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Parasite’s set from the Overkill Tent @ Glade Festival in the summer of 2009. He played to a packed tent on Friday afternoon after only just making it on site in time! The crowd were all itching for some raggacore after hours of Dubstep and were wild throughout my set. It’s a bit of a Death$ucker Records marathon, but I hope you like it!


Download here:


  1. Cycheouts Ghost – Kw176 (De-Fragment)
  2. FFF – Punisher [DJ Shimamura RMX] (Murder Channel)
  3. Superkopter – Wonderful Land (Audio Bullet)
  4. DJ C – Who Wah Seek Yo (Death$ucker)
  5. Soundbites – No Dance Start The Goods (Death$ucker)
  6. Acrnym – Asbo Selecta (Death$ucker)
  7. Krumble – Time To Burn (Death$ucker)
  8. Senor Scram – Crablestien (Life4Land)
  9. Krumble – Autobahn (Death$ucker)
  10. Pisstank – Punching (Death$ucker)
  11. Kamerat Tord – Morans (Death$ucker)
  12. Parasite – Now Get Ill (Death$ucker)
  13. The Teknoist – Richie’s Breakcore Love Song (Death$ucker)
  14. Kola Kid – Can’T Hide Your Love (8bitcollective)
  15. Foxdye – Tacompton Mdma Booty Bang (Fukdup)
  16. Gizmode – Techsik Duncehall (Death$ucker)
  17. Foxdye – One Leg In The Booty Shorts (Fukdup)