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Urban Failure (Bratislava / Slovakia) lo-fi techno trash – Urbsounds Collective

+-Error (Germany) splitternoise – Xiangr Records

Fckn’ Bstrds (Netherlands) baggernoise for borderliners – Stront

Kristus Kut (Breda) ritualnoise – De Rebellenclub

Svartvit (Boxtel) harshnoisewall – Kwark

Surd Zillah (Gelderland) darknoise – Noise Terminal

Onkunde / Abismo (Veenendaal/Rotterdam) – harsh noise – Throat /

Nano.strike (Arnhem) noise performance – Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot

Holmen (Arnhem) flashnoise – Dawn Of A Dark Era

Bart Hard (Tilburg) oraganoise – Noise Core

Doodseskader (Duiveln) noise – Stront

Willemsplein 1, Arnhem
22.00 – 04.00

gratis entree



– Tzii (B)
– Youecho
– The Chase club
– Duflan Duflan (B)

-DRTMSTR’s Spiet-Korset
– OKC dj-team

And the worldwide Première of our film “Pessariüm in the Temple of Doom”


– Burn the Iris
– Tim Holehouse

Performance Art:
– Joan Healy (I)
– Peter Fengler
– Magic Untitled – “SCHNIETSCH”
– Machiel Marsé


– Heavy Metal Knikkeren!

– Madame Staubwedel – “Kindred Spirit”

– Heidi Unterpantsch

-Kristus Kut
-Paddo one

And a very special jamsession!

Intrubate Exhibition:

– Anita Hrnić (New Jacks 2.0)

The fourth edition of the international BUT film festival in Breda (NL) took place from September 9th until 13th. Extraordinary films of which you did not even know they had to be seen,were shown on the white screen during a five day extravaganza that takes you into the exceptional side of cinema.

——— Opening movie Cadavres ———
Tragicomedy Cadavres (2009) from director Eric Canuel is the opening movie of the BUT film festival. The movie is based on the book of François Barcelo. Reviews of the movie have been divergent since its release but the BUT program committee unanimously labelled this movie BUT-worthy.

abattoir rouge

——— Performances ———
Once again the rebellenclub was asked to supply the BUTFESTIVAL with colorful music performances that will end each festival day in style. This time every night has its very own special theme.
Once again the rebellenclub was asked to supply the BUTFESTIVAL with colorful music performances that will end each festival day in style. This time every night has its very own special theme.On the first night it’s all about rituals. From England the Akoustik Timbre Frekuentie will bring dark hypnotic sounds followed by the menacing sounds of Kristus Kut from Breda/Rotterdam. Closing act is OM Digidelica from Limburg who will make sound to an old Maya Deren film about voodoo.

The second night is filled with music and erotica. From Breda the Mental Plastic Body Filler with an electronic sound carpet illustrated by a fetish oriented show. Sort of the same concept but totally different is what Schulz from France does. Minimal harsh electro visually enhanced on stage by vdRey and Jungle Julia, ladies who know just what to do with needles.

Saturday will bring a futuristic kind of classic. From Italy the classically schooled Hexperos, a quartet with harp, violin, bass and a vocalist with a voice Wagner could only dream of. Romantic tunes as a start to the evening. From France Silencio de Metem. Bombastic singing and some sinister house beats. Closing act is Ybrid (also from France) leading the night to an ecstatic high with dark house.

Sunday. Filmic surf from the Surfaders (The Hague). Soundtracks dipped in surf. Swinging, catchy and definitely danceable. Who will also get you moving is Abattoir Rouge from Breda. Romantic madness wrapped up in some catchy electro punk. The third band is Staatseinde, Dutch electro that will also keep you swinging.


