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This amazing group of talented artist throughout the globe have come together to rinse the bass bins, and meet the carnage that is NEW YORK CITY!! BAR][CORE have been rinsing the streets and infecting every localoid into attending this massiv events consisting of some of the best and highest reputable artist’s this scene has to offer!

This installment will comemorate the landing of dearest friends from france, MONSTER X & KRUMBLE will take stage in NEW YORK CITY, along the likes of XANOPTICON & LADYSCRAPER both whom have destoryed our parties in the past, and NEW YORK’s finest RAXYOR and DIGIT216!@#$

The vinyl was pressed in quanity of 500 limited edition from London!

# Artist Track Length
1. KRUMBLE [FR] New Track 4:02
2. MONSTER X [FR] New Track 5:15
3. RAXYOR [USA] New Track 3:33
4. LADYSCRAPER [UK] New Track 4:11
5. XANOPTICON [USA] New Track 3:38
6. DIGIT216 [USA] New Track 2:58
Entire Album 23:37

Bangface Weekender [LIVE]

FFF – Queen Vic Tropical Mayhem
Hoonboy – 20 years of rave

Here are both of the fantastic mutant jungle sets from Thom and Tommy at this year’s Bangface Weekender.

FFF – Queen Vic Tropical Mayhem

01. Munchi – Shottas (FFF remix) [T & A records]
02. FFF – Kill a champion sound! [Murder Channel]
03. FFF – Wanna know [Unreleased]
04. FFF – Stand up [Murder Channel]
05. FFF – In – Out [Unreleased]
06 .FFF – On a mission [Unreleased]
07. FFF – Torturing soundbwoy [Murder Channel]
08. FFF – Takin’ it to the streets [Jigsore]
09. FFF – Ease the presure [MIndbender]
10. FFF – Give the dj a break [Unreleased]
11. FFF – The feeling [Planet Mu]

Hoonboy – 20 Years of Rave

01. The Prodigy – Out of Space [Hoonboy’s No Good Edit]
02. Fat Controller – Incomplete Darkness
03. Under Mi Sensi (X-Project Remix)
04. Big Bad and Heavy
05. Aphrodite – Stalker
06. Soundmurderer – Call Da Police
07. DJ Hype – Super Sharp Shooter
08. Top Cat – Burn the Sensi
09. DJ Heretic ft Top Cat – Scalp Dem
10. Urban Shakedown – Arsonist
11. Psychofreud – Murda Dem
12. Amen Andrews – London
13. 16 Armed Jack – Valley of the Shadows Remix
14. Noisia – Block Control ft. Cutty Ranks
15. Hoonboy – ‘Erb
16. Krumble – Time to Burn ft. Cutty Ranks
17. Johnny Clash – Movement
18. Tech Diff – Eat. Drink. Fuck.
19. Tech Diff – Snap Snap Aleph [Hoonboy’s Even Less Good Edit]

A note from Hoonboy:

I learnt a few lessons from this show. The main one being that once you get past a certain speed of performance, Ableton seems a bit flaky at capturing all of the control data accurately. As a result there are some instances in this recording where the drums are out of time. This did not occur in the performance, but as a result of the behaviour during bouncing of the Reaktor instruments I use to sequence and improvise my drum parts. Maybe next time I should take a leaf out of Tommy’s book and just use an audio recorder. Anyway, enjoy this set. It is 97% as good as the show I played – which ain’t bad by all accounts ;)

French Breakcore Special

December 13th, 2010


Photo by Lizukasan


THEMATICS is a weekly radio show, part of the Jaunt Collective on 2RRR-FM in Sydney. The theme is themes and they vary from genre-specific, to mixes and lyrical themes, across two hours. Special guests are often on the show to help select to suit whatever theme is chosen.


PLAYLIST – 11th December 2010

Sam Pleater – French Cancore
Randomatik Blast – Stcepsus
Monster X – Horrible Thing
Slam – Suicide Scherzo
Rotator – Fight Back
Mr. Kill – Brukout
Krumble – Usual Terror
Igorrr – Oeusophage De Tourterelle
Burglecut – Parle Moi Plutot
Broken NVEP – Hit the Raver
Doc Colibri – Faya Bumbaka
Ruby My Dear – The Dreaming Tree
Larsp – Melencoliah Tremor
Llamatron – Boby Dick
Helius Zhamiq – Zooby La Much
Mental D-Struction – Jeremie 25.30
Circuitsmasher – Tycon
Stazma – I Like Fishdicks!
Repeater – Dyslexic Funky Droid
Electric Kettle – Hoopin’n’Hollerin
Electromeca – Brutal Funk
Znobr The Break Fucker and N-T – Myst
Burglecut – Comment Draguer Dans Un Aeroport


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Krumble returns to Death$ucker Records with two stunning track “Autobahn” and “Bass Line Vision”. Available now on Promo 12″ vinyl and on 320kbps MP3 in the new Digital Downloads shop, along with many other quality Death$ucker releases all for just 50p!

Listen to Krumble tracks here:

A. Autobahn


AA. Bass Line Vision


Check out Krumble release info & purchase digital copies here:

Parasite’s set from the Overkill Tent @ Glade Festival in the summer of 2009. He played to a packed tent on Friday afternoon after only just making it on site in time! The crowd were all itching for some raggacore after hours of Dubstep and were wild throughout my set. It’s a bit of a Death$ucker Records marathon, but I hope you like it!


Download here:


  1. Cycheouts Ghost – Kw176 (De-Fragment)
  2. FFF – Punisher [DJ Shimamura RMX] (Murder Channel)
  3. Superkopter – Wonderful Land (Audio Bullet)
  4. DJ C – Who Wah Seek Yo (Death$ucker)
  5. Soundbites – No Dance Start The Goods (Death$ucker)
  6. Acrnym – Asbo Selecta (Death$ucker)
  7. Krumble – Time To Burn (Death$ucker)
  8. Senor Scram – Crablestien (Life4Land)
  9. Krumble – Autobahn (Death$ucker)
  10. Pisstank – Punching (Death$ucker)
  11. Kamerat Tord – Morans (Death$ucker)
  12. Parasite – Now Get Ill (Death$ucker)
  13. The Teknoist – Richie’s Breakcore Love Song (Death$ucker)
  14. Kola Kid – Can’T Hide Your Love (8bitcollective)
  15. Foxdye – Tacompton Mdma Booty Bang (Fukdup)
  16. Gizmode – Techsik Duncehall (Death$ucker)
  17. Foxdye – One Leg In The Booty Shorts (Fukdup)