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Now together for the first time on cd: Tomas Korber and  Gert-Jan Prins
Tomas Korber / Gert-Jan Prins  – RI 1.5442
Cavity CD 03 –limited release 337 hand-made copies–

Tomas Korber: guitar, electronics
Gert-Jan Prins: electronics

Collaborative audio project by two masters of radical electronics and long line composition
who have been working together since 2008. Sprawling over the full 74 minutes of a
Compact Disc, RI 1.5442 offers a powerful yet subtle approach in the time and energy
domain. It was recorded during the Nuit Bleue 2009 event at The Saline Royale (Royal Saltworks),
a historical, utopian building complex by architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux in Arc-et-Senans in
eastern France.

Price information (postage included): NL: 14€ , EUROPE / WORLD 15€  ( paypal+4%)
Order at :

World distribution: Kudos/Boomkat, Metamkine, Erstdist.
Promotion: Dense, Berlin, D.

Korber / Prins – RI 1.5442

Released in a beautifully hand-made, hand-numbered edition of 337 copies, this disc houses
a live performance by experimental improv maestros Gert-Jan Prins and Tomas Korber,
recorded at La Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans in France, July 2009. Both artists utilise
unspecified electronics with Korber adding guitar to the piece. Regular followers of work by
these two will probably already be braced for something particularly extreme and
unconventional, and RI 1.5442 certainly delivers on this front. The seventy-four minute piece
evolves fluidly from a starting point that’s full of scrabbling electrical crackle and static, gradually
opening up to embrace strange nano-rhythms, low frequency blurts, mislaid feedback tones
and other such esoteric ephemera before shuffling into an unassuming mechanical skitter that
dies away slowly into hiss and eventually silence. This is noise music, but it’s just about the
cleanest and most precise noise music you’d ever be likely to encounter – not an easy listen
but highly recommended nevertheless.

Press Release:

CD CAVITY 01  –limited release 250 copies*–

I am setting up a new private cd / dvd label called “Cavity”
the first release is :

Gert-Jan Prins – Cavity

Gert-Jan Prins: electronics, timpani
Recorded & mastered at the Prins Studio, Amsterdam, NL, 2008
Concept & artwork by Gert-Jan Prins
Graphical advice: Bas van Koolwijk, Manel Esparbé i Gasca

It’s an exclusive, handsigned and numbered limited edition, 250 copies.
Prins’ handwork, “geprägte”, and painted cover and cd.

The “background” spirit of this record goes back to my first solo release “Noise Capture”(1998).
I was curious how some of my older self-built electronic instruments would sound now.
In combination with my latest experiments with electronic vacuumtubes and timpani, it led to a more
cooled down work in a niche of my own domain.

Price information (postage included): NL: 15€ , EUROPE 18€ , WORLD 20€
*an extra amount of possibly 25 A.P., artist’s proof copies will be available at a later stage.

Gert-Jan Prins has been known for twenty-one years as one of the most challenging sound artist
in the Netherlands. He is an autodidact who focuses on the sonic and musical qualities of electronic ‘noise’
In his work, Prins makes connections with modern electronic club culture, occupying a radical
position with his investigation of electronic sound and its relationship to the visual.
He also creates links with the performance art and machine art of the 1980s, which reshaped the
legacy of industrial society to produce threatening, yet sometimes also sublime, encounters
with technology.
Recently The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL has expanded the collection with
the installation “Break Before Make: the Cavity version” by Gert-Jan Prins.

Thanks to:
ThuisKopie Fonds, NL
NFPK / Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst, NL

November 7,8,9, 2008 at Scheepsruim van de Avontuur, Leeuwarden, the
Film & Live Music on a ship,
Camera, montage, productie: Telemach Wiesinger, D, 2008, silent,
zwart/wit, 16mm
Compositie: Cornelis de Bondt,
Live muziekuitvoering: LOOS
Musici: Peter van Bergen (7-8-9 november),  Gert-Jan Prins (7-8-9
november), Guus Janssen (8-9 november), Teodora Stepancic (7 november)

Filmmaker Telemach Wiesinger reisde langs havengebieden om historische
draai- en hefbruggen, de laatste hovercrafts en reuzenschepen in
bewegende beelden vast te leggen.
Technische dinosauriërs die een zinnebeeldig document van Wiesingers
tijdsloze reisfantasie opleveren.

Film poem PASSAGE…S en compositie SANS FAIR DE VOUS DEPARTE (2008, wp)
7-8 november 20:30 en 21:30 uur, 9 november 15:00 en 16:00 uur (ovb)
scheepsruim van de Avontuur, het laatste Nederlandse zeilende
vrachtschip , Museumhaven Leeuwarden,

PASSAGE…LOOS is een coproductie van
BUOG, Museumhaven Leeuwarden en Noordelijk Film Festival