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Mindfuck Mondays presenteert Beyond The A-Sides

100% oldskool 100% vinyl

20:00 – 01:00
2 euro

Sacred Forces
Bart Acid
Baron Staalhard

@ cafe de vinger
Bagijnenstraat 25
Den Haag


Maandag 7 februari vindt een nieuwe editie van Mindfuck Mondays plaats, in Café De Vinger in Den Haag. Op deze avond wordt de aandacht gevestigd op de onbekendere oldschool platen, geen hits die je elke week overal kan horen maar alleen obscure oldschool tracks, denk aan labels als PCP, Suburban Base en Rabbit City.
Alle dj’s zullen speciaal voor deze maandag hun oudste plaatjes afstoffen om de bezoekers te verrassen met de te gekke beats, breaks, 303’s en juno’s. Baron Staalhard, Bart Acid, Sacred Forces, FFF en Newk zullen die oude B-sides draaien en dus niet die ‘klappers’ die je op elk oldschool feest tegen komt!
Als je van de echte old school sound houdt, dan mag je dit feest niet missen.
Het feest duurt van 20.00u tot 01.00u en de entree bedraagt 2 euro.

every monday in Cafe ‘de Vinger’ (The Hague, NL)

hightligts up next:

MFM#129 – Circuit Breakdown 01

event on facebook natuurlijk niet vergeten!

Circuit BreakDown 01

Dubstep, Darkstep, 8bit, Tekno, Frenchcore, Uk Core, Breakcore
Strange Noises and Trippy Visuals

from 19.00 to 01.00


Charly Linch (NL)
Chem D (IT) vs Mez (NL) a.k.a. The Audiogrinders
Explicit (NL)
Melvin Tegno (NL)
Phlex (IT)
Nanimo (NL/IT)


BlackHat (IT)
N-X (NL)
Dave Pixelshift (NL)
Vanzo (IT)
ViaducTape (NL)

19:00 // 2 euro

Entrance: €2,-. free Beer before 21:30!


Oh oh tekno


MFM#130 – TK07 present: oh oh tekno

Wanneermaandag, 31. jan 2011


Net als je denkt dat de televisie serie volledig uitgemolken is doet TK07 nog een poging de laatste beetjes uit de uiers van het concept te melken, daarom Oh Oh Tekno!

TK07 host maandag 31 januari een avond tijdens Mind fuck mondays in de vinger in den haag. Zoals je van TK07 gewend bent wordt er veel tekno gedraaid met een vleugje industrial en early hardcore. Voor de line-up komen veel vaste huis dj’s mee van TK07.


Ernhems Mannencore
Milan Hermess

De avond begint om 20:00 uur en eindigt om 1:00 entree is er vanaf 21 uur en bedraagt 2 euro! voor dit kleine bedrag bespaar je jezelf een saaie maandagavond op de bank en kun je de hele avond dansen zonder dat het zo laat wordt dat je dinsdag niks meer kunt. Zorg dat je erbij bent dus!



Beyond the a-sides


maandag, 7. februari
Beyond the A-sides
100% oldskool 100% vinyl 

20:00 – 01:00
2 euro

Sacred Forces
Bart Acid
Baron Staalhard

@ cafe de vinger
Bagijnenstraat 25
Den Haag


Venue: Café de Vinger – Bagijnestraat 25 in The Hague (next to the city hall).
Mind Fuck Mondays, every monday from 20:00-01:00.
Entrance €2,-. Before 21:30 you get a free drink.
OPROEP Ben jij een organisatietalent? Boek dan een Mind Fuck Mondays en programmeer vernieuwende en experimentele muziek!
Check de agenda hieronder voor de beschikbare data. Formulier om een avond te organiseren:

Mindfuck mondays & wreck havoc present:
september 13th
Wreck havoc
Cafe de vinger, bagijnestraat 25, Den Haag
2 euro

Massakiss (US/NL) LIVE
MassaKiss is contemporary conceptual sound art/historical research + reinterpretation cleverly disguised as the best gay club music you’ve never heard. MassaKiss songs are not meant for physical release. They exist everywhere. Take them somewhere nice.

