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Anonymous Series Vol.1
(Praxis 44)
Praxis is back with a 4-track compilation of no compromise breakcore, broken beats and noise, challenging the orientation towards the “artist genius” with a selection of tracks chosen for their quality and not for their marketability – in the format of anonymity. The first of a series of 3 12”s to come out in the next months. Ltd. to 300 copies. Slamming and dangerous, these tracks will act as intensifiers at underground parties worldwide: No stars here….
all tracks can be listened to here:
NOW AVAILABLE for EUR 6.00 plus postage

EXCLUSIVE TO PRAXIS DISTRIBUTION – and now available in the Shop:
icantbelieveyouwereamusicianyougotnosoulbaby 2×12″
(Widerstand 15)
Widerstand is back after a long hiatus finally catching up with releasing some of the pearls that have been waiting to see the light of day for a while. This double 12” by Fanny is his “lost” first album, originally recorded in 1999 and 2000, containing 12 excellent tracks, including one remix by Venetian Snares! Twisted hybrids of classic breakcore and hardcore styles, not to be missed!  (EUR 12.00)

Lots of new stuff has been added to the online store recently, as always check