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just found a download link to some old mixtape by Novokain (Troops Of Doom)

info from the old Troops of Doom website:

Simply put, if Satan was a DJ, this would be his mixtape. This tape is by far the best mixtape ever to have graced my ears. True speedkore and deathkore here. The mixing here is dead on, with tons of scratching, and great track selection. Last 15 minutes of side 2 are Bezerker tracks. Get this tape and see what the shoddy L.A. promoters are missing out on. New J-card design cause we feel like it. Do not be fooled by imposters!!!

Thanks to the original uploader & the original Necromancer recodings label! great stuff from the late ’90’s, if anyone can help me find the other tapes would be amazing! 


old interview as found on Troops of Doom:

Novokain – the best DJ that LA’s never heard of. Representing the GSM and Troops of Doom, Novokain is as hard as they get. Both on the decks and in producing his own tracks, Novokain’s style is a hard pounding bassline littered throughout with distorted guitars, death metal vocals, and just the right amount of evil samples. Oh, and fast as fuck, too!!! Anyone who has listened to any of Novokain’s tapes be it Gorefest Stench, Hardcore Militia, Shit-Fuck, or Lion’s Den 3 can’t argue that Novokain fucks it up on the decks.

“I first started spinning three and a half years ago at my friend DJ Ellament’s house, since he was the first person I knew who had tables.” said Novokain when asked when he first started spinning. Even when first starting out, Novokain would try and get his hands on anything that sounded extreme. Novokain elaborates more on the subject… “I started off spinning Rotterdam stuff, since that’s all the record shops would stock, but I would always try to find harder stuff. More noize, more terror… more ‘Umph’!!!”

Every DJ or producer has their share of influences, and Novokain is no exception. On the DJ influence, R.A.W., DJ Efex, Baseck, Mark N, and DJ Ellament all get high marks from Novokain. For producers, “Well, there’s a shitload. For startes, all the Fisters, especially Netas, Memetic, and Syndicate.”. He goes on to name other producers like Jack Lucifer, Eiterherd, Somatic Responses, “The man” Lasse Steen, Acid Enema, Christoph De Babalon, Newskin, and others that he can’t remember right off the top of his head.

When asked about how Novokain felt on the sudden Dutch and Rotterdam trend, Novokain stated “I don’t remember it getting the fuck out! Rotterdam WAS good ya know.”

What does Novokain see for the future of the Gabber/Speedkore Militia, the Troops of Doom, and the Southern California gabber producers that keep popping up more and more by the day? “I see a little scene within us… this is OUR scene. We the makers ‘make’ the scene, and it’ll keep getting bigger and better. More labels will pop up hopefully.”

(c) 1999 Troops Of Doom … eternal respect to you guys!

Listen streaming:…nd-midwest-memories/

Download mp3:

All vinyl, one take as always. Mixed September 2010 in Hong Kong at the Mystic Junk Studios, Inc.


00:00 Dub & Run – Young Folks [Dub & Run]
04:32 16bit – Swine Flu [Audio Freaks]
06:58 Dave Clarke – Shake Your Booty [Deconstruction]
11:22 Jeff Mills – The Extremist [Tresor]
14:42 Tesox – Go Ahead London [Plastic City]
17:51 DJ Hyperactive – Axxe Attack [Drop Bass Network]
22:20 Fanon The Big Kid – Thrust [Drop Bass Network]
26:00 Rowland The Bastard – Jupiter Stroll [Bionic Orange]
30:50 Roots – Racing Car [Adam & Eve]
33:11 Goio – Basic Needs [Drop Bass Network]
37:16 Somatic Responses – Nova 166 [Drop Bass Network]
40:42 Choose – Light Removal [Drop Bass Network]
44:55 Johnny Cash – Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart [Columbia]
46:32 Influid II – Push The Button [Influence]
49:58 Delta 9 – The Hate Tank (Buckwild Mix) [Drop Bass Network]
53:03 Delta 9 – Watch Yer Back [Industrial Strength]
56:30 Nasenbluten – Cocksucker [Industrial Strength]
57:22 Nasenbluten – Cuntface [Industrial Strength]
61:37 Scarface – Among The Walking Dead [Motown]
63:04 Syndicate – Appetite For Destruction [Bloody Fist]
67:11 Doormouse – Beer Theme [Distort]
69:51 Doormouse – Cult of AOL [Distort]
73:28 Nasenbluten – Treadmill [Bastard Loud]
75:28 Memetic – More Fukd Crap Muzak [Bloody Fist]
77:21 Stunt Rock – I Cant Believe I Ate You Out. [Addict]
80:05 Hammer Bros – Untitled from Police Story [Digitalhut Sounds]
80:50 Amiga Shock Force – Kik Me [Blut]
83:37 Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention – Help I’m A Rock (Suite In Three Movements) [Verve]