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DJ set of Rioteer, recorded during The Art Of Breakcore 3, 10th of may 2014 in the Hall of Fame, Tilburg. 40 minutes of crackbeats style breakcore

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[Chase 060] – [Deep] Into The Abyss – 3xCD Electronic Compilation

After 9 years of dedication to free underground electronic music, I’ve reached to the decision that the time has come for Chase Records Netlabel to plunge into the depths of the Internet ocean, probably forever.

Yes, dear friends and listeners, you’ve guessed it, this means Chase Records will stops its activities with that 60th and LAST release.

But in any mean I could stop the label without putting all my efforts in trying to offer a last groundbreaking release. So, for this last session I’ve contacted various artists I love, from all around the world, to ask them to create / send a track they feel to be related with the theme of the abyss. I give them a white card to submit what could be their ideal soundtrack for a diving to the darkest depths of the ocean.

35 of them answered positively to this request and send 36 – believe me – absolutely awesome tracks, covering a wide range of styles and BPM.

As I really wanted this compilation to sound and look professional, I’ve asked to Arnaud Ruffieux (Ruff-Tang Laboratories / Switzerland –

) to provide the mastering for the tracks and Arnaud Coeffic aka Arco / Sonic Area (France) to create the artwork of the release.

The final result of all these concerted efforts is this incredible 3 CDs compilation, available for free, and just waiting for you to hit the download button and PLAY IT OUT LOUD!

Honestly, I couldn’t hope more for a last release! So I would like to thank every contributing artists, as I would also like to thank all the previous Chase Records artists, friends, listeners and contributors during those 9 years of pure experience in the awesome world of hard and dark electronic music.


Tracklist :
Cd 1 : “The Cold Seeps”

01 – Cubic Nomad : The Strange Creatures Of The Cold Darkness
02 – Heathcliff Aaldrin : Turritopsis
03 – Subterrestrial : Dockside Scuffle
04 – Tonal Verges : The Universe Is Indifferent
05 – Noistruct : Backburn
06 – ZandoZ Corp. : A World Consumed
07 – Valovoima : Vertical Migration Of Zooplankton
08 – BWK : Last Place On Earth
09 – Christian Fiesel : Destroyer Of Worlds
10 – Low Entropy : Drone 3
11 – Les Expériences Quotidiennes : Soul Of The Black Pearl
12 – Swell Sounds : Adhesion

Cd 2 : “The Demersal Zone”

01 – Dark Frequencer : The Sea Nymph’s Lullaby
02 – Helius Zhamiq : Plenitude Of The Depths
03 – Hyena : Drawing Energies From Chtonian Sources
04 – Rioteer : Aquatic Drop Phenomenon
05 – Fifth Era : 11-12-13
06 – Kantelian : Tempests Wrought To Drown My Sorrow
07 – Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat : Alle Aaltojen Syvien
08 – HFK vs. Mr. Porc : Submarine World
09 – Convectorh : Bioluminescence
10 – Crepuscular : Orbitofrontal Cortex
11 – Tzii : Through The Abyss
12 – SiJ : Drifting Across The Chasm

Cd 3 : “The Benthic Zone”

01 – Mental D-struction : Natural Shift
02 – eSege : Intellectual Animal, In The Abyss
03 – Mess Head : Rapture
04 – AnTraxid : Running On Our Enemys
05 – Former Descent : Enter The Abyss
06 – Edgeist : Descent
07 – Nano.strike : Trashfactory
08 – DJ Freak: The Abyss Of Terror
09 – Les Neiges Noires De Laponie : Shrapnel
10 – Bunk Data : Benthos
11 – Spectrical : Circling Shadows
12 – Nic TVG : Something Like Blue

All tracks mastered by Arnaud Ruffieux @ Ruff-Tang Labs (Switzerland)

Download links :
[Chase 060] – [Deep] Into The Abyss [MP3 320 kbps – Incl. Artwork]

[Chase 060] – [Deep] Into The Abyss [Flac – Incl. Artwork]

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Sonic Squirrel :
Cd1 :

Cd2 :

Cd3 :

Mininova (Torrent) :

Release page : … 0516573180

New Jungle / Riot Beats / Breakcore mix uploaded on the Crackbeats Mixcloud. Lots of records from Bloody Fist / White Breaks / Force Inc etc…
download directly here:
The Art Of Breakcore part 2 will be on january 18th, 2014 in the Hall of Fame, Tilburg.This edition there will be debates about positive changes people can make together to create a better world.

There will be a panel of speakers that will tell why they do what they do and how they think what will be a possible future of life as we know it. Is the book 1984 by George Orwell the definitive future? Will there be one gigacompany that will rule our food supply forever? Or is there a way to a different future?

