS Productions

Please note: the first edition, with free digital download, is SOLD OUT.
Digital Vomit & Dead Air Recordings are currently working out the logistics for a second pressing.
For further information email lee.ashcroft at


Program 1

  1. Hissing At Swans – Tale Of Woe
  2. John Callaghan – When Yesterday Comes
  3. Sarah Weis – Quentin TarantiNo

Program 2

  1. Beau Wanzer – Storming The Castle
  2. Solypsis – Skullfucking Is So 2007

Program 3

  1. Al Duvall – Buck Up
  2. Nit Nurse – Poetry*
  3. The Doomed Bird of Providence – The King Of Coal River

Program 4

  1. David Liebe Hart and Adam Papagan – Bed Bugs, Roaches, and Rats
  2. Fatigued Owl – The Key
  4. Jansky Noise – The Osprey

* previously released on CD-R

Hear an audio advert (MP3, 877kb)


Information on the artists

Dead Air Recordings and Digital Vomit are proud to present the UK’s first 8-track cartridge release since Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits in 1988. It features exclusive tracks from renowned musicians and songwriters from within and outside of the current DigiVom artist roster, including John Callaghan (Warp Records), PFFR (MTV’s Wonder Showzen, [adult swim]’s Xavier: Renegade Angel), David Liebe Hart (Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) and many more…

Everyone who ordered a copy will also receive free P+P, a digital version of the release, (MP3 and FLAC), a Dead Air badge and further extras TBA.

For more on the philosophy behind the project, please read the forum.

Dead Air Recordings

DVR057 Lady Gagging – The Remix

Release Date: 3rd August 2010
Format: MP3
Compiled by: Datarapist / Solypsis
Artwork by: Meep

Download Here

01.poke her face – Solypsis
02.Dog n Bone – Datarapist
03.bedroom ants – My Boy is Dead
04.Wearing A Birdcage On Your Head Is Not A Fashion Statement – Next Stop Uranus
05.ugly disease – Asshole in a Wheelchair
06.Alex mate, do one!! – Three Masked Men
07.tooth jar – Light Trap
08.Lady Amisega GaGa Believers’ Propaganda Song (LadyAmisega GaGa For Ever!) – ANE
09.alejandro remix – Bearats
10.Pow Kick Her Face – Beytah for loving – Shanks Pony
12.Inject me baby – Meep
13.massive roaming charges – Pulverized Fontanelle

Various – Der Narrenturm: Pathologish-Anatomisches Bundesmusik – DVR 053

Release date: August 2010
Conceived by: Batuta

A celebration of deviationism, mutation and the beauty of genetic error.

Download it HERE


01. Nosens – Sophia
02. Shorai – mv53vm
03. Walk Don’t Walk – Only The Mutants Change
04. Jansky Noise – Y Your Calling Me X
05. Thee Crumb – The Curse Passed On
06. Ana Al Piano – Keigar Journey
07. Solypsis – My Third Uterus
08. Dr Chi – Made In Metal
09. Mental D-struction – Arkan
10. Alien Hand – A Step In The Wrong Direction
11. Kayaka – Blood And Cigarette
12. Terminal 11 – 8 Tailed Electric Rattlesnake
13. Desper – I Ethnicun’t
14. Horacio Pollard – Naked Friend
15. Akani – I Thought I Saw A Super Sexy Pussy Kat
16. Trash van Traxxx – Wüt
17. AZ-Rotator – Dynaeremtum
18. ANE – No Chroma, No Raster, No Track
19. Libythth – The Square Root Of Seven
20. 909 State – Get Downs Everybody
21. Surachai – Contaminate
22. Tomoroh Hidari – See What Happens When You Don’t Bring Your Abomination Detector


Jansky Noise sound ripping audio canvas; politely bows at the art of the late by Jackson Pollock. Shapes of sound blind and bind into a layered chaotic multi-directional recording. Made in a spontaneous stroke motion, with plenty of error, movement and action. The random technique of smearing audio giblets helps create the final piece and cement if for the listener to enjoy…

The recording is solid and coarse whilst at the same time haphazard and full of obstructions. But do not let that hold you back!

There is a rotating wild sense of freedom here where thick forms lick, stick and layer up alongside the thin. Hi speed pulses of sound and movement collide and form a pure splatter jam. Levels of sound and density rise and fall, abrupt sounds stab at right angles and fade into a flash!

If your angry just as much as happy, listen and cleanse. Play loud blasting action can help improve flow. Remember the voyage of creation is no less important that the journey you make when you listen

Original recording from Studio Loom UK.

Download it now