Donderdag 9 september futuristic rituals
ACG Vianen(poet)
Maja Jantar(poet)
Harry Zevenbergen(poet)

Vrijdag 10 september futuristic erotic
Nick J. Swarth(poet)
Coen van der Spek, Rijminstructeur met RUFT 22.30
Sven de Swerts(poet)
Andreas alias Mark Verver(poet)

Zaterdag 11 september (poetric afternoon)
Bestaande uit:
Philip Meersman (Belgie)
Peter Ian Waugh (U.K.)
Sergej Birjukov (Rusland) Fjorton (Noorwegen)

Zaterdag 11 september futuristic classic

Zondag 12 september futuristic party

St Janstraat 3a
4811 ZK Breda
George Mensink

diana ozon

——— Underground poetry at BUT filmfestival ———
A brand new section in this year’s BUTfilmfestival is the Underground Poetry Stage, from Thursday 9th of September, every night after the film program. Wednesday 8th of September is the opening night with a performance from poet, Diana Ozon .
Read more
——— New at BUT: Symposium ———
What defines the quality of film and who sets these standards?
To study values and standards and researching how the boundaries are shaped, this year a symposium will be held titled: “finding the borders and going beyond?”.
Read more


——— Jörg Buttgereit main guest on BUT 2010 ———

Jörg Buttgereit is a German film maker who will make an appearance on this year’s edition of the BUT film festival. His films are well known for the controversy they created worldwide.
Read more

vr 12 jun 09

Vatican Analog: Optimus Prime Noise festival: Kakawaka + Rinus van Alebeek

Horacio Pollard + Harshcore + The Jim Morrisons + Cock Cobra + Kamloops + Svartvit + Klitink

Na vorig jaar nog het Eurovision Noise Contest te hebben georganiseerd op het ZXZW festival, keert Vatican Analog dit voorjaar terug met de derde editie van het Optimus Prime Noise festival. En waarom de derde keer niet gelijk vieren met 3 dagen lang hartverscheurende noise? “Alweer noise?” horen we U denken.

Tja, het blijft pokkeherrie, maar da’s af en toe best wel lekker… toch? Hoe dan ook, de jongens en meisjes van Vatican Analog hebben een paar aardige regeltjes bedacht om het een beetje “leuk” te houden. Da’s 1: Iedere act mag maximaal 12 minuten spelen… je weet wel, om de spanning erin te houden… en nummer 2: de acts spelen om en om aan twee tafels, zonder tussenpozen… om er die flow in te houden. Leuk toch?

Ja, dit wordt leuk. De kick-off is dus vanavond in 013, waar alvast een zootje ongeregeld uit o.a. Nederland, Duitsland, Italië en de UK hun ding komen doen. Verwacht dadaistische idioterie van het Duitse Kakawaka (foto), gruizige tape manipulaties van Rinus van Alebeek, boze mexicana van de Brit Horacio Pollard en de povere electronica van het Italiaanse Harshcore. Verdere acts zijn The Jim Morrisons, Cock Cobra, Kamloops, Svartvit, Klitink en misschien wel meer! Als het allemaal gedaan is en er nog behoefte is om na te praten, of een schuchter voetje van de vloer te bewegen, zijn er nog de DJ’s Bart Hard en Das Gezicht om daarvoor de juiste sfeer neer te zetten. Dat alles voor maar 5 euro? Ja, het is belachelijk… U komt dus ook?

De complete line up ziet er als volgt uit: Doornen (NL), Kakawaka (DE), OMS NMA (BE), Odal (NL), Belch (NL), Harshcore (IT),
Cock Cobra (NL), Svartvit (NL), Cementimental (UK), Manuel Padding (NL), Stompboxer (NL), Puppkakkbaggrlull (NL), Horacio Pollard (UK), Shaun Barrett (US), Kevin Shea (US), Brown Jenkin (NL), Vrienden van de Duitse Keuken (NL), Rinus van Alebeek (DE), Kamloops (NL), Droise (JP), Kristus kut (NL), Klitink (NL), The Jim Morrisons (NL), Koroshiya (NL), Political Necroshemalebob (AU), Blue Shift (US)

Aanvang 20:30 | Zaal open 20:00 | VVK vanaf 23-5-2009
Tickets € 5,00 | Servicekosten € 0,50 | Bat Cave