The music & visual program will give a reflection on the themes of the debate and the deeper view that art can give (as concluded during the the panel discussion of The Art Of Breakcore 1).


line up:

Suburban Trash Industries

Noize Creator is one of the most inspiring breakcore producers by releasing a diversity of music with his own productions and running multiple labels with a cutting edge sound within the electronic underground. His first steps into music production were back in 1991 while he was mixing music with the use of tapedecks. Soon after, he got interested in techno, and started djing at illegal parties. In 1994 he started to make music within the hardcore underground circuit, with releases on Juncalor Records, Rage Records, Blood ‘n’ Guts, Killing Rate, Surgeon16 and his own hardcore label Brutal Chud. One of the most memorable highlights was under the alias Kingz of Noize, of which the record was released on the Drop Bass Network sublabel Six Sixty Six. In 1998 he started his new label Suburban Trash Industries, which held a great diversity of important electronic music releases.


Hypnoskull emerged as a project of Patrick Stevens in 1992, who combines the power of pure analog electronics with harsh rhythm structures to form an anarchic assault of noise and techno-industrial. After years of underground activism in the worldwide electronic underground network of industrial music, Hypnoskull reached a larger audience by putting out the album ‘Rythmusmaschine 1-2’ (1998), followed by ‘Ffwd>Burnout!'(1999) and ‘Electronic Music Means War To Us’ (2001). Before that, Stevens also made a name as one half of the duo Sonar, a hardcore Belgian rhythmical industrial project.

Little Brutal Rave Bastards / Blut

Jean Bach has been active since 1996, with releases on Fischkopf Hamburg, Dhyana Records and Stichting Mixer amongst others.
His style is variating from pop ambient to harsh tekkno and noise oriented breakbeat. Beside his music projects he is a creative person who makes magazines in non existing languages and in search of the unknown territories of art. He released under many different aliasses including Anti-Zen, Leprozid Pfarrhaus, Mortobello Steriland the new project of Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse. Out of the many different projects one is Leprozid Strick/Pfahl which he released a split release with Ad Absurdum on the Hamburg label Blut, as well as different tracks on the Little Brutal Rave Bastards series.
For The Art Of Breakcore he will prepare a raw set with his obscure sounds as Leprozid Strick/Pfahl.

RIOTEER (Tilburg)
Crack Beats

Rioteer is the brainchild of Bas Welling and hails from Tilburg Crackcity. Blending styles like Breakcore, Chiptune, 8 bit, Noise, Industrial, and Deviant Hardcore, he has been responsible for promoting the ruff uncompromising edge of sound in Holland and abroad and he is one of the most booked artist in this area of sound.
Rioteer played around the globe at festivals like Breakcore gives me WOOD, Jason Forrests Wasted festival, Q-Base 2010, Todays Art, Gogbot Festival, Bloodnok Festival Tour Russia, The ZXZW Festival, Mayhem Outdoors Hardcore Festival.

BART HARD (Tilburg)
Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot

Bart Hard is specialised in underground music.
With his dj sets he made a international reputation with bookings in Berlin, Dresden, Zürich, Kloten, Graz, Gent, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Nottingham and more.
His style is known as pushing the limites of a genre, with extreme electronix, but also playing different styles under the aliasses of Bart Acid, DJ Hartpumper and DJ Of The Second Moon to name a few alter egos.
After organising many different events in the range of breakcore, noise, speedcore, industrial and many more since 2001, he’s now focussed on the new event series The Art Of Breakcore, in the hope to make a positive change to the world, and look for what’s beyond art/music itself, when activism and underground culture meet to reach a higher level.

more info:



Breaka’ Breaka! is proud to present: Corellision.This killer collision of kicks has been loving created (and abused) by 22 of the hardest, nastiest and down right craziest electronic artists in the world! Big thanks to all the artists and everyone who made this happen!

Expect Corellision 2 coming soon!!!

line up:

-> Pétrifié – micro death metal (Fr)
-> Mental D-struction – deviant electronic (Fr)
-> Rioteer – breakcore
-> Vague_Entity – speedcore
-> DJ DMDN – speedcore
-> DJ Bart Hard – speedcore


Little Devil
Stationsstraat 27,
5038 EA Tilburg


Pétrifié (Fr)
Micro Death Metal
>>> à écouter

Micro Death – Petrified was first formed in 2000 as a death metal band…
in 2001 the band ceased to exist as such and Julien (guitars) carried on as a solo project.
Petrified delivers an intense and murderous metal riffing propelled by high speed drum machine sequences.
Using industrial techno sounds and classical death grind patterns, pétrifié offers either nice melodic and
emotional songs or blistering technical brutal death tracks…the result is a tiny but devastating metal machinery
that brings death metal and grind core on an experimental field!
He is also a resident of the Pavillon Sauvage, well-know active and underground place in Toulouse city.

