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mr oizo nazis
sebastian russell funny like i’m a clown
secret mommy daycare
eight frozen modules my garden
lesser obligatory glitch worship
matmos steam and sequins for larry levan
matmos tract for valerie solanas
eats tapes animal minded
kero untitled [on acid again]
para one turtle trouble
tobias schmidt limbo bobo
havanna exotica surfin’ on moog
glen velez atom™ remix
cassetteboy [untitled 09]
moderat [feat. paul st. hilaire] let your love grow
secret mommy tennis court
uffie ready to uff
fym i feel right like [having a party tonight]
conceal febian
phoenecia boombonic plague [gorge! binge! purge! edit]
kero untitled [on acid again]
inch-time voyage to brobdingnag
havanna exotica surfin’ on moog
[a]pendics.shuffle dirty bed
uffie pop the glock [sebastian remix]
fym i feel right like [having a party tonight]
secret mommy tennis court
ellen allien & apparat do not break
cardopusher i’m going to rave your ass up like an accident
cardopusher at the same time [mothboy remix]
modeselektor my mosque is my cathedral
loefah goat stare
o.lamm deconstructed by erich zahn
subjex kebab digestion booster
jackson moog acid rmx
armando turn my shit up
[a]pendics.shuffle optimal clamour
bruno pronsato seria suerte
fym move your feet
dafluke i wish [marcel knopf remix]
radiq rip, rig and panic
dafluke err9r-prone [err9rfitzfixedmix]
s-max jackin’ box energy
westend ghetto glitchgirls
dafluke i wish [marcel knopf remix]
[a]pendics.shuffle you better [kick down] – mark henning rmx
fym i feel right like [having a party tonight]
dell & flügel 4 door body cell
pinch qawwali
modeselektor silikon [grime remix]
loefah & skream fearless
appleblim girder
dragibus boule [viens ici]!
s isabella take on me
donna summer bicycle race
modeselektor turn deaf!
din-st i can’t stop it
spank rock backyard betty
funkstörung punk motherfucker
conceal tito
satanicpornocultshop porque te vas
grim dubs vol. 5
phon.o ridin’ dirty
modeselektor dancing box [sleeparchive remix]
glynis jones schlum rooli
satanicpornocultshop get ur freak on
swedish panic porno mirrorball bike rider
charles mingus

Mixed + chopped at Stormcrow Towers, April 2006 by Pete Stormcrow + Dancon1…..



1. Eddy Wally – Dans mi amore
2. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig – Wop wop wop
3. Da Highlandz – Samba Hidrofobico
4. Snap – The Power
5. Overcast – I will Attack
6. Denekamps Gespuis – Gas met die Zooi (Tha Playah remix)
7. Technohead – Banana-na-na (Wicked remix)
8. The DJ Producer – Screamers Revenge
9. Scott Brown & Darrien Kelly – Geleihoofd
10. Cypress Hill – Insane in the Brain
11. DVE – Erwtensoep (Dat Tuig remix)
12. Mr Oizo – Flat Beat
13. Negrocan – Cada vez
14. E(‘)de DJ Team – Sambacore
15. Peaky Pounder & Lenny Dee – Digital Crack
16. RMB – Spring
17. The Outside Agency – Dirty
18. Westbam – Celebration Generation
19. Dj Arjuna & Beyonder – Shoot That Motherfuck
20. DJ Hidden – The Gehenna Device
21. I:Gor – Funk off
22. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Your Smile
23. Osiris – Remember the Name
24. Current Value – Unpardonable Deeds
25. Da Highlandz – Ich will dich haben
26. Wedlock & Comababy – Void Sector (Hymn)
27. Bonehead – Smash Brace in the Face


The New Worck 174 of Semiomime

Dark music! Dj Hidden aka Semiomime! IDM, breakbeats, downtempo & experimental. According to his myspace Semiomime sounds like a device that seems to convey some (unknown) meaning, but is designed specifically for the sole purpose of suggesting meaning, and hence really has no meaning other than the intent to deceive! The night, his favourite part of the day! Hiding from the world!
– The Art Of Noise – Out Of This World (Edit)
– Plaid – Ol
– Speedy J – Actor Nine
– Squarepusher – Fat Controller
– Semiomime – Grasshopper (Breakbeat Edit)
– Curtis Chip – Cars Are Awesome
– Semiomime – 4AM
– Coldcut – [Takeout]
– Blue T-Shirt – Lifespan of Thought
– AFX – AFX2
– Random Breakbeat 01
– Reso – Holograms
– Snippet From Donnie Darko
– Polygon Window – Quixote
– Drexciya – The Plankton Organization
– Dj Hidden – Breathholder
– New Order – Confusion (Remix)
– Random Breakbeat 02
– Aphex Twin – ICCT Hedral
– The Outside Agency – Acid Track #1
– The Art Of Noise – Moments In Love
– Source Direct – Mindweaver
– Mr.Oizo – Analog Worms Attack
– Funkstorung – The Zoo
– Autoclav – Small Days (DJ Hidden Remix)
– Detritus – Interripted (DJ Hidden Remix)
– Dj Hidden – Here Lies The Confusion
– Semiomime – Another’s Eyes

Download the mix here: Semiomime – 60 Minutes Of Semiomime

Artist Links:
Dj Hidden
Dj Hidden Myspace