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[Chase 060] – [Deep] Into The Abyss – 3xCD Electronic Compilation

After 9 years of dedication to free underground electronic music, I’ve reached to the decision that the time has come for Chase Records Netlabel to plunge into the depths of the Internet ocean, probably forever.

Yes, dear friends and listeners, you’ve guessed it, this means Chase Records will stops its activities with that 60th and LAST release.

But in any mean I could stop the label without putting all my efforts in trying to offer a last groundbreaking release. So, for this last session I’ve contacted various artists I love, from all around the world, to ask them to create / send a track they feel to be related with the theme of the abyss. I give them a white card to submit what could be their ideal soundtrack for a diving to the darkest depths of the ocean.

35 of them answered positively to this request and send 36 – believe me – absolutely awesome tracks, covering a wide range of styles and BPM.

As I really wanted this compilation to sound and look professional, I’ve asked to Arnaud Ruffieux (Ruff-Tang Laboratories / Switzerland –

) to provide the mastering for the tracks and Arnaud Coeffic aka Arco / Sonic Area (France) to create the artwork of the release.

The final result of all these concerted efforts is this incredible 3 CDs compilation, available for free, and just waiting for you to hit the download button and PLAY IT OUT LOUD!

Honestly, I couldn’t hope more for a last release! So I would like to thank every contributing artists, as I would also like to thank all the previous Chase Records artists, friends, listeners and contributors during those 9 years of pure experience in the awesome world of hard and dark electronic music.


Tracklist :
Cd 1 : “The Cold Seeps”

01 – Cubic Nomad : The Strange Creatures Of The Cold Darkness
02 – Heathcliff Aaldrin : Turritopsis
03 – Subterrestrial : Dockside Scuffle
04 – Tonal Verges : The Universe Is Indifferent
05 – Noistruct : Backburn
06 – ZandoZ Corp. : A World Consumed
07 – Valovoima : Vertical Migration Of Zooplankton
08 – BWK : Last Place On Earth
09 – Christian Fiesel : Destroyer Of Worlds
10 – Low Entropy : Drone 3
11 – Les Expériences Quotidiennes : Soul Of The Black Pearl
12 – Swell Sounds : Adhesion

Cd 2 : “The Demersal Zone”

01 – Dark Frequencer : The Sea Nymph’s Lullaby
02 – Helius Zhamiq : Plenitude Of The Depths
03 – Hyena : Drawing Energies From Chtonian Sources
04 – Rioteer : Aquatic Drop Phenomenon
05 – Fifth Era : 11-12-13
06 – Kantelian : Tempests Wrought To Drown My Sorrow
07 – Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat : Alle Aaltojen Syvien
08 – HFK vs. Mr. Porc : Submarine World
09 – Convectorh : Bioluminescence
10 – Crepuscular : Orbitofrontal Cortex
11 – Tzii : Through The Abyss
12 – SiJ : Drifting Across The Chasm

Cd 3 : “The Benthic Zone”

01 – Mental D-struction : Natural Shift
02 – eSege : Intellectual Animal, In The Abyss
03 – Mess Head : Rapture
04 – AnTraxid : Running On Our Enemys
05 – Former Descent : Enter The Abyss
06 – Edgeist : Descent
07 – Nano.strike : Trashfactory
08 – DJ Freak: The Abyss Of Terror
09 – Les Neiges Noires De Laponie : Shrapnel
10 – Bunk Data : Benthos
11 – Spectrical : Circling Shadows
12 – Nic TVG : Something Like Blue

All tracks mastered by Arnaud Ruffieux @ Ruff-Tang Labs (Switzerland)

Download links :
[Chase 060] – [Deep] Into The Abyss [MP3 320 kbps – Incl. Artwork]

[Chase 060] – [Deep] Into The Abyss [Flac – Incl. Artwork]

Mirror links  :
Sonic Squirrel :
Cd1 :

Cd2 :

Cd3 :

Mininova (Torrent) :

Release page : … 0516573180


Nano.strike’s new ep Data With a Soul will be available on on July 17th.
8 tracks including 3 remixes by: Miles Courtney, Apzolut and Missqulater.