Mental D-struction (Fr/Be)
Deviant Electronic
>>> à écouter

Deviant Electronic – Alloy polymorphic of atmospheres and ultrabeats, dense textures that flirt with the classic,
noisy rythms coming from speed-break, as well as industrial and cyber music.
A fusion of the extremes taken in a gradual pace. Here we dive or we finally lost his bearings!
Active since 2006, the project has quickly made a place within the microcosm of radical electronic music. Label-owner of the
Wildness netlabel, she is present in many projects, and not only electronics.
For this 2013 tour, expect injection of some news in the program, resampling of the past to win some potential for a true live-act,
and everything ‘ll be diffused with the support of pictures and movies, enought to be sure to vary the fun.

Instant Satisfunction ~ OUT NOW!


Instant Satisfunction ~ soon OUT!


4 way split in old fashion with new nasty trash tunes by  Rioteer Urbanfailure Gotharman and Axiomid will bring you instant satisfunction. available NOW on limited hand printed cd or tape in metal box or via download. Core – beats – noises released by [/] as release no. 26

following tapes brands/types are available:

Basf CR-M II – 4 pcs.

Maxell UR – 6 pcs.

Basf LH – 1 pc.

Maxell XL II – 1 pc.

Sony HF – 1 pc.

Basf Ferro Extra I – 1 pc.

Fuji DR – 3 pcs.

Philips Super Ferro – 1 pc.

Philips FSX – 1 pc.

TDK SA – 1 pc.

Raks ED-SX 1 pc.

instant satisfunction tapes

price for cd or tape in metal box is 10eur + included


Instant Satisfunction ~ soon OUT!

[ChaseMix 12] – DJ Rioteer – Mix At Clash Of The Titans I, Berlin (20-12-2003)

For this 12th set on Chase Records, I’m happy to offer those 33 minutes of pure Breakcore / Digital Hardcore madness mixed by DJ Rioteer, from Tilburg, The Netherlands.

This DJ-Set was recorded back in 2003, at the Clash Of The Titans Party 1 in Berlin and gathers a great mixture of hard electronic and alternative stuff. No compromise here, expect raw Hardcore, noisy Breakcore, speedbreaks and other deconstructed hard beats in this highly energetic DJ-Mix.
01 – Slam : Untitled [L’Art De La Guerre]
02 – Low Entropy : Retaliation [Widerstand Records]
03 – Inushini : Credo [Ohm 52]
04 – Dead Kennedys : Saturday Night Holocaust [Alternative Tentacles]
05 – Brain Bombs : It’s A Burning Hell (Alec Empire Remix) [Load Records]
06 – DJ 6666 feat. The Illegals : Steel Cum (Cause I’m Rough) [Digital Hardcore Recordings]
07 – Ventriloquist Snakes : The Most Sadistic [Planet Mu]
08 – I:gor : Depresja [Russian Roulette Recordings]
09 – Rotator : Enemy… [Damage]
10 – FFF & Dionysos : Freedom Pimping (FFF Mix) [Hong Kong Violence]
11 – Al Corrupt : Theme [System Corrupt]
Download Links :
[ChaseMix 12] – DJ Rioteer – Mix At Clash Of The Titans I [incl. Tracklist +Party pics]

Mirror links :
Mininova ( Torrent) :
Listen on Mixcloud : … 20-12-2003

DJ Rioteer :

Chase Records … 0516573180


Deluge of Sound played this set on the show Pure Hardcore a while ago. Contains some breakcore and other genres.

01. Rotator – Untouchables
02. Enduser – Path of Violence
03. Enduser – 1/3
04. Submerged, Silent Killer & Enduser – No Real
05. Distimia – Never Again
06. Lethal and Khange vs Submerged – Cannibal Holocaust
07. Rioteer – ID
08. Alexx Bruteforce – World in Pieces (O.Nine remix)
09. Venetian Snares – Ultraviolent Junglist
10. Wan Bushi – Forest Drums
11. Sunjammer – No Strings Attached
12. Doormouse – Peter B. Beautiful
13. Sunjammer – Winter
14. Moleculez – Shinji
15. Zombieflesheater – Slaughter of Darkness … 12-11.html

Rioteer – Live @ This Is Terror Radio (22-10-2009)

This recording is made from the online stream of the show so there might be a few Glitches here and there.
MC at the beginning is DJ Plague. Other Artists that appeared on the program were Bart Hard, Vague Entity & Nazgûl.