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The abandoned listening station on the Teufelsberg Berlin has a magical atmosphere. The industrial area with its rusty metal surfaces, broken glass and the unique acoustic in the domes provide a rich repertoire of fascinating sounds which reflect the area’s ambience.

We could not resist the attraction of the place and visited it in 2009, equipped with microphones and recording devices.
Subsequently the recordings were given to some musicians in order to get different interpretations of the sound material. The goal was to translate the impressions of the place into music.

Recently more artists decided to work with our sound material to produce new tracks for this second Radarstation album, thus creating more versatile perspectives of that soundscape.

More infos about the artists:
Sounddevisor, Astronaut-Lykin, Erased Bodies, Err0r_500, Neurobit

Artwork by:
Ádám Pócs (Royaljerry)

Here is the first Radarstation release: FT001 Radarstation



wolf eyes

Salon Brut is a new program-initiative from  Willemeen (Arnhem, east Netherlands) to dig up and show the more obscure spectrum of music. Sounds that doesn’t fit in a particular genre or  are too foggy to describe properly. In any case acts that operate in a remote area of the music scene; the extreme other end of R&B. Appropriate words to describe Salon Brut are: Absurdity, hard to handle, funny, weird, noisy, challenging.

Wednesday the 17th of April marks the first edition of Salon Brut with amazing headliner Wolf Eyes!

Wolf Eyes
Some say Rock N Roll will never reach the same primitive raw vein hit of Bo Diddley at his more subhuman lurch or no unit can ever scramble the marbles left of what brain boiling suburban electronic punk outsiders did in the mid 70′s: Whatever you think, there is no denying the homemade nuclear war Wolf Eyes has left on music. Wolf Eyes was birthed in the shadows by a few liked minded individuals: Nate Young, Aaron Dilloway and John Olson in the late 90′s in Michigan. However, Wolf Eyes has become more than band, but a collective mutant ensemble, an art abstraction unit: musicians, print makers, photographers and more, all who share a primal shadowy vision of decoding the wilderness into the soul of humanoid from the deep audio arsenals.

You can listen to Wolf Eyes’ new album ”No Answer: Lower Floors” on Pitchfork Advance.

Support act will be Vrienden van de Duitse KeukenBelchsingersonggrinderSurd ZillahBart Hard, NeurobitSvartvit and everything will be complimented with visuals from Erik Maes.

Salon Brut
Noise, industrial, visual, audio horror

open: 19:30h | Entrance: € 7

Willemsplein 1 , Arnhem

100 tickets max available! Via

Facebook Event: 



My current top 5 releases of 2012 are:

1. Nano.strike – Radioscorn (free mp3 release)
2. S/M – The Doombringer (digital release / limited cd-r)
3. Neurobit – Maison De Verre Sur Le Chantier (ca497) (free mp3 release)
4. DJ Freak – Absolute Power (Mix)
5. Former Descent – My Life In The Box Of Ghosts EP (12″) (Shipwrec 012)

Also heard great news about upcoming releases (starting by one week from now till 4th quarter of the year); looking forward to hear (probably in chronological order of release date: )

1. Bulkrate & Capslock – e fil de vilnu – split cd-r on Ketacore
2. Bulkrate: In the Temple of the Serpent (12″ & digital) (PRAXIS 49)
3. ANGST / Fifth Era – Beyond The Realms Of Doom II limited double CD-R
4. Taciturne release on Treue um Treue
5. Acid Enema – new upcoming release, format tba



Artist: Neurobit
Title: Maison De Verre Sur Le Chantier
Date: 2012-04-24
Keywords: experimental; abstract; electronica; improvisation; ambient; soundscapes
(320 kbps)
01 – Maison De Verre Sur Le Chantier – 19:43

cover front
cover back
disk image
other info
Download zip

Neurobit is an experimental artist working on an improvisational basis. The man behind the project is Bas Welling, also known for previous works under the monikers Former Descent & Rioteer and remix works for artists like Maurizio Bianchi, Ra-X and Deathmaker. The Neurobit sound consists of soundscapes, drones, pulses and noises based on the idea of a live situation. The sound is based on minimal suites made using 4bit, 8bit, & LCD console sounds, sounding at times  experimental or ambient.

In the past Neurobit already released his works on labels like Enfant Terrible, Alphacut Records, Marasm, Retinascan, True Chip Till Death, TIBProd & R.O.N.F. Neurobit played at various festivals, art spaces and concert nights including Gogbot Festival 2009, Bloodnok Tour Russia/Lithuania 2008, Mediamatic Amsterdam & Valkhof Affaire Festival Nijmegen 2008.

This composition was recorded live at Huis Aan de Werf, Utrecht in The Netherlands on the 2nd of February 2012. This recording was made using oldschool console equipment and effects.

