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PC 080 CD – The Panacea – Chiropteran


Artist: The Panacea
Title: Chiropteran (CD)
Label: Position Chrome
Cat Num: PC080CD

Genre: Drum & Bass
Format: CD

Track listing

1. Gjallarhorn
2. Creatch
3. Vd Majik
4. Rebirth
5. Omg Bleeps (With Limewax)
6. Jungle Techno
7. Chiropteran
8. The Puritan (With Lethal)
9. Rage (With Donny)
10. 4-4 Frstyl
11. Crypto Vip
12. Word Of Thom (Dean Rodell Remix)
13. Omg Klonk (With Limewax)
14. The Evil Seed (Limewax Remix)
15. Thunderdrone

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Influences and Development Breakcore as a genre developed from elements of many different styles of music beginning around the mid 1990s. Simultaneously, it began to evolve out of a boredom with stagnant forms of more traditional techno and rave music as well as an evolution within noise and sound art. A need for faster BPM’s as well as a more anti-authoritarian sound also pushed the various sub-genres to more extreme states. At this point pre-breakcore came from London, Berlin and Newcastle, Australia (home of Bloody Fist Records). Early influential artists include Alec Empire, DJ Scud, Panacea, Christoph Fringeli, Nasenbluten, and more. According to Simon Reynolds in the New York Times [1] breakcore is “Purveyed by artists like DJ/Rupture and Teamshadetek, the music combines rumbling basslines, fidgety beats and grainy ragga vocals to create a home-listening surrogate for the bashment vibe of a Jamaican sound system party. Others within the breakcore genre, like Knifehandchop, Kid 606 and Soundmurderer, hark back to rave’s own early days, their music evoking the rowdy fervor of a time when huge crowds flailed their limbs to a barrage of abstract noise and convulsive rhythm. It’s a poignant aural mirage of a time when techno music was made for the popular vanguard rather than a connoisseurial elite, as it is today.” [edit] Ambush Records At the same time London’s DJ Scud co-founded Ambush Records with fellow producer Aphasic which focused on more extreme noise-oriented hardcore Drum and bass. Some artist to have released on Ambush have been Christoph Fringeli, Slepcy, Panacea, and Noize Creator all of which are still productive and active in the scene today. [edit] Bloody Fist Records At the same time, the now defunct label, Bloody Fist Records based in Newcastle, Australia released many records of hardcore/gabber, industrial, and noise. Artists signed to Bloody Fist in its lifetime include Syndicate, Xylocaine, Epsilon, and Nasenbluten. [edit] Breakcore Becomes A Genre As the early days of “hardcore techno” or just “hardcore” began to settle in Europe, Breakcore as a genre began to take more concrete forms in other parts of the world. Inspired by the seminal labels above (among others) new labels such as Addict Records from Milwaukee, USA, Peace Off Record from Rennes, France and Planet Mu from London began to take a new shape, adding in more elements of mashup and IDM to the hardcore sounds. Each of these labels began to draw in aspects of their own social and aesthetic scenes into their music thus allowing for an even broader definition of what was possible in the music while at the same time also confirming certain elements of style to unite the music. Matt Earp describes his impressions of early breakcore as “a high-bpm mash-up of hyperkinetic, post-jungle breaks, feedback, noise, and Jamaican elements paired with a devil-may-care attitude towards sampling that pulls from the broadest musical spectrum of styles (hip-hop, rock, industrial, pop, and beyond).” [2] One of the most controversial issues in Breakcore is that of the mere existence of the genre. Because it pulls liberally from other musical genres, there isn’t a consensus on what is and what isn’t Breakcore, or even over the usefulness of the term itself. Because of the fragmentation, the Breakcore scene isn’t centered in any one geographical location, but is rather scattered into disparate groups. Perhaps the one place where Breakcore’s “voice” can be heard is virtually, through the internet and various online forums, such as those at C8. [edit] The Amen Break While Breakcore is definitely not only organized around the cutting and distortion of the Amen Break, it is a key to defining the genre. The amen break in Breakcore is primarily used at high-speeds and edited to produce jarring effects when distorted and layered in combination with almost any sound. This particular drum-break sound characterizes many breakcore songs and is still used as a key factor to define the sound. This is in line with breakcore’s tendency to create a post-modern parody of Drum and Bass clichés – many of the sounds heard in breakcore are very “classic” jungle samples. [edit] Distribution Among the many types of music now being spread online, perhaps Breakcore is the most fascinating to observe in regard to its online diffusion. Since the genre as a whole still is developing and growing rapidly, the music itself is largely downloaded via peer-to-peer networks, and discussed on internet forums. Its many producers now find the samples they create the music from online, as well as use illegally downloaded software to create the music[citation needed]. Whereas the early days of Breakcore were based in select urban cities, the genre now has no geographical center. The music itself tends to reflect this multiplicity of media diffusion itself (as already mentioned) by incorporating so many different forms of music all hacked together to form breakcore. It remains a relatively small genre, but compared to its size prior to the 1990s web boom, it continues to grow substantially. [edit] Developments In the Genre Breakcore has recently been changing and branching. Many newer breakcore artists focus on melodic progressions and complex drum programming while other ‘classic’ breakcore artists still focus on distorted hardcore breakbeats and dark-edged musical influences (such as heavy metal, and industrial). A third group of artists work has developed closer to Drum and Bass, and focuses more on hardcore drum and bass sounds. A fourth group takes yet another direction towards mash-up, happy hardcore and rave to make a lighter, more humorous sound.


