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CD comes in cardboard wallet. In a plastic bag including an Apzolut badge, a tiny cocktail umbrella, a holiday slide (every cd has a different one), a Ketacore balloon, a Ketacore lighter, an Encounters Records flyer and the releaseparty flyer.


1. Don’t Walk Away 03:54
2. Fietsende Stropdassen 02:34
3. Kiko Ta Kiko 03:25
4. Master Of Muffins 03:52
5. Alone In The Light 06:57
6. Het Is Donker 02:35
7. Normal Enough 01:52
8. Part Two2012 02:54
9. Plengplambom 03:18
10. Main Steam Engine 00:34
11. Sealing Rumble 01:58
12. Straight To The Void 03:10
13. Me Niet 01:54
14. That Hurts 03:06
15. No Por Sosega 02:55
16. Fire And Some (FFF VIP) 04:32
17. Enter The Broom Of Rafa (Meow Meow Vs Jefflocks Vs Steelheart Remix) 03:40
18. Dry Runner (The Last Run) (Raxyor Remix) 05:17
19. Rub Disturbly On This (Newk’s Rubberdub) 05:19
20. Brullende Mensen (Capslock Remix) 05:03

Breakcore dead?
Not if you listen to the new Apzolut album Phtalates anyone?
The Aruban artist (based in Holland) Brings us 60 minutes (+ some
extra on the digital version) of mayhem!
A perfect blend of Jungle, Metal, Drone, Electro, Rave, and Gabber.
Mashup Breakcore i hear you think, yes! But at it’s finest! Don’t
expect any cheese here.
Raw, fast, funky & FUN! Breakcore has risen from it’s grave and is out
to party even harder!!!Orange socks is proud to present: Apzolut – Phtalates anyone?
Available on limited C60 cassette (incl digital version) & as a digital version

Digital version available at
Cassette available at

[Ketatape01o.s2011.1]Fifth Era/▲NGST – Beyond the realms..

Beyond The Realms Of Doom
Ketacore teams up with the Orange socks cassette label to release their first cassette release. The cassette is a split between UK doomcore legend Fifth Era and Dutch artist ▲NGST.
The 90 min tape features 7 exclusive Fifth era tracks incl remixes by Capslock, Raum 107 & Kompressor and ▲NGST. The ▲NGST side contains 5 tracks incl Capslock and Fifth Era Remixes.
The tape is limited to 50 pro-dubbed purple tapes in bright green boxes with artwork by Remona Poortman ( & ▲NGST. All tapes come with a download link for 320k mp3, or FLAC digital version. … ms-of-doom


1.Fifth Era – Untitled 05:05
2.Fifth Era – Untitled 07:40
3.Fifth Era – Untitled 06:43
4.Fifth Era – Untitled (Raum 107 & Kompressor Remix) 09:19
5.▲NGST – ▲NGST IV (Fifth Era remix) 06:23
6.Fifth Era – Untitled (Capslock Remix) 06:24
7.Fifth Era – Untitled 03:00
8.▲NGST – Untitled 07:29
9.▲NGST – Ungodly 07:43
10.▲NGST – Untitled 07:34
11.▲NGST – Dead World 06:29
12.Fifth Era – Untitled (▲NGST Remix) 07:14
13.▲NGST -▲NGST I (Capslock Remix) 08:21

Tapes will be available trough:

Digital versions trough:


available at: or by emailing
digital … m-up-north

Tape will come with a downloadcode for free digital version,

The Orange Socks cassette label returns with it’s 1st cassette release since 2000
Grindmaster Flesh is the noise project of Zombieflesheater. This time not his fierce chaotic breaks but the noise remains, creating a 30 minute wall of noise
Urban Guerrilla is FFF’s noise alter ego everyone thought was dead & forgotten. After a silence of 10 years he returns with a 30 min dark ambient noise drone inspired by the apocalyptic book Black Easter/Faust aleph null by James Blish

Image … se/2435086

The tape is now available trough or by emailing


a new weblog by FFF!

Beside his weblog there’s now also a Orange Socks blogspot!

check all magazine scans and taperips of the original Orange Socks series!