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In de ACU in Utrecht
Vrijdag 3 Juni
Begintijd 23.00

Line up:

DS-10 Dominator
Niels & Tim
Tropical Benny & Häckelschläck

People of the Highlands this is a call to arms! I call upon every brave man and woman to protect the rights of uncompromising and unpretentious raves! We must unite the clans and stand as one! DS-10 DOMINATOR, NANO.STRIKE, NIELS & TIM and TROPICAL BENNY & HÄCKELSCHLÄCK will lead the clans to a heroic battle and provide us with weapons like breakcore, mash-up, 8-bit and IDM to set us free! The battleground is ACU, Utrecht, on FRIDAY JUNE 3rd.

Assemble all your troops! They may take our lives but they will never take our glowsticks!!!