Into Digital Oblivion 2

by Nano.strike

  • Digital Album

    Immediate download of 6-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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Cyberborn 05:56


This release contains 3 tracks which were given to online labels, and 3 new tracks.


released 19 April 2013
Gangsign Records (AUS), Chase Records (FR), (NL)


The Art Of Breakcore

video trailer:

breakcore event & debate about art/music & politix/activism

22 december 2012
Hall of Fame
NS plein 5
5014 DA Tilburg
open: 18.00h

entree: 4 euro

style: breakcore, digital hardcore, drum ‘n’ noise, phantomnoise, experimental

line up:

Worlds Ab-Art aka aleXdee (Trash Tapes / Phantomnoise, Leipzig)
Le Rouage Lytique (Freak Animals / Utterly Wipe Out, Berlin)
Nano.strike (Ketacore / Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot, Netherlands)
Kathinka Rouage (Freak Animals, Berlin)
Bart Hard (Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot, Netherlands)
Levi van Huygevoort (Garden Of Eyes, Netherlands)


The Art Of Breakcore is a wake up call for the rawer, experimental side of ‘breakcore’ that is not just about dance music, but more focussed on experiment, breaking borders and reaching (political) consciousness.

There will be a debate about how art & politix influence each other. Main theme of the debate will be about music/art and politix/activism, but will also be about themes connected to this. For the ones that are interested in more background information, there will be info stands of activist groups, but also record stands for those who want to know more about the music that’s represented during the night.

From 21.00h the second part of the night will start when international artists, invited by Bart Hard, will show their vision on breakcore. There will also be visuals that will reach back to the themes of the debate and beyond.


In the early ’90’s breakcore developed out of the 80’s & 90’s industrial, punk, hardcore breakbeats and noise. Some called the phenomenon ‘digital hardcore’, others preferred the term ‘breakcore’, or named it ‘electronix’.
In all different developements influenced by things happening in the world as well as developements within the music itself, breakcore changed through the years into a broad spectrum of diversity. Some of the developements continued and others almost ceased to exist.
Within the breakcore there are many obscure subgenres that always found just small attention, but were actually revolutionary.
Labels like Widerstand Records, Trash Tapes and later also Phantomnoise, Seven Samuari Records and Formosan gave interesting views with combining industrial, political / society consciousness and riot sounds on their releases.
Event series like Utterly Wipe Out broke the barriers between noise, speedcore and breakcore, while other crews focussed more on jungle, rave and later dubstep.
Through the years the first catagory seems to became obscure, so we decided to bring back a bit of the ideals that lived back then.

During this night we have a special line up of artists that show their vision on the art of breakcore each in their unique way.

Alexander Dreyhaupt aka Worlds Ab-Art, mainly known under his breakcore moniker aleXdee (but worked also as Hagbard Celine or Amiga Squawk Tones) is the founder of Trash Tapes & Phantomnoise Records. Besides he is Co-Founder of the “100% Fakecore Networt” and the “Strukturbruch Events” in Leipzig, Germany along with LXC of Alphacut Records.
He released his first tapes back in 1994, inspired by digital hardcore, gabba and punk music from that time.
Through the years he developed his sound and finally had chance to release his first vinyl “Wer Sich Wehrt Ist Lebendig” in 1998 on the Austrian label Widerstand Records. Right after that he founded his own vinyl label Phantomnoise Records, which was, the very last “Label of the Month” on John Peel Show in Oktober 2004, only two weeks before Peel died.
After that, Phantomnoise stopped releasing on a regular basis and Alexdee spend five years mostly with his radio show “The Fakecore Show” and various other projects.
On this event he will give a special dj performance. Don’t expect some catchy danceable set or a faked live act with some ready to play mp3 file on a sexy laptop, but a kind of real stinky vinyl set turntablism without any turntablism (he’s just too lazy and inapt for that). A small, condensed noisy history of phantomnoise and all related fakecore.
Bon appétit & Bon voyage!

Le Rouage Lytique, formerly known as Cocktail Lytique, is the mastermind behind the Geräuschinfusion, Utterly Wipe Out and Lacerated Fragments event series in Berlin.
As Orange he’s been active as a (web)designer, and photographer for a long time within the left wing Berlin scene, one of his main projects is
He’s been active as a dj since the 90’s, under names as Sahid Rouage, Jimmi Rocket and Kathinka Rouage, developing from industrial music to noise and breakcore but also queerbeat, and as producer / live act Cocktail Lytique / Le Rouage Lytique with extreme breakcore sounds without compromise.

Unfortunately dj Fobia had to cancel her booking, but we will definately book her in the future again.
As replacement for Fobia we have one of most forward thinking breakcore artists: Nano.strike (Ketacore / Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot, Netherlands).

Nano.strike is a project started up in 2004. The primarily styles are Breakcore, Industrial and Tekno, but also stuff like Noise, Ambient, Fieldrecording, Acid, Gabber, Elektro and Synthesizer Music finds it’s way into the work. Through the years he performed live at many partys amongst others: Lacerated Fragments (Berlin), Ketacore (Amsterdam), Q-Base (Weeze), Crack Beats (Tilburg), Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot (Arnhem) and Kabaal Digitaal (Wageningen). On 22 december he will play a rough breakcore set.

An other special announcement is the art performance of Levi van Huygevoort (Garden of Eyes).
Multi-talented artist Levi van Huygevoort invented his own “Live Art Performance”, a new one-man wave of crazy live art shows in which Levi creates a piece of live art within any amount of time. Often creatively intense but always an entertaining, mind-bending or eye-opening experience, this is a happening you should see. For this special occasion, Levi van Huygevoort will co-operate with dj Bart Hard, as they will synchronise each other’s performance/set in music and art.
As closing set of the night, this performance/dj set co-operation will symbolise a glimpse of a possible future society.

Bart Hard is active since 12 years within the underground circuit, as dj as well as organisator. He is co-founder of event series such as Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot, but also likes to work on various other projects. His current project is ‘The Art Of Breakcore’. For this event he decided to bring artists, individuals and local organizations together that inspired him through the years. Bart Hard will play the closing set of the night when breakcore reaches it’s climax until it breaks down into a field of experimental soundscapes and unheard melodies, together with the live art performance of Levi van Huygevoort.

Before the event itself, people have chance to debate about politix, noise, breakcore and the way these things work out together.

The theme of the debate will be about art/music & politix/activism, individualism vs group movements in political activism as well as music scenes, how movements move to the ‘middle’ and losing ideals (left wing politix turn middle politix to get more votes, underground scenes go popular to get more audience) ad the being against somethig while not showing what you do stand for

There will be info stands of activist groups Weldaad, AFA Nederland, Anarchistische Groep Nijmegen and info/bookstore Opstand.

From 21.00h and on there will be music played by the artists who will lead us through the different fields of electronic music, that together can be defined as ‘breakcore’. There will be visuals chosen by the artists and the vj’s and selected the conceptual idea behind the event.


18.00 introductional set of experimental electronic music, by Worlds Ab-art aka aleXdee
19.00 introduction to the night by Bart Hard
19.30 panel debate about art/music and politix/activism, with a discussion panel of individual people, some because of their artistic views and other because of their ideas and ideals about the world we live in. During the debate all visitors can participate and contribute.
In the meantime activist groups have a chance to present themselves and what they stand for, so people who are interested can find more information about these movements.
21.00 the music part of the night will start. There will be Vj’s that will bring their visuals in which the themes of the night will return and melt together with the music of:
– Worlds Ab-Art dj set (journey through his past with music of Phantomnoise & connected labels)
– Kathinka Rouage dj set (experimental breakcore)
– Nano.strike (raw breakcore)
– Le Rouage Lytique live (raw breakcore)
– Bart Hard dj set + Levi van Huygevoort live art performance (synchronisation of live art performance and music)

network links:

flyer (design by Le Rouage Lytique) :


My current top 5 releases of 2012 are:

1. Nano.strike – Radioscorn (free mp3 release)
2. S/M – The Doombringer (digital release / limited cd-r)
3. Neurobit – Maison De Verre Sur Le Chantier (ca497) (free mp3 release)
4. DJ Freak – Absolute Power (Mix)
5. Former Descent – My Life In The Box Of Ghosts EP (12″) (Shipwrec 012)

Also heard great news about upcoming releases (starting by one week from now till 4th quarter of the year); looking forward to hear (probably in chronological order of release date: )

1. Bulkrate & Capslock – e fil de vilnu – split cd-r on Ketacore
2. Bulkrate: In the Temple of the Serpent (12″ & digital) (PRAXIS 49)
3. ANGST / Fifth Era – Beyond The Realms Of Doom II limited double CD-R
4. Taciturne release on Treue um Treue
5. Acid Enema – new upcoming release, format tba


Digital Album
Immediate download of 9-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

