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20 Years of Praxis

by Diskore, Fiend, Baseck

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    The first 2 12″s came out at the end of November and the begining of December 1992. Diskore, Fiend and Baseck of Darkmatter Soundsystem created an intense live DJ mix of over 40 Praxis records to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the label. The mix is released as a limited edition cassette tape, and as a digital download, under catalog number Praxis 20. The mix is also released as Signal Flow podcast #51.

    Includes immediate download of 1-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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    shipping out on or around 01 June 2013


The first 2 12″s came out at the end of November and the begining of December 1992. Diskore, Fiend and Baseck of Darkmatter Soundsystem created an intense live DJ mix of over 40 Praxis records to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the label. The mix is released as a limited edition cassette tape, and as a digital download, under catalog number Praxis 20. The mix is also released as Signal Flow podcast #51.
Note: Darkmatter only ships cassette tapes within the USA, for European purchases see


released 15 May 2013
PRAXIS 20: 20 YEARS of PRAXIS: MIX by DISKORE, FIEND, and BASECK (Darkmatter Soundsystem).
DISKORE _ 00:00 to 23:59

Side A

praxis 48 – cortex – usu
praxis dub – dj scud with christoph fringeli – prolos will rise again!
praxis 47 – crisis theory – working vengeance
praxis 10 – the mover – track 2
praxis 2 – bourbonese qualk – take control
praxis 28 – the wirebug – how to speak junkyard slang in two easy steps
praxis 1 – scaremonger – soon we all will have special names
praxis 13 – lorenz attractor – complexity crisis
praxis 1X – scaremonger – soon we all will have special names (dj nodoz remix)
praxis 6 – noface – love or kill
praxis 19 – cunning meets bambule – lockstep part 1
praxis 23 – somatic responses – incubation
praxis 16 – cyberchrist – information : revolution part 2
praxis 10/15 – noface – (you don’t have to do anything now but) hallucinate
praxis 23 – richie anderson & brandon spivey – aftermath
praxis 9 – dj jackal – drumtrax part 4
praxis 8 – metatron – the moment of seduction
praxis 18 – somatic responses – warp spasm
praxis 5 – bourbonese qualk – logic bomb
praxis 41 – adcsomatic – sincromath
praxis 25 – potere occulto – liancaiach fawr
FIEND_ 24:00 to 57:07

praxis 3 – bourbonese qualk – qual
praxis 9 – dj jackal – drumtrax part 1 (special edited cut)
praxis 4 – metatron – the art of disappearance (special edited cut)
praxis 21 – slaughter politics – forest fire
praxis 8 – metatron – the moment of seduction (special edited cut)
praxis 22 – test tube kid – promars
praxis 11 – heist – corridors
praxis 18 – somatic responses – spacegrinder
praxis 34 – kovert – response activator

Side B

praxis 37 – crisis theory – vertigo (special edited cut)
praxis 14 – deadly buda – rhythm of death (special edited cut)
praxis 15 – kovert – track 8
praxis 12 – dj yubba – burgermeister
praxis 17 – disciples Of belial – torment of the bastard nazarene
praxis 36 – low entropy – mental cleansing
praxis 50 – electric kettle – down evil
BASECK_ 57:08 to end.

praxis 33 – nomex – nett of sound fire is the centre
praxis 26 – pure – king kong pt 2
praxis 34 – kovert – v-effect
praxis 24 – society of unknowns – vector
praxis 35 – hecate – famished
praxis 16 – cyberchrist – information : revolution part 3
praxis 30 – eiterherd – taktik
praxis 31 – 16-17 – pyrexia
praxis 27 – base force one – welcome to violence
praxis 18 – somatic responses – warp spasm
praxis 32 – hecate – last is first
praxis 41 – adcsomatic – sincromath
praxis 29 – bambule – tripped wire (photon emissions remix)
praxis 39 – base force one – paracong
praxis 23 – aphasic – aphasia



Fantastic mega-mix of over 50 tracks from the first 20 years of the label’s history!
This will be released as a limited edition tape and download on May 11, 2013 at the Praxis party at Subversiv in Berlin, with the catalog number Praxis 20!

03.10.2012, Noiseangriff @ Lauschangriff

noiseangriff /
AMBOSS (Restroom rec./SubVersion) noise-drone liveset/
RE:NOT /liveset/
Gluing Plastic To Finger Making Artificial Things /live with diy-synths/
BIG NUMBERS /audiovisual set/

resident djs: fgnugn, Crash 0.1

Peter Rampazzo
Aikia (

entry on donation

It is meant to be an “early” night (by Berlin standards), meaning that we will go till one or two and then it will depend on the audience, the bar staff as well as ourselves if we carry on and make it a late one after all.

Incl. Praxis Record stall! check and pick up your order at the party where you can also browse through and listen to a selection of our stock!

Lauschangriff Rigaer Str 103 10247 Berlin


20.10.2012, Datacide Release Party & Conference, Subversiv

datacide konferenz /
datacide twelve will be out in October and we will celebrate with a RELEASE PARTY & CONFERENCE // 20.10.2012
in the spaces of subversiv e.v., Brunnenstrasse 7, Berlin-Mitte

The new issue will be available for the first time at the event!

