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Jstat is John Leonard, and he’s been busy this year.  You may know him through his budding career as a graphic designer, or possibly through this work with the Imagination Station on a certain Robocop Statue, but anyone hanging around Void for the last 5 years knows that his deep work has been in the studio.  Form and Structure #3 catches up on a vast catalog of unreleased material, contrasting the brooding Reaction Formation with a slammin’ broken techno delivery via Positive Feedback Loop.  One of the core contributors to Void’s sound, Jstat moves the dancefloor with hybrid rhythms only Detroit can produce.  With slick album artwork provided by Ogo Eion and high quality digital mastering by Ryan Friederich aka Xanopticon, Form and Structure delivers once again.  It’s time to lend this one an ear…


CAKEBUILDER “Blood & Thunder” 12″

Out Now/NRFTR 12.05/

“Hardcore zombie holocaust that pulls from industrial roots. Infamous defilement of Adnoiseam and Drosstik. Includes a remix by Bong-ra.”

Forbidden Society “POLIBTE MI PRDEL” 12″

Out Now/AC01

“Drum and bass meets hardcore as Forbidden Society kicks off this new series with an all out subwoofer grinding assault of kick drum assasination.”

Throttler “Through Flames” 12″

Out Now/AC02

“Dark tech drum and bass.Steady dark rythms and assaulting bass to live or die for.

In Broken Key “The Remixes” 12″

Out Soon/NRFTR 12.06/

“Mangled dark orchestral breakcore remixes of IBK galactic assdragon 7″ by Abelcain,Slutmachine, Shatterbreak and Greg Trash.Limited edition of 200 copies on purple vinyl with bonus cdr.”

Somatic Responses “Feed the Machine” 12″

Out Soon/FTM01

“Dedicating the Healy”s sound are Prometheus Burning, Minion and ValaV. Very efficient hardcore/industrial breakcore.”

Jstat “Galactic Assdragon 05″ 7”

Out Soon/NRFTR 7.03

“The hardcore sound Speedy-j can only dream about.”