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Junglefever meets Bong Selecta_Da Best Herbs Of Jungle Vol 2


Irieginal Abraham- Ganja Gun [Lickshot Dub]
Shitmat- Whitelabel Unity
Warped Dynamics- Lord Of The Amens
Abio Genesis- Poison The Living
Dialekt- Badman
Nkogliaz- Soundbwoy Killah
Diamond Geezer- Pussyhole Dub
The DSC ft Scion- Burn Down The System
Craveone- Original Sound
Alaba$$$tar- Zu Sp├Ąt Uffjestanden
Sumone- Hush The Fuck Up
Livewire- Mash It Up
Soundmurderer- Dubplate Murderer
16 Armed Jack- The True Champion
FRX- 061203
The Archangel- Rough And Rugged
Smokah- Bawling For Soundclash
The Archangel & Dub V Dainjah- Ganja Tune
Kip Killagain- Say So jungle mix
Illicit- Give I The Power

192 kbps
61:25 min
Mixed by Junglefever
Selected by Junglefever & Bong Selecta

Keep it real, Keep it vinyl, and Keep ur eyes open for forthcoming Lickshot releases,
Bomba Cut 001, and more mixes…big tings inna 2010! Peace and Respect 2 All