24 december is het alweer tijd voor PRSPCT XL 8!
Het ziet er naar uit dat dit zo ongeveer de bruutste line up in de geschiedenis van PRSPCT word dus zet hem alvast in je agenda….
Hier alvast voorproefje van wat er gaat komen:

Grote zaal:
Counterstrike (PRSPCT, Algorythm) SA
The Panacea (Position Chrome, Freak) DE
The Sect (Freak, Offkey) UK
Current Value (Freak, Offkey) DE
Limewax (PRSPCT, Freak, L/B) NL
Cern (Syndrome, Revolution) NZ
Eye-D Hidden (PRSPCT, Evol intent) NL
Thrasher (PRSPCT) NL
Benino Syndrome (Syndrome) NL

Mc’s Dart & Entro MC (usa)

In de kleine zaal komt een hardcore / breakcore line up waar je letterlijk UUUU tegen zegt!

Kleine zaal:
The DJ Producer (Deathchant, Rebbel scum) UK
DJ Promo (The third movement) NL
The Outside Agency (Genosha) NL
Ophidian (Enzyme, Genosha) NL
Bryan Fury (Pacemaker, Deathchant) Live, UK
Bong Ra (Planet mu, Clash) Live, NL
Element Destruction (Smackdown) NL
Dissolvement (010 Electronics) NL

Feest duurt van 22.00 tot 08.00!!!!
Entree is 15,-

Ik vind persoonlijk dat dit veel te ver gaat allemaal maar na al die jaren mag dat wel he….

Alvast tot de 24ste!!!!

Kaartjes zij al te koop via


22.00 / 4.00

Donna Summer
Jason Forrest
Live: 3-1

vvk/dvk 5 euro


22.00 / 4.00

Ceephax Acid Crew
Mike Paradinas
Live: Computadora
Live: Goto80
Live: Stu
Live: Unyx
VJ: C-Men

vvk/dvk 8 euro


22.00 / 4.00

Data Noir

vvk 8 euro dvk 10 euro

Poppodium Atak

Drum & Bass / Jungle / Breakcore / UK-Hardcore, TeKno & More

Grote Zaal: SMACKDOWN – Drum & Bass / Jungle / Breakcore / TeKno / UK-Hardcore
The Panacea (DE) – Position Chrome
Eye-D & Hidden – PRSPCT / Ruff-Teck / Piruh
Thrasher – PRSPCT
Bryan Fury (UK) – Deathchant / Pacemaker / Corrupt
Nektar – TeKnomads
Krimi – Deflux / Ramshaklerz Kru

Kleine Zaal: SMACKDOWN – Jungle / Breakcore / Industrial / TeKno / UK-Hardcore
De Consument – Smackdown
Bart Hard – Smackdown
Thumpa – Deflux / Ramshaklerz Kru
Live: Apzolut – Lomemechanik
Nekompromat – Smackdown
Element: Destruction – Smackdown

Thursday July 17th @ The Old Cave, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Adres: St. Antoniusplaats 13 – 6511 TR – Nijmegen – Nederland

Start: 23:00 | End: 06:00
Damage: 11 euro

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This image is too large, it has been resized. Click image for original version