Mirra + fay (RU) LIVE
Mirra – the Moscow musician, one of the most promising on the Russian extravagant electronic music scene. Artem, brought up on Dutch Happy Hardcore and UK Breakbeat Hardcore since the childhood, has managed to pour the soul even in such, apparently, rigid and uncompromising style as Breakcore. His music is full of melody and vital energy, constant aspiration to experiments and a drive – he perfectly feels a present rhythm, combining in reasonable proportions idm, drum’n’bass and breakcore. It can be safely told – Artem has opened his own new style – romantic breakcore. In January 2007 appeared his first release on label Acidsamovar – AcSa003 Mirra – Never Knows Best. Mirra became the first in Russia who has let out the breakcore release on a vinyl record. In the summer of 2007 Mirra meets well-known Moscow MC, the vocalist – Fay, – and they create joint project Mirra+Fay, acting since then exclusively together. In this time the collective has time to let out composition Firefly on vinyl Various Artists, and as some compositions on various collections and digital labels (Make shift). In 2009 the duet played on one of experimental parties Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot in Rotterdam. Shaking to depth of the soul, expressive and sensual Fay’s vocal has lifted Mirra’s music to new level, and bright, qualitative and original Mirra’s music has allowed to open all potential of talented singer Fay. Everyone, who just once visited Mirra+Fay’s live performances for a long time remains under big impression – rare music capable to exhale so much positive emotions!

Baron Staalhard (NL) DJ
Ketacore head honcho Baron Staalhard is the label’s best, worst & only dj. playing styles ranging from christian pop music to daggering dancehall anthems, he has a great collection of music, but absolutly no mixing skills.

Newk (NL) DJ
Dancing on the boundries of sonic perception, while trying to visit as
much as possible facets of- and the duality of life (fruitful & decaying)
at once. This as the avatar “Newk” (a combination of the words new and
Started out as one of those kids trying to get the most out of his Amiga
computer and the Korg MS-20 he took over from his mom. Then moved on to
virtual studio stuff with the same approach.
Beorn Lebenstedt, born in Wuppertal, Germany, moved to The Netherlands at
the age of 2 and grew up in Arnhem. Moved to Rotterdam in 2000 to meet the
Wreck Havoc crew and Dstruct collective.
began dj’ing at freehouseparties and squat-restaurants…
Always been obsessed with electronic and digital sound… especially weird
sounds, that is possible this way, and there seems no end to it what makes
it so exiting to him.
Often plays immersive atmospheric that is combined with raw sounds because
they are so contradicting.
manages to find new ways to convince the listener that what he plays is
all danceable music too.

FFF (nl) DJ
FFF started making music mid 90s, influenced by Jungle, breakbeat hardcore, digital hardcore. He released his music on labels like Planet Mu, Kool.Pop, Mindbender, Sprengstoff, Hong Kong Violence, K-produktions, Sonic Beligeranza, Ketacore.
His 1st full length album “20.000 hardcore members can’t be wrong” will be out soon on the japanese Murder Channel label.
He organised the now legendary breakcore a gogo events (together with Bong-Ra) at Waterfront Rotterdam and is now organizing the Wreck havoc parties.
Toured around the world playing from festivals to squat parties.
Live you can expect a blend of Jungle, Riotbeats, raggacore, electro, Rave with a dose of gabba.


monday, august the 23rd
ketacore records + mindfuck mondays
present a night with evil ambient,
soundscapes, noise, and beats from:

aka monotonaut [ canada ]

hands + ant zen [ amsterdam ]

worm + wreck havoc [ rotterdam ]

cenobytes [ den haag ]

ketacore [ hillegom ]

ketacore [ scheveningen ]

cafe de vinger
bagijnestraat 25, den haag
21.00 till 02.00 – eur 4,00 +