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tribute mix to DJ Tron (r.i.p.)

Unibomber –“DJ Tron Tribute Mix
Symbiotic Love Recordings- DJ Tron – Paranoid EP – Love From Her
HDF 005 Resurrection EP – Death (Doomcore Mix)
Symbiotic Love Recordings – DJ Tact vs. DJ Tron – Creator
DHS006-6 DJ Tron – Torture Traxxx Vol. 1 – Phantom 12XU
WAR004 DJ Tron – Massacre – Monster
DJ Tact vs. DJ Tron – Hardcore DJ (1st Trontact Mix)
DJ Tron – Paranoid EP – Hardcore DJ
BNG001 DJ Tron – Undead EP – Zombie 1
HDF 005 Resurrection EP – Demon
UHF#04 DJ Tron – The Threshold Of Tolerance – Kill Them All
Symbiotic Love Recordings – DJ Tron – Paranoid EP – Live On Fear
DHS006-6 DJ Tron – Torture Traxxx Vol. 1 – Demon Slut
WAR004 DJ Tron – Massacre – Murder The World
BNG001 DJ Tron – Undead EP – Zombie (Die Slowly)
UHF#04 DJ Tron – How Long Can You Survive This Massacre
BCHUD 08 DJ Tron – Fuckin’ Deathcore EP – Fuck That Happy Shit
WAR004 DJ Tron – Massacre – I Believe In Pain
BCHUD 08 DJ Tron – Fuckin’ Deathcore EP – I Don’t Give A Fuck
BNG002 Cannibal DJ – Fresh Flesh EP – Dog Will Hunt
BNG002 Cannibal DJ – Fresh Flesh EP – Cannibal DJ
OR002 DJ Tron – Crimes Of The Mind – Serpent

DJ Tron wass found dead in his studio thursday night..

For those who dont know, Dj Tron was one of the pioneers of the US Hardcore scene.
Besides his productions he has made some groundbreaking mixes where old dark industrial, acidtechno, hardcore gabba, noise and speedcore got mixed together into new styles.

DJ Tron was also known as Cannibal DJ

DJ Tron had releases on labels like Blood ‘n’ Guts, Brutal Chud, Digitalhut Sounds, Head Fuck, Pure Acid Mixtapes, Strike Records, Symbotic Love Recordings and  UHF. See also

RIP Jeff Belser

From Tron’s Roommate Sean:

“DJ Tron was my best friend, mentor, brother and room mate. At 1:30 a.m. July 4th, 2008 Jeff was found in my studio completely unresponsive. At that time peramedics were called and I attempted to perform CPR but was unsuccessful. At 2:15 a.m. the hospital prenounced his death. I’ve been in close contatact several times a day with his mother “Momma Tron” and she stated that after the police performed a thorough investigation of the living premisis, and DuPage county coroners office performed a preliminary medical examination, his sudden death has been determined accidental. As with all accidential deaths the coroners final report will be avalible in 8 to 10 weeks. They do not anticipate any other findings. These rumors of overdose are hurtful to his family and friends closest to him and should be stopped immediately per Momma Tron.”

R.I.P. DJ Tron.