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In december the people of the kraakpiep forum gathered their forces to make a definitive top 10 of greatest releases in 2009. This top represents the kraakpiep forum in all diversity. Take a look and make sure you listen to all the releases you missed last year!

1 Kettel – Myam James Part 2 (Sending Orbs) … se/1760097
2 The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Here Be Dragons (Ad Noiseam) … ter/188433
3 Imminent – Cask Strength (Ant-Zen) … ter/187863
4 Tim Exile – Listening Tree (Warp Records) … ster/25078
5 Industrieel Erfgoed (Ketacore) … se/1668100
6 Stendeck – Sonnambula (Tympanik Audio) … se/1642235
7 The Outside Agency – Reality Collapse / Hell’s Basement (Independenza Records) … ter/111330
8 Ochre – Like Dust Of The Balance (Benbecula) … se/1855717
9 Yagya – Rigning (Sending Orbs)
10 Raoul Sinier – Tremens Industry (Ad Noiseam) … se/1964127

Partys I’d go to..

22.aug.2009 Fuckparade @ Centre, Berlin

22.aug.2009 Fuckparade Afterparty @ Tacheles. Berlin
feat: Xol Dog 400, Intergalactic Purifier, Rioteer, Bart Hard, Heavy & more!

04.sep.2009 Audio Active @ Musicon, Den Haag
feat: Robbert Mononom, Mangler, King Pin, Bart Acid, Akira, Vexer & more!

11.sep.2009 Takketek feat. NYMNYR @ Willemeen, Arnhem
12.sep.2009 Losers Always Win invites Takketek @ ’t Steegske, Gent
feat: Cardiak, Suburbass, FFF, Apzolut, King Pin, Joyo, Bart Hard & more!

18.sep.2009 Incubate : Swiss Breakcore / Speedcore @ V39, Tilburg
with: Violent Assassin, Somtek, Indee & Corrosive

19.sep.2009 Incubate : Tyree Cooper @ V39, Tilburg

20.sep.2009 Incubate : Saxony Speedcore Force @ V39, Tilburg
SSF meets Freitod Records with: Nh3, Hakkiba, Derange & N8wandler

26.sep.2009 Noise Central Festival @ 013 Batcave, Tilburg
Detritus, Fractional, Tapage, ESA, DJ Distortedchaos & Cnfsd

02.okt.2009 Crack Beats 23 @ 013 Batcave, Tilburg
Zombieflesheater, Nano.strike, Dysphemic, Electerra, Rioteer, Bart Hard

31.okt.2009 Kraakpiep vs Ketacore @ Bazart, Den Haag
feat: B82, Baron Staalhard, Bart Hard, David K, E’de DJ Team, Hardnoize & more!

hope we meet at (some of) these partys!