PARTY (starts at 11 pm):
live sets & DJ’s:

KEY //
H-KON //

visuals by SANSCULOTTE //
confused images for the confused / upstairs

(talks will start in the early evening – a more precise time-table will be posted closer to the date – and will be free to attend.)

“Electronic and experimental music in Asia and Africa” by Cedrik Fermont
The official history of experimental and electronic music is mostly centered on developments in the “West” from the end of the 19th century through the 1960s, and yet, in 1944, the first known piece of African so-called “experimental music” was recorded by Halim El-Dabh in Cairo. This talk addresses the fact that electronic, experimental music, and by extension noise music, cannot been seen as a typically “Western” kind of music. The origins of the very notion of noise music do not entirely belong to “Western” culture, but most probably stem from technology, modernization, and often urbanism. What about non-Western composers of experimental, electronic and noise music, who have been written out of histories? Which culture(s) and which non-Western nations are they influenced by? Are they still maintained under a post-colonial cultural yoke?

“2012 IS THE SEASON FOR TREASON: An Assault on Establishment Culture in Germany” by the OKK Team Chus Martinez, Francisco José Avestruz & Otto Karl Kamal
Extending the assault on capitalist society through a radical take on Berlin Biennale 7, dOCUMENTA (13) and similar propaganda tools, the OKK Team will present their analysis of and strategies for countering these bourgeois gentrification festivals and their “activist” participants who are often sporting either extreme naivety or some “brown” (i.e. fascist) ideology. For more info go to:

“On the Map – Control and Freedom in Geographic Information Systems” by Split Horizon
The merger of cartography, statistical analysis and database technology threatens our privacy and autonomy, while simultaneously pluralizing our consensus of what exists, or has existed, at a place. Digital map making is now a crucial form of communication, and a newly contested media that begs exploration. This talk addresses the most severe technological consequences of location tracking, while presenting creative directions, détournements, and strategies that free and open source GIS/GPS technologies now make available to the general public.



praxis logo /

visuals by SANSCULOTTE

… and more to be announced


02.11.2012, FREAKWENZ FEST BERLIN, Brunnen 70

freakwenz /

2 rooms with : techno ■ electro ■ acid ■ dubstep ■ ṃutḁnt jungle ■ dnb ■ breḁkςore ■ drone

electro, techno, acid, ambient

DEZ WILLIAMS (Elektronik Religion || Cheap Records || SCSI-AV) Electro – UK
ACID MERCENARIES (Narcosis || Bunker || Creme Organization ) Techno/Acid – BE
THE MARX TRUKKER (Greta Cottage Workshop) Techno/Ambient Act – DE
L-REAK (The Electronic Resistance) Techno – BE
DIMENTIA (Void Tactical Media Europe Tour) Electro/Industrial – USA
TEKNOSEEKER (Analog Tecné Model || Trinacria) Tekno/acid – IT
DeeELFE (Structural Damage || Maldita Fiesta) Electro – BE
LAIN vs NEVROZ (Audioactivity || Mind´ustry) Ambient/Noise – CH/BE


dubstep, dnb, mutant, breakcore

RAXYOR (Rancorous || Peace Off) Hard-Hybrid-DNB-Core – USA
PZG (Dobrebity) Dubstep/Total Funk – PL
AMBOSS (Sub/Version || Clash of the Titans) Hard Dnb – DE
SPLIT HORIZON (Void Tactical Media Europe Tour ) Electro/Broken bass – USA
CAUTO (Disboot) Dubstep/Idm – SP
GRR (Industrial Strength || Praxis || Audiodrome) Breakcore/Hardcore – IT
GORY MEASURE (Subotnik Kombinat) Darkstep – DE
SIM ON KOR FUNKLE (Berzerk-produkts || M.o.k.) Rave/Breakcore – BE

There will also be Art Exhibition by DARKAM and VONKOR LAB , Film Projection and Merch Table with art and clothing!

WHERE: @BRUNNEN70, Brunnenstraße 70, 13355 Berlin Mitte.


24.11.2012, 20 YEARS OF PRAXIS, KÖPI

praaaxis /
At the end of November and the beginning of December 1992 the first two releases on Praxis were officially released. This means the label turns 20 this autumn!

PURE // (Sub/Version 001 – 1997)

live visuals by SANSCULOTTE // and LAIN //


13.12.2012, 20 YEARS OF PRAXIS, Kaserne Basel, Switzerland

praxis logo /
Coincides with book launch of a new book on Swiss music in the 80′s which includes an article by CF about the Vision label.


live visuals by SANSCULOTTE

Praxis News for May 2012Out now!
Released TODAY – April 30:

PRAXIS 50 – Electric Kettle: News From Berlin
12” EP with full color sleeve designed by the artist & download code!
The new four-tracker by Electric Kettle is his first record in 5 years.
Showing him at the peak of creativity these are superbly crafted tracks
full of detail and depth.
get it here (12″ with download code): … ts_id/4613
or here (either 12″ with download, or only download): … -praxis-50

DM12004 – V/A: Accretion EP (12″ & digital)
Featuring tearing tracks by Minion, Fiend, Poxxe and Ressurector, plus
scratch samples by Baseck, this is the first compilation with the core
producers of L.A.’s Darkmatter Soundsystem.
Out mid-may, exclusively distributed by Praxis.