For Bookings, Support, Questions or General Approvals or Disapprovals:


Download it here:

Neurobit – The War Of The Worlds (C60 cassette) Expected February 2012

limited to 100 copies, 11 copies with Space Invader art object (numbered), also 1 final boss art object of the Space Invaders exists… somewhere in space and time…


They’ll probably move at dawn…

The War of the Worlds was an episode of the American radio drama anthology series, Mercury Theatre on the Air, broadcasted on the October 30, 1938 and directed and narrated by Orson Welles. The radio broadcast was based on the novel by writer H. G. Wells from 1898.

On the 6th of April 2003 Bas Welling (Dj Rioteer) gave his interpration of this radio drama on a local Dutch pirate radio. After the broadcast a small amount of tapes was produced and spread among a select group of people. 

Because of goverment anti-pirate radio regulations and the auctioning of the FM frequencies the pirate radio station stopped broadcasting on the FM, but the crew did a small reunion in September 2011 as part of the Incubate festival in Tilburg. 

2012… the year that The War Of The Worlds recordings appear again. This time by Neurobit, an improvisation project by Bas Welling.The artwork is partly taken from the 2003 edition of the tape, but re-worked so it makes sense in the world as it is today.

Tracklisting (click title to hear mp3 sample):

A Part 1 listen listen listen

B Part 2 listen listen listen


Here I want to present you my set I did at last STORM party in Baroeg, Rotterdam.

The mix was the opening set of the crossover party which focussed on gothic, industrial, tekno and darkcore.

You will hear a mix between (dark)ambient, (gothic)industrial, experimental music and post-breakcore things that go way beyond all genre-style-boundaries



01. Aleister Crowley – At Sea
02. A.P – Room Of Scattered Memories And Dust
03. Cassandra Datakill – DisCussion
04. Neurobit – Sweet Lullaby To End A Bad Day
05. UHT/Saoulaterre – Esthetique De L’Obscene
06. Burial Hex – Hunger part I
07. United 79 – Sous Brest
08. Suneaters – Solar Suneaters Transmission
09. 93 Current 93 – Killy Kill Killy (A Fire Sermon)
10. Kostnice – Die Sommer Danach
11. Solar Skeletons – Frozen Jail Of Reversed Demons
12. Milligram Retreat – Separated
13. Kareem – Druids
14. Nathan Siter – Carols
15. ZymOsiZ – War Of Gods
16. Axiome – Bidjak
17. Disastrous Din – Emergency (Radio Edit)
18. ANC – In The Year 2525
19. Fifth Era – Untitled

De nieuwe Neurobit 7inch op het Enfant Terrible label is afgelopen weekend gepresenteerd in Gallerie Moira te Utrecht.

petit enfant 007
Neurobit – Till It All Fades Away / Percussive Movement In Streaming Pulses (7″) limited to 300 copies.


8 bit spectacle…

Neurobit was already present on the Kamp Holland compilation and in several reviews his track was picked as one of the highlights from that release. This is the first official release of Neurobit on Enfant Terrible. Expect some bleeping psychedelics like an 8 bit version of Klaus Schulze and Terry Riley. Recommended to fans of minimal electronics, psychedelic music and chip tunes alike!p
Tracklisting (click title to hear soundclip):

Till It All Fades Away

Percussive Movement In Streaming Pulses

Meer info:

Various Artists  – Kamp Holland (2xLP + insert ) OUT NOW

limited to 623 copies

Je vais resister

Enfant Terrible was one of the first labels to give recognition and attention to the pioneers of minimal electronics / proto-elektro / avant-garde pop / experimental pop music
from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Next to that it is one of the few labels in this field of music that truly invests in the development of new talents in this music tradition. In short: Enfant Terrible has been mapping the field of this counter culture and contributing to its development since the very start of its activities.

But in this world of followers and copycats we have an agenda of our own. We go furthur and dare to move into new territories. Both when it comes to content and ways of organizing the business part we are at the forefront of independent music culture. We keep it real, stay ourselves and a hundred percent independent.

While Enfant Terrible for an important part has built the current niche of minimal electronics we also have always looked beyond rigid style definitions and established artists. All our compilation releases have been highly acclaimed for this.

The time is now… we go for the logical next step… supporting and contributing to the local music scene.

“Kamp Holland” is an overview of the current independent electronic music scene from Holland. Some of the artists on this compilation have been inspired by the music tradition we have been building. Others are inspiring Enfant Terrible in its current development. Always furthur we go…

This is the Royal Dutch Underground!

Tracklisting (click title to hear low quality mp3 sample):

A1 Lesbian Mouseclicks – Bye Bye
A2 Bakeliet – Don’t Let Them Know
A3 Distel- Dögn
A4 Neurobit – Inner Hideaway

B1 Pornologic – Pterodactyl Extraordinaire
B2 Staatseinde - Ruimtevaart Vooruit
B3 Hunter Complex - Desert
B4 Autonon - Not For Immortals

C1 Sololust – Space Drama
C2 Milligram Retreat – Allégement
C3 Puin+Hoop – Slaapstaking
C4 Hadewych – Apse

D1 Logosamphia – La Hars
D2 Peter Quistgard – NONO
D3 Murw – Een Soort Van Geel
D4 Treasure Of Grundo – Itlien
Selected press quotes:

“…Opvallend genoeg is Kamp Holland een rijkgeschakeerde waaier waarin de kwaliteit nooit aflaat en allesbehalve een van de hak op de tak springende lappendeken. Sterker: waar de gepresenteerde talenten zich hebben laten inspireren door de voorhoede die Enfant Terrible eerder uitbracht, voeren zij samen genomen een coherente klank ten tonele die als eigen aan het label gekenschetst moet worden. Van nerdy navelstaarderig tot ziedende breakcore, van industrieel tot dromerig en trippy vervoerend, presenteert Enfant Terrible hier niet alleen een Oranjeselectie om fier op te zijn, maar geeft het label zichzelf vooral een gezicht in het heden. (KindaMuzik)

“…Enfant Terrible bewijst niet alleen internationaal te kunnen scoren, maar ook een vinger aan de pols te hebben van de Nederlandse electronica.” (Eclectro)

“…Enfant Terrible ontgint een deel van de tegencultuur en brengt de vondsten naar een select publiek van liefhebbers. Het samenstellen van Kamp Holland moet monnikenwerk zijn geweest. … Kamp Holland bulkt van het talent. Enfant Terrible rekt er ook de grenzen van de eigen niche mee op. … Mooie staalkaart van een opbloeiende Nederlandse tegencultuur dus.” (Observaties vanaf de zijlijn / Theo

“…Na de eerste vier nummers is het al weer duidelijk hoe een lekker plaat dit is, waar de muziek naadloos in elkaar overgaat en je geen moment het gevoel hebt op te moeten staan om een nummertje over te slaan. … Enfant Terrible geeft Nederland een reden om trots op te zijn die hopelijk wel wat stemmen trekt.”(ROAR E-zine)

Voor meer info:

Neurobit is the alter ego of Dutch breakcore wizard Bas Welling aka Rioteer, as which he has been working up quite a storm in the European breakcore scene with his own blend of heavy breakcore, speedcore and just plain weirdness. His roots lie in all kinds of electronic music, a big blend of punk and even the odd African Percussive Music. As Neurobit however, he explores the sonic fields of gameboy mayhem.

Mind you, it is not exactly what you might normally connect with the usual bleeps and bits of gameboy music. On Sonic Romanticide we hear a more darker and noisier side of the genre. This nicely designed 3” CDR, released by Germany’s Retinascan, does start off with a pleasing and lovely short bootyshaker called Für Benita, but from there on it is a journey through the sonic wastelands of 8bit chipstyle.

On Serenity Disturbance we hear the deserted outbacks where even Mario doesn’t dare to drive his cart anymore, but where we wouldn’t be too surprised if we run into a lonely deranged drifter straight out of a Mad Max movie.

Useless Boredom Rigid Apathy crosses the border towards more psychedelic territories, with its repetitive score of warm and deep bleeps. Subsequently paving the way for more elongate droning in the finishing track Dronesuite in D, which transports you right into space and away from it all.

Nice one.

Find it also at the Earlabs site.

De Nedernoise Compilatie

TestbeeldOdal / Dr. Bibber: “Het heeft even een tijdje geduurd maar het drukgedeelte van deze langverwachte compilatie is binnen he he  er waren blijkbaar veel problemen daar ,waar ik zelf niet zoveel aan had !

Er zijn nog veranderingen aan te brengen want er waren nog bands die hun tracks aanleverde terwijl de CD-masters af waren en ik wil ze er toch bij hebben daarnaast een inlay en wat tekeningen van mijn hand

De compilatie gaat uit 3 Cd rs bestaan ieder deelnemer krijgt zoals afgesproken 1 kopie  met  de mogelijkeid het voor je vrienden te kopieren wat betreft de CDrs en de inlay met tekeningen het drukwerk voor de covers krijgen jullie allemaal een flink pak bij elk copie van de Nedernoisecompilatie kado!

(solo)projecten/bands die er allemaal op staan zijn o.a Mosquito,Kristuskut,krimpoos,vernaggelkramp,Bitter,Drek dreka,dreka,Kapotte muziek,teenage arsosenist,Industrial passage,Hissyfit (van wie is deze track?),Infected needles,Kasper van de hoek,Margriet,Neurobit,Noisegekanker a gogo,Obselete office equipment,ALX,Terg,Belch,Chuck curry,darmkwardraat,Dasha bi,Doodseskader,Fcknbstrds,Fever spoor,Gaskroket,Het Evangelie,Jack Jack en de wandelende feedback,Kamp Chaos,LSD Mossel,Membus,Odal,Rinus van Alebeek,Roeben Swart,Chuck Curry,Stirner,Vincent Koreman,Vulvax+Stiff nipple of terror,Surd Sullah,Zyrtax,850

Dat waren ze dan t zijn allemaal lekker puur ouwerwetste Hollandse poldernoise zoals Grootmoeder ze altijd bakte

Dus nog wat veranderingen en dan kom ik ze rondstrooien nog ff wachtte en dan krijg je alles dubbel en dwars terug zo gaat dat bij STRONT”