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Signal Flow Podcast 20 | N-Vitral

The 20th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by N-Vitral!

It’s the 20th episode of the Signal Flow Podcast and it’s the last one of 2010! It’s been a great year for the podcast so I wanted to finish it off with someone special who’s been making some super dope music! He’s provided us with a really diverse pounding mix and I hope you really enjoy it!

So to everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Signal Flow Podcast will be back in 2011 with more great music! Stay tuned!

Here is a little bit about N-Vitral:

A live act of hypnotizing beats and a blend of unique patterns, underground vitality is released. On stage N-Vitral is able to heavily interact with his audience. Breaking up and deflecting his music into basic elements, he takes both curious onlooker and respected fan along the path of musical disorder.

Influenced by Converter and Autechre, Stefan Busker developed a fresh sound in his own music. Dark atmosphere and a mid-tempo to the point of soundscaping were some of the key ingredients which set his tracks apart from the rest. There is only one N-Vitral and his music proves this, the tracks have an original feel but the titles themselves become a language of their own. N-Vitral’s music has received astounding positive feedback from various DJ’s and producers from all over the world.

Check out his latest album ‘I Audioassault U’ on The Third Movement!

01. Nine Inch Nails – Somewhat Damaged
02. Manu le Malin vs Lenny Dee – Green Bison
03. Daft Punk – Rock’n Roll
04. Die Antwoord – Wat Pomp?
05. Dep Affect – Gravel
06. Converter – Death Time
07. Neil Landstrumm – Custard Traxx
08. N-Vitral – Telladge
09. Mute – Hospital
10. Placid K – G-Member
11. Unit Moebius – Point 1
12. Broken Rules – Dirt Box
13. Peaky Pounder – Testaa
14. Dep Affect – Purge
15. N-Vitral – Ghettocore
16. N-Vitral – Binck
17. Richie Gee – System Techno
18. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mitch & Tich – Hold Tight
19. Angerfist – Necroslave
20. Peaky Pounder – Viisi (N-Vitral Super Hit Version)
21. Monster X – Prowler
22. Otto von Schirach – End of the World
23. Kid606 – Parenthood

Visit him online at:

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Thanks for listening!

Here’s a collection of some nice flyers from the very past

Sorry for the partyflock logos, but there’s where the original ones are hosted (and you can see them on the website without logo)

Start The 98th Level · Activate Your Hardcore

Freitag der 13.


Beschädigt vs. Hardest Underground · The Need For Speed!

Audio Death

Hard as Hell

Supersonic Technicum

Turntable Terrorists

One Year Hardest Club Under Earth

Shadowlands · Rave Underground power

Crapshoot Hardcore · In Germany

Fuckparade · 1998

Synthetic War II

Tanz der Teufel

Riot in the city

Mibo’s 20th Anniversary

Hell ou Wien · Gabba & Acid on two floors

Remember Bunker · Terror On 2 Floors!


Doomsday · 2 years of SN.Hartcore

Hellcore on Christmas



The Story Of The Cenobites

Cosmetisc Stäbchen

Deadly Illusions

Back To Castle!

Hamburg Hardcore

Embrace The Darkness · Part II

Digital Illusion

1 Jahr Hakke im Stellwerk

3 Jahre Klangkrieg

Terrorize Twister · from dusk till dawn

Total Darkness · Symbiont

International Underground

Alle im Eimer! · Love & Fuck Chillout

Electronic Invasion

Planet Hardcore

Dark Energy Rhythm

Mibo’s 21st Anniversary

Hard ‘n’ Dark

Embrace The Darkness · Part III

Uwaga II


Operation Nordcore IV · We Call It Hartcore!

Eardrug · Never underestimate the power of hardcore

End of Days

Scheiß aufs Millenium, Wir wollen Hardcore

Staddome · Hardcore Night

Hamburg vs. Berlin · part II

Utterly Wipe Out!

Hell or heaven · part 1

Fuckparade 2k Party

Bass Parade

Utterly Wipe Out



Break Down The Walls

Dark Energy Rhythm · part II

Skull ‘n Bones Party

Well Darkness III

Sir Harris Tunes · Beat Offensive

Peace Off Records


Utterly Wipe Out!

Welcome To Hell · Hakk Up Your X-Mas

Utterly Wipe Out!

When Techno meets Hardhouse

Spectral Noise

Utterly Wipe Out!

Hell or heaven · part 2

From Hell · The Dark Side Of Easter


Utterly Wipe Out!

Big Bang

Nuclear Overkill

Strukturbruch · Auftakt


Utterly Wipe Out!