PRAXIS 49 – Bulkrate: In the Temple of the Serpent (12″ & digital)
After three digital only releases on Dark Winter and Zhark International
this is Bulkrate’s first vinyl offering. Five tracks of strong atmospheric
occult breakcore that will please the fans of Abelcain and Slutmachine
with a personal take on dark atmospherics and caustic beats.


NoiseAngriff is a night for new experimental music, noise and breakcore
taking place at Lauschangriff, Rigaerstrasse 103 in Berlin-Friedrichshain
every first and third wednesday of the month.
The first is usually dedicated more to noise and soundscapes, the third
more to different shades of “breakcore”. We also do the praxis record
stall there at each of the events. This month:


May 2:Knifeloop
Yvan Volochine (
Audiovisual Performance: Kasper Toeplitz (Noise) and Peggy Sylopp (Visuals)
Dj Dada
Manecante Dj set
Dj Indigen
Crash 0.1
Stay until late and dance yr asses off!
Visuals: Aikia (, Vippsgrädde
Videoistallations by Aikia and Crash 0.1


May 16:
Bart Hard
LFO Demon
& more to be announced closer to the date here:


We will take part in two events of 2012 is the season for treason –
Critical reflections on BB7
taking place at okk/raum29: Prinzenallee 29, 13359 Berlin
May 5: Polaris Internationa: Art As Social Glue + Party with Praxis DJ’s
May 12: -Kavecs Projects: Third Position in Europe
-Datacide: From Subculture to Hegemony, Transversal
Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk
and Martial Industrial
More infos here:


June 9: Praxis presents a fundraiser for Datacide Twelve and a celebration
of the new record releases by Electric Kettle and Bulkrate in the space of
Subversiv e.V., Brunnenstrasse 7, Berlin-Mitte (U8 Rosenthaler Platz)
We return to Subversiv for an all night party with a massive line-up:
Electric Kettle
Noize Creator
and more!
closer to the date!

After the complete revamp of the praxis web site ( the online shop ( will be next… watch out for a completely new shop in the next week – more details soon!

Praxis 50 – Electric Kettle: News From Berlin 12″
release date is 30-04-2012
Place your order now via
or via bandcamp

All copies come with a download code! (except if you order via bandcamp where you automatically get a download!)

Distributors and shops please get in touch: praxis(at)


Praxis 45 – Anonymous Series Volume Two: Test Pressings Arrived & Snippets Uploaded! More news:

visibility is a trap

Some more historic Praxis releases have just been added to the Praxis Download store!
These include:
Praxis 1 – Scaremonger EP

Praxis 1X – Scaremonger Remixes
Praxis 18 – Somatic Responses: Post-Organic EP

Praxis 24 – Society of Unknowns

Praxis 42 – Nihil Fist: Resistance is Fertile


read more here: More Praxis back catalogue added to download shop « PRAXIS

Praxis isvery happy to announce the release of Praxis 48 by Cortex, titled Vacuum Theory.
A momentous, heavy, noisy and radical release by Alex Buess and Daniel Buess marking the return of Praxis to the vinyl front, as well as the return of the two artists to Praxis after the release of “Mechanophobia” by 16-17 in 1999 (Praxis 31) which has just been released digitally.
Collaborations with Alex Buess of course go even further back to the pre-Praxis days of the Vision label 1988-1992.

Vacuum Theory will be released officially on April 11, 2011, and will be available from all the usual outlets. From now until then, it ‘s exclusively available from Praxis.
It will also be released in digital format on April 11 through the Praxis download store.

The 11th issue of Datacide – the magazine for noise & politics is out and available now for EUR 4.00 including international shipping!
For more info and table of contents please have a look here:

OUT SOON: Praxis 48 – Cortex: Vacuum Theory 12″ vinyl
Finally we also return on the vinyl front in late March/ early April 2011 with a momentous, heavy, noisy and radical release by former 16-17 members Alex and Daniel Buess. This is the first release by their Cortex project which has been going on since 1999. Watch out!
for more info have a look at the praxis blog here:

Sub/Version has also been busyy releasing mp3 only releases exclusively through the praxis download shop!
The story so far:
Sub/Version 301 – Kovert: Staying Human
Sub/Version 302 – Amboss: Terrorapparat
Sub/Version 303 – Christoph Fringeli: Fuel For The Fire (Vile Enginez Remix)
Sub/Version 304 – Amboss: Jük Jük
more coming soon – check:

We also received some stocks from a defunct shop, most of which have been integrated into our store, but some single copies are just listed here for the moment

And while you’re at it don’t forget to check out our mailorder store, which is where you got this newsletter from in the first place: