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line up:

-> Pétrifié – micro death metal (Fr)
-> Mental D-struction – deviant electronic (Fr)
-> Rioteer – breakcore
-> Vague_Entity – speedcore
-> DJ DMDN – speedcore
-> DJ Bart Hard – speedcore


Little Devil
Stationsstraat 27,
5038 EA Tilburg


Pétrifié (Fr)
Micro Death Metal
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Micro Death – Petrified was first formed in 2000 as a death metal band…
in 2001 the band ceased to exist as such and Julien (guitars) carried on as a solo project.
Petrified delivers an intense and murderous metal riffing propelled by high speed drum machine sequences.
Using industrial techno sounds and classical death grind patterns, pétrifié offers either nice melodic and
emotional songs or blistering technical brutal death tracks…the result is a tiny but devastating metal machinery
that brings death metal and grind core on an experimental field!
He is also a resident of the Pavillon Sauvage, well-know active and underground place in Toulouse city.

Mental D-struction (Fr/Be)
Deviant Electronic
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Deviant Electronic – Alloy polymorphic of atmospheres and ultrabeats, dense textures that flirt with the classic,
noisy rythms coming from speed-break, as well as industrial and cyber music.
A fusion of the extremes taken in a gradual pace. Here we dive or we finally lost his bearings!
Active since 2006, the project has quickly made a place within the microcosm of radical electronic music. Label-owner of the
Wildness netlabel, she is present in many projects, and not only electronics.
For this 2013 tour, expect injection of some news in the program, resampling of the past to win some potential for a true live-act,
and everything ‘ll be diffused with the support of pictures and movies, enought to be sure to vary the fun.