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The Show

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:32:00 — 169.4MB)

[01] – Airhead – Paper Street – [BRAiNMATH]
[02] – Memotone – Bellatrix – [Forthcoming ‘Black Acre’]
[03] – Sunken Foal – Low Mountain Light Socket – [Forthcoming ‘Acroplane’]

MonsterX Mix – No tracklist

[04] – O / V / R –  Post Traumatic Son – (Ben Klock Wave Mix) – [Forthcoming ‘Blueprint’]

Somatic Responses – In The Mix
Brand new album out now on Acroplane – “Clone Aware”

01. Somatic Responses – How the Dead Dream (Photon Emissions – unreleased)
02. Somatic Responses – Watching our Planet Implode [original & revision] (Photon Emissions – PE001
03. Somatic Responses – DubFlash [with kind permission from Joey Beltram, samples Energy Flash] (not on label / never to be released)
04. Somatic Responses – Hyperboyeee (Acroplane)
05. Somatic Responses – Falling Through Ice (Acroplane)
06. Somatic Responses – Full Auto Load (Acroplane)
07. Somatic Responses – Clone Aware (Acroplane)
08. Somatic Responses – Obligatory Album Track (Acroplane)
09. Somatic Responses – Oddjob Dubjob (Acroplane)
10. Somatic Responses – Batou Beats (Acroplane)


[05] – Raoul Sinier – Strange Teeth and Black Nails (Hecq O.B.E. Remix) – [Forthcoming ‘Oeuvre records’]

In december the people of the kraakpiep forum gathered their forces to make a definitive top 10 of greatest releases in 2009. This top represents the kraakpiep forum in all diversity. Take a look and make sure you listen to all the releases you missed last year!

1 Kettel – Myam James Part 2 (Sending Orbs) … se/1760097
2 The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Here Be Dragons (Ad Noiseam) … ter/188433
3 Imminent – Cask Strength (Ant-Zen) … ter/187863
4 Tim Exile – Listening Tree (Warp Records) … ster/25078
5 Industrieel Erfgoed (Ketacore) … se/1668100
6 Stendeck – Sonnambula (Tympanik Audio) … se/1642235
7 The Outside Agency – Reality Collapse / Hell’s Basement (Independenza Records) … ter/111330
8 Ochre – Like Dust Of The Balance (Benbecula) … se/1855717
9 Yagya – Rigning (Sending Orbs)
10 Raoul Sinier – Tremens Industry (Ad Noiseam) … se/1964127

Raoul Sinier has created a new video for his track “Listen Close”, taken from his latest album, “Brain Kitchen” (adn92). Mixing his music, video footage and 3D CGI animation,here is it for everybody to watch:

You go clicky here and now for the pretty video:

A big mashup of the best art and graphics inspired by and for the digital hardcore subcultures we live and enjoy. This book compiles fresh work from more than twenty international artists. All of them share a similar feeling and passion for distorted sounds and graphics. This book is meant to be an homage to Breakcore and other styles of hardcore music and corresponding attitudes.

This book doesn’t pretend to be the bible of breakcore music [so, don’t espect to find everybodies faces here!], it’s just a visual approximation to what we think it has been one of most fresh musical scenes during the last years. We like so many different kind of music [not only breakcore, of course], but since an aesthetic and conceptual point of view, we want to focus in this scene, because it means to us [and many others] one of the most inspirative influences in graphic creation, and a perfect mixture and remixture of the best ingredients from the culture we lived during the past decades, from the skate style, passing by the postdigital easthetic, breakcore makes fun and re-invented black metal, trash culture, rave, terror movies, 80’s, rock attitudes, videogames, tattoos, errors & mistakes, tv, superheroes… and whatever could be saved in your mind during the time you grew up, all twisted… in a graphic tsunami that defines very well a music genre that is based in the creation of something new using all kind of music styles, where you can’t always follow a concret rhythm, to be exact, breakcore’s definition is where concret sounds or rhythm are the last thing you gonna find.


It’s just a BOOK. A book with pictures, illustrations, designs and artworks from different kind of artists. But it also includes words from different people that could help to create a better point of view of the subculture we to talk about. The main idea of our visual compilation is to create a graphic world inspired by some kind of electronic, twisted, noisy and broken music, but also in the way back create a visually pleasure book for musicians and lovers of this music scene.


Graphic works by Raoul Sinier will be exhibited at the Toolbox store in Paris from the 5th of July to the 12th of September. The opening will take place onJuly 5th at 5PM.
The Toolbox store is located 30 rue St Ambroise, F-75011 Paris.