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FUKNO Bad Acid : Live preview – free download


By Chris Martins:

With songs like “Snakes on the Brain” and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Booty,” local bizarro rap-techno-noise duo Captain Ahab can easily be taken for some some of novelty act — a spoof on whiteness or pop culture or, well, everything.

But witness an entire set from Jonathan Snipes and Jim Merson, and confusion sets in: they really seem to mean it, even when “it” seems to mean wearing speedos and mock-fellating one another.

Is it the end of irony, as the title of their third album, due out April 6 on Deathbomb Arc, literally implies? Decide for yourself via these two exclusive remixed tracks from the Cap’n. And make sure you check out the completely batshit, probably NSFW cover art, also after the jump.

The originals appear on The End Of Irony and though they sound pretty wild on record, these breakcore edits are epically insane.

The first comes courtesy of a fella called FUKNO and sounds, in short, like the worst ecstasy trip ever — a lo-bit drum ‘n’ bass traffic jam featuring a crowd shouting “Crucify him!” as things get more and more intense. Chopped, screwed and screwed again.

Captain Ahab – “Death To False Techno” (FUKNO Remix)

The second will appear on a forthcoming remix 12-inch and features the “erotic speedcore” stylings of Passenger of Shit (click that link at our own risk). The track is “Girls Gone Wild,” and it opens with an Ice Cube-ish voice rapping, “Puking out bones / Shitting out sludge / Sneezing out maggots / And pissing out blood.” Bon appetit.

Captain Ahab – “Girls Gone Wild” (Passenger Of Shit Reshit ft. Shitting Whore)

And now, The End of Irony‘s must-see cover.

The safeness-at-work of this is debatable. Is that a penis? An umbilical cord? One of those baby alien face-suckers with terrible aim? Regardless, we’re pretty sure the nudist percussion freaks of Foot Village, also on Deathbomb Arc, had something to do with it. Scroll down to check out a detail shot from their definitely NSFW album cover.

Whoa. Umbilical trouser snake?

Foot Village’s Anti-Magic, released late last summer. See (a lot) more of the band here.


MP3 Exclusive(s): Two Flavors of Aural Insanity from Captain Ahab

BRK comp III out now: order on htt://

BRK compilation volume III “The Francophonic Show”
28 artists from around the world do something french…

01- DEBU-NAXX : Ballet
02- DJ RAINBOW EJACULATION : Indescrimimate Toilet Sex at a BRK Show in Lyon
03- SAM PLEATER : French Cancore
04- MARK SIDA : Gentleman
05- MALADROIT : Avec l’école du Daft Duteil
06- LLAMATRON : Boby Dick
07- FOXDYE : What is Toot-Toot in French ?
08- FUKNO : Which Way to the Technival ?
09- EBOLA : Symphonie Plunderphonique
10- RANDOMATIK BLAST : Carnival in Coal Will Reform to Win Eurovision
11- PASSENGER OF SHIT : Y’a pas d’Heure pour se Branler dans le Caca d’Erik Satie
12- JANKENPOPP : Des Gens qui Baisent Tranquille
13- ALTO CLARK : Sleazy Dochine
14- UOKI-TOKI : French Kiss
15- THIRTYTWOBIT : Discothèque
16- REALICIDE : Neutralizing Opiate
17- LADYSCRAPER : Blingin the Grind on the Eurostar
18- SHITTINGWHORE guest vocals : FAKE SLUT : Stupide Petite Salope
19- SICKBOY : Bécassine (Tweencoremix)
20- USA KINGS : USA KINGS, c’est Tout !
21- TOECUTTER : NRJ Deficiency
23- KODEK : Girlfriends Dad Drugged mee upp and Raped me with his Mature Friends C===8
25- XIAN : Harcorpus Satani
26- B.I.N.T : Poussent
27- PROJECT SERENDIPITY : The Velvet Gentleman
28- EAT RABBIT : Je Suis une Vilaine mais j’Assume

Total Playing time : 77:56