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GPFSCD008 – B.I.N.T vs Dalit


Eternity has passed. B.I.N.T. and Dalit flashback into a heated battle to purge all hoover engrams. Join them on this trip through time as Dalit’s space-gabber goes head-to-head with B.I.N.T.’s urban-thief-core. Featuring additional artillery and vibes  from Eject, Killjoy and Toecutter, the boundaries between good and bad taste are systematically lubricated, affected and shat upon for maximum aural sensation. Absolutely guaranteed to take you higher. Auxesis aside, this really is top kickin’ you-know-the-score. Misplaced thetans or two jealous perverts? You Decide.

B.I.N.T. side
1. B.I.N.T. is P.L.U.R.
2. Studio Ganksters
3. Raveyard Shit
4. Nuthin’ but an ‘E’ Thang
5. Osaka Knows How to Party
6. Proper Fee
7. Nasty Girl (Killjoy Remix)
8. Nasty Girl (Toecutter’s Filthiest Remix)

Dalit side
9. Broken Promises
10. Rip Off the Cut
11. Electric Boogie Woogie Memorial
12. Kiddiecore Predator
13. Searchin’ For My Lawyer
14. David Icke Misunderestimation Society (Eject Remix)
15. Seven Knites in the UK
16. Mijn Naam is Zwabberhuis
17. Final Attack Upon Fortress Chipmunk

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