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alphacut 008 out now!

acr008 done in september 2008, white 12″ vinyl with yellow and black details, including eleven locked grooves

a1 line 47 thousand year descent into ruffness
a2 bop noosphere
b1 throttler black highway
b2 mendelayev i’m zombie

to push the boundaries of what was known as drum&bass, was alphacut’s primary aim when it was founded six years ago. this time it seems as if this goal has finally been reached: four playable uptempo smashers by promising artists from all over this crazy little planet. each one running his totally unique business, though all songs feel united by their obvious intention to expand the one they used to call the drum&bass. everything is possible: hard hittin electronica, deep darkstep and edgy drumfunk. this is it, welcome 2008!

“fast and dancefloor compatible, but a great mental movie at the same time. typical alphacut” (kreuzer)

Machine Girl 12″ – adn97

Re-mastered, re-cut and given a whole record on their own, the four tracks written by Enduser and Line 47 back in 2007 get a second life on Ad Noiseam. Ranging from the most aggressive and noisy breakcore to melodic, syncopated material, the material on this record shows both producers at the top of their form and still is, 5 years after their original release on Sonicterror, a pearl of the breakcore scene.

A1. .xm
A2. it
B1. I Never Knew
B2. Enduser: Port 666 (remix by Line 47)

Originally released in 2003 as part of a split between Machine Girl and Enduser on the late Sonicterror label, the four Machine Girl tracks on this record are the fruit of a collaboration between Enduser and Line 47 (who were also running Sonicterror). Meeting a frantic success upon its release, reaching meaningless price on eBay and badly in need of a better, louder mastering, these tracks get a second life on a record on their own on Ad Noiseam. Yes, DJ are finally going to be able to DJ these tracks without having to crank the mixer all the way up.

Recorded at the same time as some of the most well known Enduser material, the Machine Girl material combine Lynn Standafer’s noisy breakcore fury (obvious on “.xm”) with the intricate and slightly more melodic side of Scott Weber’s Line 47. Ranging from the relatively straight distorted beats of “.XM” to the chopped up, very Enduser-esque violent dancehall of “It” to the subtle, complex and catchy bass lines of “I Never Knew”, and ending with Line 47‘s remix of Enduser‘s “Port 666”, syncopated, shattered and still humane, Machine Girl still impress 5 years after the original release of these tracks by their variation and drive. May it be in their most aggressive moments or in the softer ones, they manage to send an audience packing a dancefloor, and still interest and keep the attention level high.

Green static hasn’t never sound so good, paradoxically so clear and so hard at the same time. More than a plunge in the past of two of the most recognized American producers, but a clean-up and a new presentation of unmissable material, and a new occasion for Machine Girl to impress.

Line 47:

Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux
Mastering by C-Drik.