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-two older futurecore mixes by dj high society…
taken from the hamburg hardcore radio…

Futurecore Mix Part 1

Futurecore Mix Part 2


High Society – Future Core Mix Part 1

Somatic Responses – Sickwave
Society Of Unknowns – Dead By Dawn
Frozen – Out Of The Light
Rat of Doom – Untitled (Test 5)
Somatic Responses – Passage
Low Entropy – N-dustrial
Hall – Huge Mix
Low Entropy – Cyberspace
Low Entropy – Symphony of Creative Destruction
Low Entropy – Desire
Current 909 – Hospitalism
Frozen & Dr Macabre – Dimension Of The Doomed
Lunatic Asylum – Near the Core
Somatic Responses – Freezing Point
Low Entropy – Trashed
Frozen – The Forest
Lory D – Lochnar
Lory D – Effetto M

High Society – Future Core Mix Part 2

Supernal – Liberty And Justice For Us
E-de Cologne – Excalibur
Christoph De Babalon – Pleased With Being Alive
Christoph De Babalon – Residuum
Somatic Responses – Vaster
Christoph De Babalon – Nameless #2
Low Entropy – I Am God
Low Entropy – The Truth
Noface – Love Or Kill
Test Tube Kid – Private Eyes
Senical – Blized
Taciturne – Phenprocoumon
Cyberchrist – Information Revolution Part 2
Taciturne – Haematopan F
Demoiselle Douce Innocence – Untitled (Anticore 3)
Taciturne – Mourning
Eradicator – Used against Us
Mouse – Vlad
Eradicator – Worringen
Mouse – Shift
Low Entropy – Crystalline

-an old acidcore set by Low Entropy… link

some other old livesets by Low Entropy are also online now…
low entropy @
low entropy @ ms stubnitz
low entropy @ den haag part 1
low entropy @ den haag part 2
low entropy @ all-out demolition! III part 1
low entropy @ all-out demolition! III part 2
low entropy @ hamburg hardcore radio part 1
low entropy @ hamburg hardcore radio part 2


Vrijdag 5 December 2008
Lost in Sequence IV

@ Club Bazart
Loosduinsekade 725
Den Haag
??:?? – 05:00

Voorlopige line-up:

MOUSE (live, FR, Fraktal, No-tek, Reverse, Anticore, UPR, etc etc) /

NO NAME (live, FR, Fischkopf, No-Tek, Reverse, Homicide, etc etc) /

MATT FRAKTAL (dj set, FR, Fraktion Recordings, MiniCrunch, Fraktal, Network 23, KS) /

ROM1 (dj set, FR, Korr Factory, DDT, Core-Tex, Hypnoise)

MYCIAA (FR, electropunk duo from Limousin!)

More artists, flyer & opening time to be announced soon, expect a nice clash of underground subculture…