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A big mashup of the best art and graphics inspired by and for the digital hardcore subcultures we live and enjoy. This book compiles fresh work from more than twenty international artists. All of them share a similar feeling and passion for distorted sounds and graphics. This book is meant to be an homage to Breakcore and other styles of hardcore music and corresponding attitudes.

This book doesn’t pretend to be the bible of breakcore music [so, don’t espect to find everybodies faces here!], it’s just a visual approximation to what we think it has been one of most fresh musical scenes during the last years. We like so many different kind of music [not only breakcore, of course], but since an aesthetic and conceptual point of view, we want to focus in this scene, because it means to us [and many others] one of the most inspirative influences in graphic creation, and a perfect mixture and remixture of the best ingredients from the culture we lived during the past decades, from the skate style, passing by the postdigital easthetic, breakcore makes fun and re-invented black metal, trash culture, rave, terror movies, 80’s, rock attitudes, videogames, tattoos, errors & mistakes, tv, superheroes… and whatever could be saved in your mind during the time you grew up, all twisted… in a graphic tsunami that defines very well a music genre that is based in the creation of something new using all kind of music styles, where you can’t always follow a concret rhythm, to be exact, breakcore’s definition is where concret sounds or rhythm are the last thing you gonna find.


It’s just a BOOK. A book with pictures, illustrations, designs and artworks from different kind of artists. But it also includes words from different people that could help to create a better point of view of the subculture we to talk about. The main idea of our visual compilation is to create a graphic world inspired by some kind of electronic, twisted, noisy and broken music, but also in the way back create a visually pleasure book for musicians and lovers of this music scene.


Pillaged & Plundered EP
Eustachian / The Teknoist
AD94 / 12″ / Ad Noiseam
March 2008!

Coming just in time for their tour throughout Europe, “Pillaged & Plundered” is a clear statement of what the crowds should expect. On the one side, The Teknoist throws in two new tracks of the excellent and tasty breed of breakcore, gabber and metal which has made of him one of Europe’s most sought after producer of the genre. On their side, Eustachian opens wide the gates of Hell, mashing up grindcore, breakcore and noise with a brutality and ingenuity rarely seen so far. Watch out, these guys are after you sanity.

A1. The Teknoist: Have You Seen
A2. The Teknoist: No Such Luck
B1. Eustachian: Axbxrxbx
B2. Eustachian: Z
B3. Eustachian: The Sphagnum Bog
B4. Napalm Death: Smear Campain (Eustachian’s Trifecta Fecal Factor mix)

Artwork by Fighting
Mastering by C-Drik.


Drunk, Drunken, Drunkard EP
Eustachian / The Teknoist
DSR28 / 12″ / Death$ucker
March 3, 2008

Eustachian is coming back to Europe and this time with UK Dance Floor Smasher “The Teknoist.” The Teknoist and Eustachian have a split 12″ coming out on Parasite’s Legendary Label “Death$ucker Records.” They both have tons of new releases coming up in 2008, on Peace Off, Ad Noiseam, Planet-Mu and Bong-ra’s up coming label “Kriss Records” to name a few.

A. Eustachian – Strongface
AA. The Teknoist – Richie’s Breakcore Love Song

Artwork by Nikibi