1. Drowning Light 04:09

2. Instant Resistance 04:59

3. Machine Warfare 04:38

4. Fetched 03:02

5. Empty Places 05:30

6. Kill Your Movement 03:58

7. Hall of Nameless Shreds 02:22

8. Radioscorn 03:54

9. Declare Null and Void 05:10

released 07 May 2012
art by Demanufacturer
( )

– Sony Radio molested and sodomised by Nano.strike’s Cargo Van –

download for free:
follow nano.strike:


album name

Into Digital Oblivion

band name

by Nano.strike

Into Digital Oblivion Cover Art

Ironscape 05:00
This release contains a collection of tracks which Nano.strike contributed to (online) musiclabels. At each single track there’s information included about the release.
released 28 November 2011
Chase Records, Smack Rec, Ketacore,
Urban Failure (Bratislava / Slovakia) lo-fi techno trash – Urbsounds Collective

+-Error (Germany) splitternoise – Xiangr Records

Fckn’ Bstrds (Netherlands) baggernoise for borderliners – Stront

Kristus Kut (Breda) ritualnoise – De Rebellenclub

Svartvit (Boxtel) harshnoisewall – Kwark

Surd Zillah (Gelderland) darknoise – Noise Terminal

Onkunde / Abismo (Veenendaal/Rotterdam) – harsh noise – Throat /

Nano.strike (Arnhem) noise performance – Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot

Holmen (Arnhem) flashnoise – Dawn Of A Dark Era

Bart Hard (Tilburg) oraganoise – Noise Core

Doodseskader (Duiveln) noise – Stront

Willemsplein 1, Arnhem
22.00 – 04.00

gratis entree

01.04.2010 – FF präs. FLASH FINGARZ NIGHT 2 @ M-Bia – Berlin
Starts: Fre. 01 Apr, 2011 – 23:59
flash fingarz 2
Ort: 10178 Berlin
Strasse: Dircksenstr.123/124_Ecke Karl-Liebknechtstr.
Location: M-Bia Club
Start: 23:59 Uhr


hardcore – gabba

Fast Eddy  (flashfingarz)
Schüler (flashfingarz)
Heavy (flashfingarz)
Task (flashfingarz)
Beavyz (flashfingarz)
Lehmi (flashfingarz)
Neuf (ingoma squad, pilzen/CZ)
Londa (ff)

Techno – Minimal

Userkiller (tresor)
microCharge (ff)
Alex.Gee (ff)
Chris Friend (ff)
Turff (gtp)

02.04.2011 – Brainstorm vs. From the Deep @ Rote Flora Hamburg
Starts: Sam. 02 Apr, 2011 – 23:00

Brainstorm vs. From the Deep²
Zwei Floors Hardcore, Doomcore, Industrial, Noise (und was uns sonst noch einfällt)
Line-Up Halle:
Toxic Garden
Mono No Aware
les états multiples de l’être
Audible Pain

Line-Up Keller:
Machine Man
Moleculez (live)
Rod Bolts
Stan Grewzell (live)

Wo: inner Flora, Mann!
Wann: o2.o4.2o11
Und: 22:00-?
Eintritt: 5€

Starts: Sam. 16 Apr, 2011 – 23:00



BART HARD (not your monkey not your robot) (nl)

RIOTEER (live) (crack beats) (nl)

CAPSLOCK (live) (ketacore) (nl)

NANO.STRIKE (live) (not your monkey not your robot) (nl)

TRAUM.A (djane) (

LE ROUAGE LYTIQUE (live) (freak animals)

SAHID ROUAGE (freak animals)

pa: a_sound
visuals: LT

soli for disruption.

DISRUPTION is the usually deliberate or intended interruption of normal work or practice. information security specialists also may refer to a disaster as a DISRUPTION when an event interrupts normal business or technical processes.
our plan is to establish a politically motivated magazin, offset printed once or twice a year. it would be nice if the content could be widely varried, like photos, collages, drawings and columns with a also widely varried political context. our political focus will be in direction of queer, feminism, antisexism and antiracism. we pick up for each issue a specific theme, the content will be in different languages. more details soon, watch out for the subdomain at FA, who will follow in the next 2-3 months.



BART HARD (not your monkey not your robot) (nl)

RIOTEER (live) (crack beats) (nl)

CAPSLOCK (live) (ketacore) (nl)

NANO.STRIKE (live) (not your monkey not your robot) (nl)

TRAUM.A (djane) (

LE ROUAGE LYTIQUE (live) (freak animals)

SAHID ROUAGE (freak animals)

pa: a_sound
visuals: LT