Tresor.core special

Fuckparade 2001 · International Underground

Bloody Fist

Bloody Fist

Aderlass · Bloody Fist

Live Evil London V

Strukturbruch · Concrete Jungle

Cross Fade Enter Tainment · Get Fucked

Nuclear Overkill II · Battle Of Underground

Terror Struck · DJ Twilight Bday

Strukturbruch · Konsequenz

Death In the Town


Nuclear Overkill · Hardcore Ueber Alles

Live Evil 666

Klangkrieg · Neo Rave

Doomsday · 5 Years

Utterly Wipe Out!


Sick & Twisted

Smash Capitalism

Utterly Wipe Out!

All-Out Demolition

Enter the Deathchant

Hell or heaven · part 4


Sick & Twisted

Utterly Wipe Out!

Live Evil 7

Corefusion II


Morgengrauen · From Industrial To Speedcore

No Speed Limit

Fuckparade · Soli & WarmUp-Party

Sick & Twisted

Utterly Wipe Out!

All-Out Demolition · II

Utterly Wipe Out!

Strukturbruch und Widerstand

Broken Beat Madness

Hell or heaven · part 5

Sick & Twisted

Utterly Wipe Out!

Nordcore Attack

Hakke meets Tekkno 1

Klangkrieg · Low Pop Artefacts

Doomsday · 666 year of Sn.hc

thanks to the original uploaders!

It’s april, almost may, and it’s a good month to make a review of the best records & cd’s from 2008 ! 🙂

I was sorting out what records I have bought from 2008 and 2009 by the use of my discogs.. here’s the result of all the must haves or just go check-it-outs from the recent past:

Doornen    Caveman Prototype
Leviathan / Crebain    Leviathan/Crebain Split
Various    Angriff
Rioteer    Crack Beats #2
Robert Inhuman    Identity
Mancubus vs Mr. Porc    Solitude EP
Carnage    A Piece For Assorted Lunatics
Eustachian & Teknoist*    Drunk Drunken Drunkard
Mouse & No Name     Untitled
Leviathan     Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
Merzbow / Band Of Pain    The Celebration Of The Lizard / March Of The Myriapoda
Death Storm    We Are Deathstorm
Various    Ministry Of Shit 2
Passenger Of Shit    Untitled
Passenger Of Shit    Dingo Donga Up Ya Bunga
Various    I & I Relations
Maruosa    Untitled
Genghis Tron    Board Up The House
Berzerker, The    The Reawakening
Bart Hard    Noise Core E.P.
Franz Fjödor    Sequence
Various    Maschinenfest 2008
Christoph De Babalon    Scylla & Charybdis
Anonymous    Anonymous Series Volume One
Various    Rigormortis Records No. 1
Ra-X    Cracktown Tilburg
Realicide / Capital Hemorrhage    Split EP
Vague_Entity    Play With Your Mind
Drokz & Mr. Courage*    This Is Terror 9
Lowtek / Jensen / Massacre, The    The Lost Luggage E.P.
Various    MKMKapotMoet 21 March 2008
Various    EP Koi Enkor !?
Various    Show The Love
Unibomber    D.P.H.C.E.P.
Various    Kampfansage Projekt Hardcore
Painbringer    Street Knowledge
Heretik     No Obvious Signs Of Abuse
DJ Narotic Vs Lenny Dee    Ring Around The Pit
Various    Industrieel Erfgoed
JeRe    La Glace A La Viande EP / Urban Break Corps Vol 02
Various    Attraktion From The Other Side

DJ Narotic vs Lenny Dee – Ring Around The Pit


A1: Brooklyn Bronx Mix
B1: Bobby Tense Vs Nevermind Manhattan Mix
B2: Delta 9 Chicago Mix


1. Eddy Wally – Dans mi amore
2. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig – Wop wop wop
3. Da Highlandz – Samba Hidrofobico
4. Snap – The Power
5. Overcast – I will Attack
6. Denekamps Gespuis – Gas met die Zooi (Tha Playah remix)
7. Technohead – Banana-na-na (Wicked remix)
8. The DJ Producer – Screamers Revenge
9. Scott Brown & Darrien Kelly – Geleihoofd
10. Cypress Hill – Insane in the Brain
11. DVE – Erwtensoep (Dat Tuig remix)
12. Mr Oizo – Flat Beat
13. Negrocan – Cada vez
14. E(‘)de DJ Team – Sambacore
15. Peaky Pounder & Lenny Dee – Digital Crack
16. RMB – Spring
17. The Outside Agency – Dirty
18. Westbam – Celebration Generation
19. Dj Arjuna & Beyonder – Shoot That Motherfuck
20. DJ Hidden – The Gehenna Device
21. I:Gor – Funk off
22. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Your Smile
23. Osiris – Remember the Name
24. Current Value – Unpardonable Deeds
25. Da Highlandz – Ich will dich haben
26. Wedlock & Comababy – Void Sector (Hymn)
27. Bonehead – Smash Brace in the Face