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You might know about Boston producer Shuttle from his remix work as Etan for the likes of Daedelus, The Death Set and The Little Ones and his music has been described as ’retro-futuristic with a calm centre offset by rib-loosening bass squelches’. A debut EP called ‘Tunnel’ is on the way through Ninja Tune on March 16th and we’ll have a nice track from that’s features Cadence Weapon next week. For the time being here’s the pretty wonderful ’Vostok 1 Mixtape’ that you should definitely check out after the jump



The New Worck 174 of Semiomime

Dark music! Dj Hidden aka Semiomime! IDM, breakbeats, downtempo & experimental. According to his myspace Semiomime sounds like a device that seems to convey some (unknown) meaning, but is designed specifically for the sole purpose of suggesting meaning, and hence really has no meaning other than the intent to deceive! The night, his favourite part of the day! Hiding from the world!
– The Art Of Noise – Out Of This World (Edit)
– Plaid – Ol
– Speedy J – Actor Nine
– Squarepusher – Fat Controller
– Semiomime – Grasshopper (Breakbeat Edit)
– Curtis Chip – Cars Are Awesome
– Semiomime – 4AM
– Coldcut – [Takeout]
– Blue T-Shirt – Lifespan of Thought
– AFX – AFX2
– Random Breakbeat 01
– Reso – Holograms
– Snippet From Donnie Darko
– Polygon Window – Quixote
– Drexciya – The Plankton Organization
– Dj Hidden – Breathholder
– New Order – Confusion (Remix)
– Random Breakbeat 02
– Aphex Twin – ICCT Hedral
– The Outside Agency – Acid Track #1
– The Art Of Noise – Moments In Love
– Source Direct – Mindweaver
– Mr.Oizo – Analog Worms Attack
– Funkstorung – The Zoo
– Autoclav – Small Days (DJ Hidden Remix)
– Detritus – Interripted (DJ Hidden Remix)
– Dj Hidden – Here Lies The Confusion
– Semiomime – Another’s Eyes

Download the mix here: Semiomime – 60 Minutes Of Semiomime

Artist Links:
Dj Hidden
Dj Hidden Myspace