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Artist: DieTRAX vs FFF
Title: 広島死闘篇~Hiroshima Deathmatch~
Catalogue number: MURCD-023
Release date: February 15, 2013
Format: CD+DigitalImageTracklist

1. DieTRAX vs FFF / Miyajima
2. DieTRAX vs FFF / Get Hyper
3. DieTRAX vs FFF / Last Requiem
4. DieTRAX / Die Job Da !!! (instrumental)
5. FFF / Rotterdam Soundboy VIP
6. FFF / Trough The Vibe
7. DieTRAX / Ico
8. DieTRAX vs FFF / Miyajima (Far East Recording Remix)
9. DieTRAX vs FFF / Get Hyper (Weyheyhey !! Remix)
10. DieTRAX vs FFF / Last Requiem (E-De-Cologne Remix)

Preview: … ax-vs-fff/

“More rave madness and Japan / Holland alliance with this second collaboration between Rotterdam’s FFF and Hiroshima’s DieTrax, of course for Murder Channel. Unlike the previous “Hiroshima vs Rotterdam”, which featured solo tracks by both artist, this new “Death Match” is more of a collaboration between both artists. It’s really quite close musically, though, as both artists overdo their own solo selves here with more hardcore beats, more jungle rhythms, more rave samples, and more all-good-fun sweaty madness than before. Are you into emo and looking for music to cut your veins to? This is not for you? Do you like glowsticks and late-morning raves? Now we’re talking” –


Pre-Order at Ad Noiseam Store … p3924.html

Pre-Order at GHz Music Store (Japan Only)

Digital Version will be online Friday February 15th on Murder Channel bandcamp

On the second Encounters release FFF & our Japanese partner in rave: Missqulater started the timemachine to the golden age of rave music. Not afraid to hide their influences they will ring the rave alarm, start the panic, take you higher, etc.

[e-02] Missqulater/FFF – Rave Encounters … encounters


1 Missqulater – Tune For Clever Cunts
2 Missqulater – Here We Go Again
3 Missqulater – Should Be Tuned
4 Missqulater – Should Be Tuned (FFF Remix)
5 FFF – Take Me Higher
6 FFF – Listen To The Funk
7 FFF – Scream For Acid
8 FFF – Scream For Acid (Missqulater Remix)

[e-03] Missqulater/FFF – Rave Encounters Reworks … rs-reworks
6 reworks (+ a suprise bonus rework)


1. Missqulater – Tune For Clever Cunts (Capslock Remix)
2. Missqulater – Here We Go Again (Apzolut Remix)
3. Missqulater – Should Be Tuned (PMM Remix)
4. FFF – Take Me Higher (Newk Remix)
5. FFF – Listen To The Funk (Copacod Remix)
6. FFF – Scream For Acid (Monotron_nl Remix)


Three slammin’ mini mixes bound to bring the core to any of your spring break haberdashery!
Seattle ravecore master Graz raids your older sister’s ipod to bring you a gabber shakedown of Mash-sive proportions.
Rotterdam broham FFF lays the amens on thick for his post rave onslaught.
And Portlandian Vinyl Pusher PenPointRed takes you full circle with an eclectic mix that is topped off and ready to blow! … core-promo

We put out this promo to raise funds to help with our first official west coast tour.
downloads are just $1 per mix but if you go beyond that you could end up with some awesome stuff.
*along with helping us greatly :)

$1-5 *Sringbreakcore promo download

$6-10 *Sringbreakcore promo download + cd

$11-20 *Sringbreakcore promo download + cd + 12″ record

$21-50 *Sringbreakcore promo download + cd + 12″ record + tshirt

$51-100 *Sringbreakcore promo download + cd + 12″ record + tshirt + hand painted reactionary 3″ figure by penpointred

$101-200 *Sringbreakcore promo download + hand painted reactionary 3″ figure by penpointred + complete reactionary catalogue

$201 and up *Sringbreakcore promo download + hand painted reactionary 3″ figure by penpointred + complete reactionary catalogue + original penpointred painting *acrylics and inks on 12″ vinyl.

**shipping is already included no matter where to ;)

[MURCD-013] DieTRAX vs FFF – Hiroshima vs Rotterdam


01. DieTRAX – Wednesday SP
03. DieTRAX – Rotterdam
04. Hondalady – UPRIGHT SONG 1995 (DieTRAX remix)
05. DieTRAX – Rotterdam (FFF remix)
06. FFF – Many Soundbwoy
07. FFF – Kill a champion sound
08. FFF – Bring me joy
09. FFF – Brighter day
10. FFF – Weekend
11. FFF – Brighter day (DieTRAX remix)
Bonus Tracks
12. DieTRAX – Takahashi Attack 2006 (Cycheouts Ghost remix)


More info & previews:

オムニバス / MURDER CHANNEL Compilation Vol 2(GHz限定特典付き)

タイトル:MURDER CHANNEL Compilation Vol 2 – 7th Anniversary Limited 777 -(GHz限定特典付き)
価格:2520円(tax in)


都内屈指のハードコア・プロダクション、「MURDER CHANNEL」から2年ぶりのコンピレーションCDが2枚組みで登場!

「Cardopusher」、「Himuro Yoshiteru」、「DJ 100mado」、「dDamage」、「DJ Technorch」、「Dokkebi Q」、「FFF」など、MURDER CHANNELに馴染み深い面子に加え、DJ Scotch EggとGorgonn(Dokkebi Q)による新ユニット、「Devilman」の本邦初公開の楽曲やOORUTAICHIとDJ Shabushabuによるユニット、「オバケジャー」、ZUINOSINやBOGULTAなどのバンドでベーシストとして活動してきたヨシカワショウゴ によるユニット、「cavilll」が参加!

海外からは、話題となったBjorkの新曲(Crystalline)のプロデユースやChase&StatusのレーベルであるMTA Recordsとの独占契約などでダブステップ・シーン、並びに世界中のダンスミュージック・シーンの注目を集めている「16bit」が初CD化音源、完 全未発表曲の2曲で参加!そしてAphex Twin主催のReplexからのアルバムリリースやFlying Lotusのリミックスもおこなうハードコア・ジャングルアーティスト「Soundmurderer」が新曲で参加!
その他にも、「Riow Arai」、「Kanji Kinetic」、「UNURAMENURA」による、このコンピレーションCDでしか聴けないエクスクルーシブなリミックスも収録したスペシャルな内容でお届けします!


Track List


01. Soundmurderer – Four Pack
02. FFF – Champion Sound (Murder Channel is the Champion Sound 2011 re-edit)
03. Cycheouts Ghost – 100.10.80.
04. K1osk – Rave Your Angel
06. DJ 100mado – Side life (Kanji Kinetic remix)
07. 16bit – Panic
08. deathcount – beautifulmoment
09. Krumble – Hoarse Fire (Cardopusher remix)
10. Non Human – Clash Test
11. SA†AN – Because I’m Dead
12. cavilll – BLACKTHROAT
13. DJ Shimamura – Big Tits Rave
15. Himuro Yoshiteru – I never belong to you
16. ROM=PARI – cosmic murder (family values mix)


01. Cardopusher – Successful 1994
02. Dokkebi Q – Black Vomit (Himuro Yoshiteru remix)
03. DJ 100mado – rbbd
04. Kidnappa – Rukus (16bit remix)
05. dDamage – Shut the fuck up ponk (Riow Arai remix)
06. Pacheko – Dial M (for Murder)
07. Obakejaa – Chuka Lover
08. Murderbot – Waistline
09. ENA – Guess What
10. asa – 狂う:re:remix
11. Totally Fuckedup – My spectrum died Yesterday (Unuramenura remix)
12. Medico – Closed Ward
14. DJ TECHNORCH – 渦巻~Ring Tone~
15. Devilman – 21 seiki dub

GHz music store特典!!!

タイトル:Bootleg Crassics Vol.1

Track List

1. DJ 100mado / bizarre love triangle refix
2. DJ Technorch / AXS (Born Spride Remix)
3. FUTON DISCO / Visceral Shoxx
5. FFF / Chocolate Disco (Murder Channel v.i.p. remix)
6. DJ Shimamura / Ho! Ei! Hoo!

Bangface Weekender [LIVE]

FFF – Queen Vic Tropical Mayhem
Hoonboy – 20 years of rave

Here are both of the fantastic mutant jungle sets from Thom and Tommy at this year’s Bangface Weekender.

FFF – Queen Vic Tropical Mayhem

01. Munchi – Shottas (FFF remix) [T & A records]
02. FFF – Kill a champion sound! [Murder Channel]
03. FFF – Wanna know [Unreleased]
04. FFF – Stand up [Murder Channel]
05. FFF – In – Out [Unreleased]
06 .FFF – On a mission [Unreleased]
07. FFF – Torturing soundbwoy [Murder Channel]
08. FFF – Takin’ it to the streets [Jigsore]
09. FFF – Ease the presure [MIndbender]
10. FFF – Give the dj a break [Unreleased]
11. FFF – The feeling [Planet Mu]

Hoonboy – 20 Years of Rave

01. The Prodigy – Out of Space [Hoonboy’s No Good Edit]
02. Fat Controller – Incomplete Darkness
03. Under Mi Sensi (X-Project Remix)
04. Big Bad and Heavy
05. Aphrodite – Stalker
06. Soundmurderer – Call Da Police
07. DJ Hype – Super Sharp Shooter
08. Top Cat – Burn the Sensi
09. DJ Heretic ft Top Cat – Scalp Dem
10. Urban Shakedown – Arsonist
11. Psychofreud – Murda Dem
12. Amen Andrews – London
13. 16 Armed Jack – Valley of the Shadows Remix
14. Noisia – Block Control ft. Cutty Ranks
15. Hoonboy – ‘Erb
16. Krumble – Time to Burn ft. Cutty Ranks
17. Johnny Clash – Movement
18. Tech Diff – Eat. Drink. Fuck.
19. Tech Diff – Snap Snap Aleph [Hoonboy’s Even Less Good Edit]

A note from Hoonboy:

I learnt a few lessons from this show. The main one being that once you get past a certain speed of performance, Ableton seems a bit flaky at capturing all of the control data accurately. As a result there are some instances in this recording where the drums are out of time. This did not occur in the performance, but as a result of the behaviour during bouncing of the Reaktor instruments I use to sequence and improvise my drum parts. Maybe next time I should take a leaf out of Tommy’s book and just use an audio recorder. Anyway, enjoy this set. It is 97% as good as the show I played – which ain’t bad by all accounts ;)


Official site

Contact : dancecorps[at]


Annoying Ringtone @ HipHipHurrave 26-02-11.mp3

DOWNLOAD (right click & save target as…)

(download may start with delay, please wait 30sec before trying again)


Tracklist :

FFF – Want to know (unreleased)
FFF – Can i share my house (endor recordings)
FFF – Stand up (murder channel)
FFF – Weekend
FFF – In – out (unreleased)
FFF – Your time is up (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
FFF – Brighter day (unreleased)
Dj Technorch – Boss On Parade (FFF remix) (999 Recordings, Murder Channel Records)
FFF – The feeling (planet mu)
FFF – 20.000 hardcore members (murder channel)


FFF @ HipHipHurrave 26-02-11.mp3

DOWNLOAD (right click & save target as…)

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Contact LFO Demon


LFO Demon @ 1 Year RTF 17-12-10.mp3

DOWNLOAD (right click & save target as…)

(download may start with delay, please wait 30sec before trying again)


A1 FFF – Takin’ It To The Streets
A2 Computer Says – Vomit
B1 Humb – Heddlu
B2 Spacedocker – Tribe Tearout 

Jigsore Sound are proud to present three seperate 12″ releases of our own brand of spastic rave for your listening pleaseure and dancefloor leisure. Fresh talent from the free party scene stands alongside bonafide legends to produce a mutli-genre melting pot of hyper edited jungle breaks, bastard ragga, punishing kickdrums and nauseating sub-bass that will appeal to both musical chin strokers and the wide eyed spitting masses!

Jigsore 001
Jigsore 002 … ng-soon-1/
Jigsore 003 … ming-soon/


FFF- oldskool dj set
Stivs- DSC set
2Times- live jungle set
Junglefever- Birthday dj set
Regz & Marinoz- dj set
Rob Raider- dj set

+ visuals by Pixelshift

Hope you can make it for this allnight edition..
Just bring urselves, no presents required!!

March 4th 2011
entrance: 3,-

Cafe De Vinger
Bagijnestraat 25
2511 CK Den Haag

Time for a new Core News Session. With Core News Sessions #7 I have the honor of presenting you a wicked mix by DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records.


Here is what Parasite got to say about this mix:
“This DJ Mix goes out to all the followers of the Core who keep the scene alive & kicking. It’s about straight-up love of fresh & innovative music and the passion to share these sounds with you. Some of the artists featured in this mix are well known, but some you’ve may have never heard of. They span the globe, and are all making music for the love of it! So if you like what you hear, please support these artists, buy their music, go to their gigs and tell your friends…it’s the only way the scene will evolve.
– DJ Parasite (”


Core News Sessions #7 - DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records
01. Candlestickmaker – Don’t Worry About Me
02. The DSC – Herbalist (Deathsucker/Life4Land)
03. Fujiko Meijin – NONONONO [Rattan Child Remix] (Node)
04. Fujiko Meijin – The Narita Mountain (Node)
05. Fujiko Meijin – Person of Midsummer Destruction (Node)
06. Herv – At the Moment of Commitment, the Universe Conspires to Assit You (Cock Rock Disco)
07. Shitmat – Dread Meat (Wrong Music)
08. FFF – Sensation (Murder Channel)
09. Axewound – What’s Wrong Dub ft. YT (Amental)
10. FFF – The Power (Murder Channel)
11. Carl Brown – Jungle Lord (Amental)
12. Dr…um – Get The Fuck Up (Amental)
13. Candlestickmaker – 107049
14. FFF – Own [Newk remix] (Murder Channel)
15. Ruby My Dear – Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
16. Herv – A Hare’s Rush (Cock Rock Disco)
17. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
18. Gizmode – 6000000 Waye to Dye Corduroy (Marionette)
19. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
20. Graz – Huffing Gasoline ft. The H8rs (Fukdup / Reactionary)
21. Venetian Snares – Ultraviolent Junglist (Timesig)
22. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
23. Dev/Null – Zombie Sunset (Cock Rock Disco)
24. Ruby My Dear – So What (Peace Off)
25. Ruby My Dear – Fire Bumbaka (Peace Off)
26. Carl Brown – tesco Value Gabba II

If you are interested in doing a Core News Session or know someone who might want some extra exposure please use the contact form to get in touch. Follow Core News on Facebook and Twitter.

Core News Sessions #7 – DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records [Hotfile download]